200 Words a Day! Site Licence
Spanish, French, German, Welsh

The 200 Words a Day Site Licence brings this innovative language learning software into your classroom.

  • Build up your students' vocab quickly and easily.
  • Fun, engaging way to boost language learning.
  • Multi-modal - suitable for all learning styles and abilities.
  • Great alternative to traditional rote learning of vocab.
  • Tailor-make your own Lessons for your students.
  • Monitor students' progress.

Standalone Site Licence

The Standalone Site Licence allows your School or Organisation use of the software for either 3, 5, 10 or unlimited Users (computers). For each User, the program will allow 99 students to log in and register.

  • Students must use same computer to log in to their own database.
  • Ideal if you have 1-10 computers in the classroom. Children can rotate using 200 Words a Day! assigned lessons.
  • Check their My Best Words Lesson for extra praise.
  • Check their Worst Words Lesson for extra revision.
  • Prices range from UK£77-147.00.

Networked /Managed Learning Environment (MLE)

The Networked /Managed Learning Environment version differs from the Standalone version in that all student progress is maintained on a central database which can be accessed and monitored by the teacher at any time. It allows for use of an unlimited number of computers.


  • Can setup/delete students.
  • Can cancel a students password to allow them to log in if password lost.
  • Can access, analyse and sort various statistical reports relating to student progress.
  • Can build lesson’s for students.
  • Can access all student functions.
  • Highlight weaknesses
  • Print out customised reports on class progress.

Can login using their name & password at any computer on the network and continue their progress on the course

Here's why kids love it.

To teach the Spanish word for date it is

la fecha

So we teach them with a cartoon that has a word association.

Imagine a girl saying checking the date and getting her sister to FETCH A calendar.

Not only that the gender is taught at the same time without further effort.

Notice that the characters are female.

So it the word feminine, thereby overcoming an age-old problem with teaching Spanish, French and German genders!

For the German neuter we overcome the student's difficulty in remembering the gender by adding to the picture a smoking animal.

The smoking animal prompts the student to realise that the word is neuter.

Here's an example, that any teacher of German will know:

The German for flour is a neuter word...

das Mehl

(sounds like MAIL)

So we give the student the picture of a mule smoking a pipe, preparing his MEAL, and pouring flour over a MELON with his MAIL beside him...

200 Words a Day! e-Flashcardz

Great photographic visuals following the more traditional flashcard format are now included. An alternative way to learn your vocab or to add variety to your testing.

Sentence Course Modules

Can run as an independent course or used in conjunction with the vocab-builder course - drill-down to a sentence showing the word in context. See it, hear it, spell it, practice it, test it - great for learning extension.

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