e-Flashcardz Lite:
Electronic Flashcard Instructions and Upgrading Existing courses

Our e-Flashcardz are a terrific product to help build up your foreign language vocabulary. The download Lite version of our software, 'light' means in the sense that there are only 4 lessons. (Each full course has about 40 lessons).

Your Computer Requirements

This software requires Windows to operate (from Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista).

Windows Vista Installment Instructions
Please check this page for a couple of minor programme settings that need to be adjusted for it to function correctly on Windows Vista.

To run the software on an Apple Mac you will need a Windows emulator program.

What happens when you download the free language software?

  1. Download by clicking the Download Now button on the Thank You page.
  2. A little grey window will appear offering you to either SAVE or RUN the program.
  3. Click SAVE.
  4. SAVE it to a Folder on your computer Hard Drive.
  5. When the DOWNLOAD is complete you can install the program by clicking on the desktop icon or clicking RUN.

How it works is simple.

  1. When you first open the programme, log in with your User Name and Password. If no password is required, just press the Enter key twice.
  2. Go to the MAIN MENU.
  3. To best understand how the 200 Words a Day! software works, press Enter and you should automatically be offered the Tutorial (Lesson 0). Or, just click on the Lesson Menu (Professor icon), then start with Lesson 0 Tutorial.
  4. Existing users, being familiar with our Memory Triggers, can go straight into e-Flashcardz mode, to see how the photos blend in with exceltra's Memory Trigger style of learning.(See below).

How the e-Flashcardz Work

  • To start the e-Flashcardz mode, from the Main Menu:
    • Click on the Settings icon (the two cogs).
    • Check the Flashcards checkbox (bottom left corner).
  • Click on the LESSON menu.
  • Select a Lesson.
  • You can see a list of the words in the Lesson by clicking on the first column on the right.
  • You can see thumbnail pictures of the words in each Lesson by clicking on the second column on the right.
  • Press 'Enter' to start the lesson, and the first word and picture will appear.
  • The word will be spoken by a native speaker.
  • Repeat the word aloud, mimicking the native speaker.
  • Feminine words are spoken by FEMALES.
  • Masculine words are spoken by MALES.
  • To hear the word again, just click on the word.
  • To see and hear the word in a sentence click on the picture.
  • To hear a Memory Trigger (a way to remember the word using accelerated learning techniques - 200 Words a Day! click on the 'Hear Memory Trigger' icon.
  • When ready proceed to the next screen to see the next word.
  • At the end of the lesson take the Test.
  • In the Test, the English word will appear and you are required to type the foreign word.
  • You get 3 points for a fully correct answer, and lose points for spelling errors.
  • The e-Flashcardz, Memory Triggers, and Sentences are 3 separate modules that can be bought separately, or together as a bundle when you decide to upgrade from the e-Flashcardz Lite. They all work together, or individually.

A Note for EXISTING 200 WORDS a DAY! users wanting to ADD e-Flashcardz to your Installed 200 Words a Day! software

If you already have one of the 200 Words a Day! vocab courses, you may wish to try out the added functionality offered by the photo flash-cards. Four sample lessons are included for each of our languages. Also included are the sentences from the Sentences Course.

Download the software from the link above. We've called it 200 Words a Day! LITE (as it is a fully functioning version of our 200 Words a Day! software incorporating 4 lessons of sample SENTENCES, and a selection of 4 lessons) of e-Flashcardz.

Follow the on-screen instructions, and this will load the sample e-Flashcardz lessons automatically, placing them into your EXISTING database.

On completion, start your 200 Words a Day program, login and go to the MAIN MENU.
  • To start the e-Flashcardz mode, from the Main Menu:
    • Click on the Settings icon (the two cogs).
    • Check the Flashcards checkbox (bottom left corner).
    • Press ENTER to exit.
  • Click the LESSON icon (professor) then Select a Lesson.
  • If you already have Course 1 and/or Course 2 (vocab), the sample e-Flashcardz lessons for:
    • French are Lessons 3, 8, 40, 42
    • Spanish are Lessons 8, 21, 63, 72
    • German are Lessons 8, 9, 45, 52
    • Welsh are Lessons 1, 6, 38, 42
  • You can find these lessons on your Lesson Menu.
  • Select the lesson, and the first word will appear, with a photo flashcard of the word or phrase.
  • To see and hear the Memory Trigger, click on the Professor icon to the right of the flash-card.
  • To hear the word in a Sentence, spoken by a native speaker, click on the picture.
  • The text of the sentence will also display.

Lessons in the download: Flash cards, Memory Triggers, Sentences

This webpage offers a free download of e-Flashcardz Lite installed with exceltra's award-winning 200 Words a Day! software.

The powerful photo flash-cards are 'driven' by the same software engine, and can be used as a standalone product, and/or with the Memory Triggers, see ...

200 Words a Day! Learn French
200 Words a Day! Learn Spanish
200 Words a Day! Learn German
200 Words a Day! Learn Welsh

... and/or with our exceltra's 'Sentence Courses'.

Four (4) free lessons from both Courses 1 & 2 are included in the download. If you like them, come back for the upgrade and get the full courses with approximatley 50 lessons (1000+ words) per course.

French e-Flashcardz | Spanish e-Flashcardz | German e-Flashcardz
Welsh e-Flashcardz

e-Flashcardz with 200 Words a Day! Language Learning Software
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