German Sentences Special Offer
for customers of our vocab-building courses.

The German Sentences Special Offer is now available for you to enhance your 200 Words a Day! Vocab courses with sentences containing the word in action.

for our previous customers..

Over 1000 German words in sample sentences from each of the 200 Words a Day! vocabulary courses. See and hear the word in context. Great for picking up more vocabulary, more useful phrases, intonation, grammar, testing your spellings...

Drill-down to the sentences while working in your vocabulary course by simply clicking on the picture to display sentence. Click enter again and you return to learning your vocab.

Conversely, while working in the Sentence Course, clicking on the picture will drill down to the word around which the sentence is based.

  • All sentences are written and recorded by native speakers.

  • Click on the German sentence to repeat and listen as many times as you like.

  • Tune your ears to the intonations.

  • Look at the word order and note the grammar.

  • Revision tests follow every lesson - these are great to test your spelling.

  • ...and remember to check your progress on the Review Progress page.

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To enhance the 200 Words a Day! German Vocabulary courses

German Sentences 1 OR 2

ONLY for previous customers of
200 Words a Day! German Vocab Courses 1 OR 2:

200 Words a Day! German Sentence Course 1 OR 2

$34.95 (UK17.50) each
(normally US$47.00 each)
+ p&p US$4.95 (UK£2.50) (worldwide)
Sentence Course No:

German Sentence Courses 1 AND 2
Buy one get one Free!

ONLY for previous customers of
200 Words a Day! German Vocab Courses 1 AND 2:

Both 200 Words a Day! German Sentence
Courses 1 AND 2

$47.00 (UK27.00) total
(normally US$47.00 each)
+ p&p US$4.95 (UK£2.50) (worldwide)

Please note:
The 200 Words a Day! Sentence Courses only run in conjunction with the 200 Words a Day! Vocab courses.

Therefore these offers are only open to you, our previous customers.

200 Words a Day! Grammar and verb courses are under development.

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