Language Software Interns for Internship in England, Great Britain, UK

We offer university students flexible-term internships in the United Kingdom for the following positions:

  • Language Software Assistant Internship
  • Language Software Marketing Assistant Internship
  • Trainee Artist Internship
We offer internships to small numbers of students that require an internship as part of their degree studies.

We offer you a place in our company in a role of Language Software Development Assistant,Language Software Marketing Assistant, Trainee Artist.

Your mother tongue must be one of these languages:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
Interns are required to have studied English, and be familiar with, and fully conversant with the terms and structure of languages, including their own.

They should have a working knowledge of all the tenses, and the names of the various tenses in their native tongue.

You must be interested in languages, and in improving your English in a small company environment.

We very much enjoy helping our interns with their English language skills, and actively assist you in all aspects of conversational English. We have a CELTA qualified 'English as a Foreign Language' teacher inhouse.
Student interns will be exposed to a large number of native English speakers, with a broad variety of regional accents.

Accommodation for Interns

We can assist with finding accommodation, usually within walking distance of the internship workplace.

A small wage is paid, which is usually sufficient to cover the cost of accommodation locally. You will have to pay for your own:
  • airfares
  • travel
  • accommodation in the UK - we can help find a place before you arrive
  • food, drink
We provide lunch for interns.

(Position 1) Language Software Development Assistant Intern

Requirements for Applicants for Internship for Language Software Development Assistant

  • Applicants must have studied languages, including English, at university level.
  • University study of French, German or Spanish is an advantage.
  • Must be fully familiar with MS Word, MS Excel.
  • Must be prepared to learn some new software programs used in language software production.
  • Must be willing to help people with learning of your mother tongue.

How long is the United Kingdom Internship? We're flexible...

Internships are offered to university students, subject to availability, for as long as you require of your internship. We have had internships of a few weeks, and some as long as 5 months. We are flexible.

Hours of Work for Interns on an Internship

Interns are required to work:
  • 0900 to 1700 hrs Monday to Friday.
  • Normal bank holidays are free of duty
  • Occasionally you may be required to work on a weekend, but then a day off will be given in lieu during the week, at a later mutually acceptable time.

Responsibilities of the Language Software Development Assistant

There are many tasks an intern is required to do. No experience is necessary - we can teach you all these tasks.
  • Recording basic words, phrases and sentences in your mother tongue, for incorporation in language courses.
  • Editing of recorded sound files, using computers and software. We will train you for this.
  • Writing, editing and checking basic sentences, phrases, expressions etc in your mother tongue, and translating these in to English. We will assist you with the English translations, and edit as necessary.
  • Testing new language software.
  • Compiling verb lists and checking their translations.
  • Writing and uploading web pages for our foreign language websites. We will show you how we want webpages made for our language learning websites.

(Position 2) Language Software Marketing Assistant

The Marketing Assistant will be required to help with the same tasks as above, but also be involved in implementing marketing stategies for a small language software producing company.

This will suit someone who has studied marketing at university and has an interest in sales and marketing, as well as in languages.

(Position 3) Trainee Artist Required for Internship

Must enjoy drawing, cartooning, drawing likenesses of people, caricaturing, animation etc. You will be paid per artpiece completed, and will earn enough for your accommodation and living costs while on the Trainee Artist internship in England.

Skills required for Trainee Artist Internship

  • Must be computer literate to a high level.
  • Knowledge of computer drawing and painting programs, scanning and saving of various graphics files.
  • Interest in cartooning, drawing, caricaturing.
  • Interest in animation. No experience is necessary, but it is an advantage. We work in Macromedia Flash and require pictures to be saved in swf format. We can train you in the basics of this program.

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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