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200 Words a Day! Newzine11-10 August 04
August 10, 2004

200 Words a Day Newzine #10 - Brainwave Synchronizing for Better Learning
1. Word of the Day and Proverb of the Day - now on site daily
2. Add these to your Website
3. Spanish Tip: Hundreds of Spanish Words in a Flash
4. French Tip: Hundreds of French Words in a Flash
5. German Tip: Pointing out Doubt
6. More about Alpha #4 – Brainwave Synchronization

More tips on languages, plus we look more into how to get to the ‘alpha state’ - the state in which the brain learns best, looking today at ‘Brainwave Synchronization.’ You can do this with ‘Light and Sound’ Machines - and relax, and take a quick break at the same time.

Words of the Day and Proverb of the Day

I’ve now set up a French and German Word of the Day on the website. We set up the Spanish one last month.

We’ve also added a French and German Word of the Day and a Spanish, French, German Proverb of the Day to our website.

Add Words of the Day and Proverb of the Day to your Website at zero cost

You can add these Words-of-the-Day and cartoon of the day to your own website (at a cost of zero) by clicking on the following link page at
The same applies to the Proverb of the Day.

Spanish Tip: Hundreds of words in an instant.

Here’s another Excelerated Spanish tip. Take a word ending in the letters ‘-ity’ in English. Like ‘reality’.

Convert it to Spanish by changing ‘-ity’ to ‘-idad’.

la Realidad…....

and they’re all feminine.

Of course there are some exceptions, but it works 80% of the time!

French Tip: Hundreds of French words in an Instant

The same applies in French. Change ‘-ity’ to ‘ité’ and ‘REALITY becomes la RÉALITÉ. Again feminine.

French Tip: A voice from the Railway line?

French for railway track is la voie, pronounced LA VWA.

…. which sounds exactly like the French for ‘voice’ which is la voix and also pronounced LA VWA, and varying only by the last letter.

Both are feminine.

Of course the context will right one.

To remember these words imagine the voice of a lady who is standing on the railway line shouting “PHHWOAAAAH!!” at all the passing men.

German Tip:

‘To point’ in German is ‘deuten. Remember this by imagining POINTING at someone who is DOUBTIN’ you…..

Sample words from 200 Words a Day courses*

Click the link for a Spanish Word of the Day, and German and French. And also for the Proverb of the Day.
More about ‘Alpha’ = #4 Brainwave Synchronization

In issue #7 we talked about alpha brainwaves, and how the ‘Alpha State’ is the optimum state for learning.
In following editions we talked about different ways of achieving the alpha state. Today we look at another great way to achieve 'alpha' and that is through the use of ‘Light and Sound Machines’ - Brainwave Synchronizers.

Researchers found in the 1930’s that brainwaves shift towards the frequency of pulses. Hence rhythmic drumming has been used for thousands of years to get people into a ‘tranced’ or deeply meditative state.

In recent years a number of ‘Light and Sound’ Machines have come on to the market and are very effective for most people. Those with any personal of family history of epilepsy need to consult their physician, but for over a reported 99% of people they work just fine.

How do they work? Remember alpha brainwaves cycle at about 8 to 13 cycles per second - (…or hertz…. 1 cycle per second = 1 hertz).

Well, researchers found that if you put a sound of one frequency in one ear of say 100 hertz and a sound of a frequency of 110 hertz, the brain will pulse at a frequency equal to the difference between the two. A machine called an EEG, which is an abbreviation of the word electroencephalogram, can trace these.

So in this case the brain would pulse at 10 hertz --- ALPHA!

Alternating light patterns can achieve the same results. Combine the two, and you have very powerful relaxation machine, which can get you primed for a state of optimal learning.

The flashing lights are achieved with a ‘glasses-like’ structure, but are not suitable for people with a personal or family history of epilepsy. Anyway, the machines seem almost as effective just using the headphones.

You can now buy a range of different products, on which you can select a wide range of ‘brainwave states’.

I have such a machine and find it very useful for a relaxation session as well any pre-study session. Likewise if you are feeling tense, just put on the ‘Brainwave Synchronizer’ for a 7, 12, 20 or 30-minute (whatever) session, and you release tension in no time! With my machine - I can take a real ‘power-nap’ and be snoring in minutes, if I put it on to the appropriate setting. Having trouble sleeping, this might help.

So before, and during a study session, put on the Brainwave Synchronizer, and get the brain in tune, ready for optimal learning.

Check for more detail on the site:

For more on alpha click on


That is it for this newsletter. See you next time.

Hasta la vista...À bientôt...Bis bald.

Kevin Crocombe & the 200 Words a Day Team
The Team
Tom White; Odette; Nigel; Dominic; Albin Vidal; Maud Wojcik; Germain Tottet; Mariana Averza; Julia Watson; Eduardo Aceto; Maria Llorente; Chris White; Alan White, Sandrine Benoit.


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