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200 Words a Day! Newzine18-June 02, 2005
June 02, 2005

200 Words a Day Newzine #18: 2 June,2005

1. 3 Course Releases - Spanish - Understanding Por & Para;
- - French #2; Welsh 1
2. Work Advanced - German #2
3. Understanding POR and PARA in Spanish
4. French Tip: according to the SEAL ON TV
5. German Tip: EXACTLY
6. Winner of the CD-Rom for this month

More Excelerated Learning Courses
Whoops - sorry the newsletter is late again. Too much to do! We launch three new courses this month:-) and there are two competition winners.

I spent about 4 weeks in Frankfurt over April and May. What a great place and a beautiful, modern country with rich history. Friendly people, good food, and everything works like clockwork.

We included a couple of days' sightseeing, driving to the Mosel River and following it north to Koblenz, where it meets the Rhine (Rhein).

We followed the Rhine southbound back to Frankfurt. The rivers are dotted by town after picturesque town, with vineyards climbing up the steep mountain slopes. Castles and keeps appear around every corner.

It is stunningly beautiful, historic, and well worth a visit.

Frankfurt is in the Hessen region, where the local dialect is 'Hessisch', which sounds a bit different to 'normal' German and which when written looks a bit like Dutch!
Course Releases are:
- a Spanish course - Understanding POR and PARA; Launches 16 June 2005

- French Course #2;Launches 16 June 2005

- Welsh Course #1; available now...and we're planning an official launch in Wales soon.

The linguistic expertise for the Welsh Course, came from Popeth Cymraeg, the Welsh Language School in Denbigh, North Wales, who have taught thousands of language students.

Work Advanced

Work is advance on German Course #2 and this is due for a release in a couple of months.

Understanding Por and Para you speed along in 'kilómetros POR hora . . . . or PARA hora'??
... if you do not know you should read the next bit . . .

Por and para are two of those tricky, blasted words that give Spanish learners, and non-native speakers, no end of trouble.

Both are broad translations of the English word 'for'. .... but there are literally hundreds of examples of each.

We trawled through the literature to research a little e-Book on the topic, but it soon grew into a full-blown CD-Rom interactive computer course on its own - ideal for intermediate to advanced students of Espanol.

I pored over dozens texts, grammar books, dictionaries and other resources. It is now a CD-Rom course with the:
- 27 main uses of por

- 10 main uses of para

- traps to avoid

- loads of little rules of thumb so that you know when to use which little word

- make sure you don't confuse para with parar

- hundreds of common phrases - like:
- - - por consecuencia
- - - por casualidad
- - - para variar
- - - por Dios!
- hundreds of sentences using the common por/para phrases so that you reinforce the learning

- lots of examples that DO NOT use por or para, when in English they might - eg buscar - to look for, there is NO POR or PARA, and we give you numerous similar examples and sample sentences.

- we've also ensured the sentences incorporate examples of all the main VERB TENSES used in conversation, so you'll practise your present, past, conditionals, subjunctives, futures etc etc in the course of learning the POR and PARA concepts . . .

- and of course each concept has a Memory Trigger cartoon or pic to help remind you . . .

What makes the course unique and Brain Friendly is, that we have added the cartoon pics to illustrate each concept, and loads of the phrases and sentences.

Not only that the hundreds of sample sentences, have native Spanish speakers voicing them, and you can practise your written Spanish as you can be tested on them all.

For the POR/PARA concepts and pictures we have incorporated a simple, unforgettable tool . . .

- - each POR concept features a POR-ky pig character

- - each PARA concept features a PARA-Keet or PARR-ot

. . . . so if you want to know if when you are travelling to Madrid - - is it POR Madrid or is it PARA Madrid??

The pic will remind you:

.... and another pic/pics will remind you the different meaning of POR Madrid.

Spanish Tip

So IF you don't know whether speed is expressed in KILóMETROS POR hora or KILóMETROS PARA hora we make it simple by giving you a pic of the relevant animal riding a motorbike.

Check it out here . . . .Understanding POR and PARA in Spanish

French Tip - according to the SEAL ON television . . .

Here's a very handy little word from French Course #2 which releases in two weeks.... .
SELON, which means 'according to'. ..

Remember this with the pic which says. . .'ACCORDING TO the SEAL ON TV, from CEYLON, seals like to SELL ON the fish they catch . . .

some examples of SELON in action are:

SELON moi, il va pleuvoir :- According to me it is going to rain

SELON la loi :- According to the law

SELON la formule :- as they say [literally according to the formula]

c'est SELON ~ ~:- it depends on ~ ~.

SELON que : depending on whether....

German Tip - EXACTLY

I just spent 4 weeks in Frankfurt during April/May. Here's one of the most commonly heard words that Germans use in everyday conversation:
GENAU which means EXACTLY, PRECISELY! One way to remember this is to imagine a GNU saying 'EXACTLY!'

other derivatives are: GENAUSO - in exactly the same way
and DIE GENAUIGKEIT - which is EXACTNESS or PRECISION. Remember usually words ending in the suffix -KEIT are feminine.

200 Words a Day CD-Rom to give away each month

This edition our winners are two because I missed out May's newsletter: Candice of hotmail, US and Rolf of Norway. They can select a CD-Rom from our range:

SPANISH Course #1 - 1000+ words & common phrases
SPANISH Course #2 - 1000+ words & common phrases
- - 600+ words & common phrases using POR and PARA. Hundreds of sample sentences. All voiced by Spanish speakers.
FRENCH Course #1 - 1000+ words & common phrases
FRENCH Course #2 - 1000+ words & common phrases
GERMAN Course #1 - 1000+ words & common phrases
WELSH Course #1 - 1000+ words & common phrases

To enter the monthly draw for a CD-Rom of your choice, click on the link Enter the Draw.

You'll need to answer some easy questions (we'll even give you the answers...!).

More Sample words from 200 Words a Day courses*

Click the link for a Spanish Word of the Day, and German and French. And also for the Proverb of the Day.

Word of the Day


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Enter the Draw for a 200 Words a Day! CD-Rom of your Choice.

That is it for this newsletter. See you next time.

Hasta la vista...À bientôt...Bis bald.

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