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Messengering & Lingo Practice -200 Words a Day Newzine#36 -Jun28, 2007
June 28, 2007


200 Words a Day! Newzine #36
June 28, 2007


Millions of us use one or more forms of online messaging services to keep in touch with friends, family and work colleagues.

MSN Messenger, Windows messenger, google talk, skype, yahoo etc all, if used properly, are excellent tools for pushing your language practice ahead.

If you have a friend or family member that is a native speaker of the language (or languages) that you are learning, these mediums are excellent for improving your language skills.

Start 'penpalling' in the language that you are learning/mastering/consolidating.

A major advantage is that you can sit at your computer with the following tools: dictionary, Verbs conjugation books - like 501 Spanish verbs, 501 French Verb, 501 German Verbs etc, a Bescherelle and when you need a word or a verb conjugation you can quickly grab the relevant reference book and pluck out the appropriate word.

Likewise when your friend's message comes through with a word or phrase with which you are not familiar, you have time to leaf through the dictionary/verb tables etc.

The same applies if you need to dig up a phrase.

Another useful text is something like 'A Guide to Spanish Idioms' - a practical guide to 2,500 Commonly used Spanish idioms. There are equivalents for other languages also.

Being a beginner is irrelevant, because you can start at ANY level.

You can begin simply by interspersing a few words here and there with your English words.

You can use a different font even for the foreign words. Or capitals or italics, or brackets. Whatever spins your wheel.

Later you will be using more and more foreign words, interspersed with a few English words. Then you will turn it around, having the English words in capitals, italics or brackets etc.

Give your friend full permission to help you and correct any mistakes. Ask for it. Encourage it.

Ask your friend to be as accurate as possible with his/her writing, in order to assist you as much as possible.

I am sure you can think of a message partner.

You can start today!

200 Words a Day!

Adiós - au revoir - auf wiedersehen - hwyl fawr.

Kevin Crocombe and the 200 Words a Day Team

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28 June, 2007
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