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September 30, 2011

200 Words a Day! Newzine #47
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01 October, 2011

ITALIAN, FRENCH, SPANISH, GERMAN facebook pages are live

You can now get regular updates and links from 200 Words a Day! on facebook.

Check out the cartoons, Memory Triggers, links and
other 200 Words a Day! excelerated* learning techniques.
with verb tables, tips and tricks for language learners.

200 Words a Day Spanish page on facebook
200 Words a Day French page on facebook
200 Words a Day Italian page on facebook
200 Words a Day German page on facebook

Take 3 minutes to read out ALL the conjugations of every main tense
in the various languages with our colourful and super-effective
verb tables. Where posted, verb tables will pop up on your own
facebook wall... as will Memory Trigger cartoons.

*excelerated = excel + accelerated.

Adiós - au revoir - auf wiedersehen - hwyl fawr - arrivederci!

Kevin Crocombe and the 200 Words a Day (dotted around the world) Team


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