Learn Spanish with 200 Words a Day!

Rapidly and effortlessly snap-lock learn Spanish words & phrases into your brain for amazing recall. Save your precious time & learn to avoid the Most Common Blunders . . .

Yes, ...YOU can easily use the Secret techniques of the Memory Masters to learn Spanish, and have a laugh as YOU take visual snapshots that brand themselves into your subconscious for super-effective memory retention and recall...

Yes, YOU can do it.... or more. Try to learn Spanish like this...

The Spanish word for cap is ... gorra ...(Sounds like GORE A).

So imagine a girl has to GORE A couple of holes in her cap to fit it over her ANGORA goat's horns.

la gorra

© Exceltra. Learn Spanish

Is that simple or is that simple?

The Memory experts tell us that the brain never forgets a picture! Everything you have ever seen in your life, is in the subconscious of your brain.

Combining word association, accelerated learning techniques, Memory Masters techniques, and cartoons, with cutting-edge learning technologies Spanish language learning has just become a whole lot easier.

In no time you will be building a solid vocab base, making Spanish sentences and building basic Spanish grammar.

But there is a great deal more to the picture than meets the eye... It has several critical components that assist long term memory retention, recall and incorporates several key hooks that help you overcome some of the most common problems that language learners face.

Have you ever learnt some Spanish then stumbled for the word when you needed to use it!?

  • Have you ever tried to learn Spanish and struggled, or even, failed?

  • Or are you one of those who just feels "I am no good at languages"...?

  • ...or have you already bought lots of Learn Spanish courses, books and CD-Roms, got to lesson 2 or 3 and ... well ... given up?

  • ...or have you churned through lessons then, when it comes time to actually use it 'live' not a lot comes out?!

  • ...or when you spoke, you struggled to remember whether a word was 'male' or 'female', (...a very important concept in European languages...)

  • ...or have you just plain not had the time but wanted to learn Spanish? Well, we can show you easy, ways you can beat this...
Because learning 200 words a day IS a realistic target for you to achieve. We can save you precious hours and give you the tools to overcome key language learning obstacles...

Our team has researched all these common problems, read hundreds of articles, books and texts about scores of Spanish learning techniques, and have combined the best dozens of them to accelerate your learning and save you time.

Dear Language Learner

Kevin on Learn Spanish Page

I know what it is like trying to learn a language.

When I was 11, I went to a boarding school in New Caledonia.

Nobody at the school spoke English, so in that total immersion situation I was soon chattering away in French, as a kid does... and I was writing my diary in French.

We all know that children learn so much faster than adults, and disregard all the rules and mental barriers that adulthood brings. In no time the child is thinking, and dreaming in the new language, and doing mental maths in it.

After some months when my parents visited, I was so out of practice it took a while to get speaking and thinking again in English mode!

In my thirties I decided to learn some German, my wife being fluent. I dived in, and soon ground to a halt, using traditional methods of learning.

The learning was boring. It was dry. It was difficult. Put simply - the learning was not fun.

Then I came across the Magic Memory Language Course by Paul Daniels. And this was the first time I had come across how the Memory Masters learn languages. It re-sparked my interest and enthusiasm for learning German.

I understand that Paul Daniels used the findings of Dr Gruneberg whose term Linkword was coined for this method.

Several other memory experts taught the same techniques - Tony Buzan, Mr Memory, Dominic O'Brien, .... and it was good ...

...BUT... there are a number of 'buts'.

Let me first explain the technique, then we can discuss the 'buts' - the 'drawbacks'.

The great Memory Masters of the World teach us that the secret to remembering something is to see it in your "mind's eye", or visualize it, in a crazy scene. It is a technique thousands of years old, used by the Ancient Greeks, Arabs, and many ancient cultures. So to learn a foreign word we simply put together a word association, like the one above, and it becomes a Memory Trigger©.

  • The more vivid the visualization,

  • the more action,

  • the more colour and spark,

  • the more crazy,

... the easier it is to recall.

So to learn Spanish, and to remember Spanish words and Spanish phrases, you just need to come up with a mad mental movie with some 'looney' link to the word you are trying to remember....

Yes... and it is effective, but only to a point.

The problem is that it is also time-consuming to do it properly... and there were several key problems which led to me developing from it the 200 Words a Day! concept, which I call a Second Generation Visualization Techniques for Language Learning.

This puts the fun back in to learning.

Kevin Crocombe

We've got together a team of Spanish teachers, speakers and trained language specialists and put together these innovative courses that are guaranteed to accelerate your Spanish learning, and make it more effective.

The Hispanics are always ready to speak Spanish to you, and once you say few words in Spanish - away they go!

  • But we've looked at the most common problems faced by language learners, and used these situations, combined them with the knowledge of the Memory Masters, and my language specialists, take what traditional learning teaches then put it through our Multi-Modal Make-over, and convert it to our own Exceltra's Excelerated Learning System.

  • Doing this we have developed simple, effective and proven methods to overcome each and every one of all these problems

  • And with these tools we make language learning a whole bunch easier.

  • Because knowing the problems has made it easier for me to find the solutions for you!

That is why I created the 200 Words a Day CD-Roms and shelled out tens of thousands of dollars to develop them.

By using my knowledge of learning languages, the Memory Masters' techniques, and knowing the student's viewpoint, and the help of a number of specialists in the language we have come up with great courses with the tools to help you overcome the language learning problems, while making the learning experience fun, easy and effective.

I'll explain more shortly.

Our team has learned a lot of valuable lessons on fast foreign language learning, & want to share them with you so your language learning experience is as effective and efficient as possible.

Our Spanish expertise is provided by native speakers: Maria Llorente and Eduardo Aceto (Latin American Spanish), Sandrine Benoit (Spanish Spanish if you know what I mean, i.e. Spanish from Spain) all of whom are university qualified.

There are literally hundreds of courses available and (many, many are good) ... but the more effective techniques you use, the better will be the use of your time and the fewer basic mistakes you will make.

If you want a solid foundation as a serious student, a rapid brush-up, or the basics for that quick trip our courses will accelerate your Spanish learning.


Kevin Crocombe
200 Words a Day!

The first generation of courses using visualisation techniques with vocabulary learning provided a great leap forward when compared to traditional rote vocab learning.

Trouble is visualizing takes time. You need time to relax and concentrate. . .

Visualizing 'Mad Mental Movies' is great but we help You Avoid the 5 Most Common Time Wasting Mistakes.

Time Saver #1: Get a picture for the visualization.

We have done all the work for you and we give you the visualization in the form of a picture. Just look at the picture.

This takes away the work you have to do and ...

... is so much quicker than any other technique.

Your brain never forgets a picture.

When you get stuck for a Spanish word, you just need to think of the picture and the memory hooks and triggers in the cartoon get the brain digging around, making remembering much easier.

This means you will remember the picture, so you can more easily remember the word, especially given that 'a picture paints a thousand words...'

Time Saver #2: Don't waste time when Revising.

Ensure your Revision Time is most efficiently used, and planned at the correct times. Our program prompts you when to revise, using the five Optimum Revision Time Intervals as suggested by researchers as being the best times for revision.

Be careful not to over-revise, with needless repetition and be careful not to under-revise...!

Revise at the Optimum Revision Time. The program's schedule will tell you exactly when you should at each of the key five Optimum Revision Time Intervals - chronologically pinpointed from the time you study each lesson.

Time Saver #3: Make Sure Your Software Measures
your Learning Rate.

If you cannot measure it, you don't know how you are doing. Very few programs actually measure your rate of learning giving you your rate in words-per-day learned.

Watch your learning rate and I am confident that you will amaze yourself. Superlearning Spanish has never been easier.

Time Saver #4: Laser-Focussed Lessons within
the Average Attention Span.

The average mind wanders after only a few minutes. Ensure your 'Learn Spanish' program gets its message taught quickly.

The Learn Spanish 200 Words a Day! system gives you over 40 lessons, each being just 5 - 12 minutes, after which you can test your progress and see how quickly you are learning Spanish words and grammar.

Time Saver #5: Instantly find your Weak Points,
Focus on them, then rapidly PERFECT them!

Save time by spending more of your focussed Revision Time, not on the words you can ace, but on your Worst Words.

One of several Special Lessons that is made automatically for each user individually, your program will be picking out on a (second-by-second basis) those words which you find most difficult!

The lesson 'My Worst Words' constantly updates and ranks the 30 words with which you have most difficulty.

By focussing on these words regularly you will make the most efficient use of your precious time.

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Learn Spanish words easily . . . and Avoid the 7 Most Common Blunders.

Avoid the "Learn Spanish Blunder" #1:
Learning Spanish Vocab purely by Rote and Repetition.

This would have to be the biggest mistake you can make. Given the learning technologies available today you should not be grinding through memorizing by rote....(unless of course you have a photographic memory!) Another big time-waster.

Avoid the "Learn Spanish Blunder" #2:
Never Forget a Gender

You never need forget another gender as you learn Spanish! This is probably the most common blunder for the Spanish learner.

Anyone learning a European language knows that many of them have words which are masculine or feminine, with lots of exceptions to the rules. The answer to this is in the picture. . . and we call them Gender Triggers©.

You will be given the tools to remember the genders of every noun you learn!

The tools are so simple and easy and we give you not one, not two, not three but FOUR unique Gender Triggers for each and every noun.

Avoid the "Learn Spanish Blunder" #3:
Learning without Humor!

If you are not having fun learning Spanish is going to be a grind. You'll get a fun, picture or cartoon for every single Spanish word in the course.

Avoid the "Learn Spanish Blunder" #4:
Not Making Mistakes!

Sure making mistakes is an integral part of language learning, but why not minimise them . . . with our system you can with no extra effort.

It is all taught and explained with the one picture for each word!

Nevertheless if you are not making mistakes you are just not trying hard enough at all. You are aiming at perfection ... and perfection can only come through making lots of mistakes!

Our message is to minimise the mistakes you make which you can with the tools incorporated in our 200 Words a Day! system.

Here before we move on, try another one. . .

through is


Imagine you see a man POUR a glass of water THROUGH the window.

© Exceltra Learn Spanish

You can see how easy it is to learn Spanish at 200 words+ a day using these techniques.

I bet you will remember these for a long time yet!

Avoid "Learning Spanish Blunder" #5:
Choosing the Wrong Learning Style

• Make Sure your Software Suits Your Learning Style.

You’ll learn Spanish quicker and remember words over five to 20 times more effectively than traditional learning methods!.... because learning is far more effective when you use the correct learning style suitable for You.

All learning styles are incorporated in the 200 Words a Day! system including:

• kinaesthetic
• visual
• auditory.

Avoid the "Learn Spanish Blunder" #6:
Not listening to Native Speakers' Perfect Pronunciation

Ensure the course you take has each word spoken by Native Speakers giving you the correct pronunciation as you learn Spanish. Be careful it is not an English speaker who has learnt the language, because they will often not have a tone-perfect accent.

Avoid the "Learn Spanish Blunder" #7:
Avoid saying, "I can't do it..."

One of the obstacles many have to overcome is the thought that "I have never been any good at languages, so I'll never do it......" You have mastered English or you wouldn't be reading this, so you can learn another language. It does however take some effort.

What else is hot about these learn Spanish language courses that make them great for someone wanting to learn Spanish?

    They’re new, they’re innovative,

    You'll be using many of the most modern memory enhancing and memory retention methods known.

I chose 200 Words a Day Spanish because 'a picture paints a thousand words and this makes it easy to visualize the word and it certainly aids recollection.

The use of male and female voices when saying the word definitely helps in remembering its gender.

Mark Shelley, Richmond, England.

    • over one thousand Spanish words
    for you to learn in every Spanish course.

    • fun, bright, easy, colorful , and you need a sense of humor!

    • fully interactive
    with loads of functions to choose from for accelerated Spanish language learning. Learn Spanish fast!

    • user-friendly
    and suitable for young and old, all ages.

Every word gets a multi-modal make-over, with features including:

    • six users
    your whole family can learn Spanish at their own pace. Each person's progress is recorded in their own log, separately. You can even have competitions with one another, to see who learns Spanish words quickest!

    • comprehensive testing and revision programme
    you will be prompted to revise and test yourself 24 hours after you first do a lesson, then again after a week, a month, then after 3 months, then after a year.

    • ongoing scoring system
    continuously keeps you updated on your progress.

    • Help function
    right click on the screen any time when you need assistance. Easy and convenient.

    • A range of up to 40 lessons!

    Up to 30 words in each Spanish lesson covering topics such as: Food, Counting, Greetings, Months, weeks and days of the year, Time, Weather, Family, Town, Travel, Verbs, Common Expressions and Home and lots more.

    • Great value for money!
    Over 1000 words in every course.

I definitely didn't think I would be achieving 200 words a day. It seems far too many to remember , especially as a beginner to the language, but I am easily scoring 257 words a day on the Spanish.

G. Ward, Teacher trainee, Auckland, New Zealand.

As said above, to learn Spanish words the memory masters get you to memorize an image, and then make you shoot a mental movie in your head. There is a problem with this however when you try to learn Spanish using just visualisation........

Believe it or not this takes TIME. . .

and time is the commodity that the modern-person trying to learn Spanish lacks the most . . . . TIME.

Especially when you are trying to learn Spanish words by the hundred ( . . . for that trip / test / meeting / reunion / hot date etc next week!)

The 200 Words a Day! system steps ahead of the rest for speedier Spanish learning, and so you can more effectively and speedily learn Spanish words and Spanish phrases.

Yes, on your rapid mode you can even have 50 to a hundred words an hour being taught to you, which is great when it comes to revision.

Experts say that 50% of all spoken language is comprised of the 100 most common words in a language, and that with 800 words a person has the basics for basic, operational communication with a foreign language speaker, you can see what an effective language learning tool you will have in your hands.

(Course 1 of Learn Spanish 200 Words a Day! has all the 100 most common Spanish words).

With the information and techniques you’ll get from your 200 Words a Day course, you will not only:

  • save hours and hours of your precious time.
  • have the tools to remember and recall words in the best way yet devised.
  • know the genders of all the words you learn.
  • laugh while you learn.
  • have fun with the whole family.
  • learn lots of words and phrases.
  • learn lots of basic grammar as you learn.
  • have the tools to spell words correctly.
  • have the tools necessary for correct pronunciation.
  • have the ability to hammer your Worst Words. Turbo-blast your Spanish learning with this CD-Rom course!
Over 1,000 words, each with:
  • Individual Memory Triggers © help you learn Spanish words and Spanish phrases fast.
  • Cartoon pictures for each and every word! including animations.
  • Test and retest your Spanish vocab as you learn Spanish.
  • Learning Rate calculated on a words-a-day basis after every test.
  • Blitz your Worst Words!
  • 3 Gender Triggers © for each word. Never forget a gender when you learn Spanish.
  • Native speakers for perfect pronunciation help you learn Spanish.
  • Easy and fun for 6 users - all with their own private notes and passwords. Fun for household.
  • 100 most common words used in 50% of Spanish conversation.
  • Lots of common phrases.
  • Over 40 lessons Food, Counting, Family, Town, Travel, Verbs, Common Expressions, Home and lots more.
  • All learning styles for Multi-Modal learning. Kinesthetic, Audio, Visual.
  • Superlearning Music gets brainwaves to optimum learning state.
  • Grammar notes.
  • Build your own lessons too!
  • Easy on-screen help.
  • and much, much more.

Why we've kept the price this low...

When considering pricing our courses we looked at various ways of distribution, and one business model considered was to sell these courses only as Corporate Seminars at a $399 price-point... or similar. But that would make it accessible only to a small group, rather a wider audience whose time is precious!

Couldn't you just go and put your own course like this together using our techniques and save yourself $67? Yes, of course you could.

You could get a list of 1,000 words of Spanish vocab, dream up 1,000 zany visualisations, draw and scan 1,000 pictures (or pay artists to do so), record 3,000 sound files and pay for a programmer for a couple of years to put it all together.

But save yourself the bother and the tens of thousands of development costs! I've done all that (and more) and am willing to let you have a Learn Spanish 200 Words a Day! CD-Rom for just $US67.00. (UK£34.95).

Our Guarantee
You have a no-risk 365 days to evaluate this course!
Order the 200 Words a Day! system entirely at my risk.
Let me lose my shirt rather than you lose yours.
That is why your order comes with a 100% no-questions-asked One Year Money Back Guarantee. There is absolutely ZERO RISK for you.

If you are not totally 100% satisfied with the product, we'd appreciate knowing why - and send it back for a refund of the price of these Spanish language CD-Roms.

Kevin Crocombe
Exceltra - Spanish 200 Words a Day!

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Suitable on any device supporting a Windows PC Operating System e.g. XP or Windows 8.

For Apple Macintosh users: The 200 Words a Day! Language Learning courses can run on your Apple Mac, but require the following previously installed:

1) A PC emulator, VMWare Fusion recommended. 
2) A PC System disc is also needed, either Windows 7, 8 (32 bit) or XP recommended.

CDs are required to install the programme on to a Mac.

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