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Italian Vocab and Grammar Releases; Daily French Verbs
January 03, 2011

200 Words a Day! Newzine #46
Italian Course Released; Daily French Verb Tables
03 January, 2011


  1. ITALIAN: 200 Words a Day ITALIAN is available
  2. FRENCH: Daily French Verb Lessons and Verb Tables
  3. SPANISH: Daily Spanish Verb Lessons and Tables soon...
  4. GERMAN: You call me that and I will ...
It's been a long time coming and is now only about 18 months overdue but we are pleased to release our new Italian courses:
(1) 200 Words a Day Italian Course 1
(2) Italian GRAMMAR SLAMMER and SENTENCE BUILDER course. This is our first full GRAMMAR course, incorporating 3000+ pictures and photos and using our Memory Trigger techniques to make learning grammar sooooo much easier.
(3) Italian TURBOBOOSTER courses. This collection is our best group of courses to date, incorporating all our accelerated learning techniques.
(4) Italian e-Flashcardz
ITALIAN: 200 Words a Day ITALIAN has released
Learn Italian 200 Words a Day! Vocabulary
contains the 1,000+ of the Most Common Words of Italian, each with a Cartoon Memory Trigger (1,000+), and from which you can click to Link each word to Italian e-Flashcardz photos.

Italian e-Flaschcardz have 1,000+ photos of the Most Common Italian Words, and are great for Consolidating Vocab Knowledge. They are also great for testing your vocabulary knowledge. You can click to link each word to the 200 Words a Day Memory Triggers.

Italian Sentences - Each common word can be heard in a practical sentence. Of course you can test yourself on each word. From the Vocab course click on the pic for the sentence, all of which are voiced by native speakers.

Italian Sentence Builder & Grammar Slammer. Our first grammar course which incorporates lots of accelerated learning techniques, cartoons and memory triggers to make grammar learning much much easier. There are over 3,100+ Learning Screens covering all aspects of Basic and Intermediate Italian grammar. There are:
  • 3,100+ Graphics, Photos & Illustrations
  • Hundreds of Practical Sentences in All Verb Tenses
  • All the TurboBooster Lessons for all 40+ Turbos
  • Learn All the Verb Tenses
  • Build Sentences
  • Learn Grammar and Structure
  • 6,200 Voice Recordings
  • Interactive Concept Pics for each TurboBooster Family
  • All Major Grammar Topics Covered - nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns, possession, progressive tenses, negatives, plurals, subjunctives, irregulars, essere-stare; asking questions, reflexives, superlatives, comparatives, numbers, colours... and tons more.
Full TurboBooster Listings There are 40+ families of words in English that convert to Italian with a few little tweaks. Like fantastic becomes fantastico. Magic becomes magico. Learn these and you will quickly add 4000+ words to your vocabulary.
  • Over 4,000 Turboboosters (too many for the Grammar Slammer)
  • including all the Lessons from the Grammar Slammer
  • Interactive Concept Pics for All
Italian Pronunciation Guide - How to Pronounce Italian Spellings and Letter Combinations

Click to read more about the 200 Words a Day Learn Italian Course, Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder, TurboBoosters and Sentences Courses

FRENCH: Daily French Verb Lessons and Tables
Every day you can now see a French Verb Lesson of the Day, with a cartoon Memory Trigger at his link: Daily French Lesson, Verb Table and Memory Trigger

You can even add this VERB TABLE to your own website by copying and pasting some code. This will enable you to present your readers with fresh, new French content every day. We'll add the same for Spanish, German and Italian soon.

SPANISH: Daily Spanish Verb Lessons and Tables ... coming
Next month we will launch our Daily Spanish Verb Tables like our Daily French Lesson, Verb Table and Memory Trigger. Watch this space. You will also be able to add those tables to your own website. (No charge)

GERMAN: Call me Goethe and I will ...
What do you do in Germany if someone calls you Goethe? Check out the German Blog for repaying a compliment.


We'll announce the competition winners next month...

Adiós - au revoir - auf wiedersehen - hwyl fawr - arrivederci!

Kevin Crocombe and the 200 Words a Day Team


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