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Do you know the three most effective techniques for learning Italian words?

Use the Memory Masters' Secrets to Accelerate Your Language Superlearning and Snapshot Italian Words, Phrases and How to Build Sentences Directly into your Brain

            You can learn Italian fast - at much faster speeds than previously possible with modern learning techniques. No other course can teach you over 5,000+ words of Italian in 30 days. You can learn 200 Words a Day Italian.
The answer to the above question is:

  • mnemonics
  • cognates
  • learning words that are similar to the English
Let's look at these three accelerated language learning techniques.

Accelerated Italian Learning Tip #1:  "COLT HELLO!" says the knife wielding cowboy. Mnemonics and Memory Triggers©

What are mnemonics? They are word association memory triggers that remind you of the word that you are learning. They can increase your word-learning speed sixfold. Try this:

Want a word? ... Think of the pic!

The Italian for knife is coltello.  So imagine a cowboy with a KNIFE says, "COLT HELLO!"


 in Italian is COLTELLO. Sounds like 'COLT HELLO!'
© exceltra

YOU can Learn Italian Fast - over SIX TIMES FASTER than Traditional Techniques

A simple word association cartoon picture like this can help you learn words six times quicker than traditional methods. Not only that the male  cowboy reminds you that the word is masculine. This overcomes one of the great difficulties that learners experience when learning Italian - remember a word's gender.

Every word and phrase is taught in our breakthrough computer software program called 200 Words a Day Italian with a picture like the one above - a Memory Trigger picture, making learning simple... and what is more is that you get the tools to help you REMEMBER what you have learned.

One of the world's biggest language companies says that you can only learn about 30 words a day, and using their traditional rote learning techniques that is correct. But with mnemonics like the one above and cartoon Memory Trigger pictures you will see your learning rate at much higher speeds. It is all tracked and calculated automatically on your computer, so you can see just how many words you are learning expressed in words-a-day.

Because it is so easy to learn and remember so many words I recommend that you FIRST just do that... i.e. learn the 1,000 most common words and useful phrases of Italian, before moving on to grammar learning and sentence building. You can do this, with concentrated effort in less than a week, blitzing through it for the first sweep. This will give you a solid foundation from which to then review that vocabulary, and progress to sentence building and grammar.

I recommend that you study courses in the following order (... BUT ... you can do them in any order that you choose!)

            Italian Vocabulary - 1,000 most common words and phrases using Memory Triggers and cartoons.

            Italian Vocabulary by flashcards - 1,000 most common words and phrases using photo flashcards.

            Italian Grammar and Sentence Building - including verb learning and the Turbobooster concepts and how they work with examples.

            Italian TurboBoosters - the full listings of cognates to consolidate your knowledge of the 4,000 "easy-to-convert" words, and REALLY broaden out your vocabulary.

              Italian Sentences - which review and consolidate the 1,000 common words in sample sentences.

NOW READ ON ... to see the logic  behind this...

Groundbreaking University Research Favours Building Foreign Vocab FIRST  for Speedier Overall Language Learning

Research by Professor Joseph Barcroft at the Washington University indicates that students that build up a solid base of vocabulary before delving deeply into grammar studies, get a better grasp of language fluency, in a shorter period of time, than those who concentrate on grammar study. So why not first concentrate on the 1,000 most common words and phrases, and why not do that in the most effective way?

Other University Research shows Mnemonics to be the Most Effective Way to Learn and REMEMBER Words

Research studies by Dr Grunberg of the University of Swansea showed that the quickest and most effective way to new learn and retain foreign language vocabulary is using mnemonics, or word association links (that he calls 'linkwords'). We use word associations, combine them with ways for you to remember a word's gender (gender triggers ™) like the cowboy in the 'coltello' cartoon above, and present them in a series of interactive software programmes.

This way we have harnessed:

  1. the recommendation to first build vocab, and then ...
  2. to build vocab in the most effective way - with the best recall techniques

Discover the 4 Advantages of the Memory Trigger with Cartoon

With a cartoon Memory Trigger picture like this you get four advantages, because the word becomes:

  1. much easier for you to commit to memory and to remember,
  2. more fun in doing so, and
  3. easier for you to recall later when you need it... as the embedded memory hooks help it get to the tip of your tongue
  4. easy for you to remember whether the word is masculine or feminine because the main character in cartoon will tell you this - male character = masculine word; female character = feminine word!
Scientists tell us that your brain never forgets a picture. Everything you see is stored in your brain's subconscious. You can follow the wisdom of the world's memory masters - people who can remember the sequences of dozens of decks of shuffled cards to exploit this.

They teach us that the way to memorise such large amounts of data is to visualise things in a silly, zany, crazy scene. You just shoot yourself a funny, zany mental movie  in your mind's eye. This of course takes time and effort... and when you have to learn thousands words, you can see how the time needed to envisage these 'scenes' amounts to a many dozens of hours...

We Remove the Work Needed  for You to Dream up Mental Movies

tired (adj): stanco
the tired old man STANK OH boy!

We however take all the work away from you having to dream up hundreds and hundreds of visualisations by giving them all to you in a picture or animation. For every word.

This makes it easier to retrieve material from your subconscious, when you need it.

With an Italian native speaker voicing the word in our program you'll simultaneously be learning correct Italian pronunciation.

The more crazy, vivid and colourful the mind movie, the deeper is your memory implant, and the better your recall. And you will usually be able to remember it for longer. If you can relate it to things or people you know - then it is even better.

You Probably Do This Anyway...

You have no doubt done this many times and probably do this a lot anyway without realising it! Great learners do! And if you don't do it, the skill is within the grasp of most ordinary people! Most people do this, but have not harnessed it as a skill, because that is generally NOT what we were taught in schools.

BUT... this is how the world's great Memory Masters can memorise such astonishing amounts of information. And most of them will readily confess that it was a skill that they LEARNED, as they were no better naturally endowed with a photographic memory than the average Joe Blow.

The system really works. And YOU can learn to memorise several decks of shuffled cards... (I even taught my son to do a deck when he was eleven...) but SO WHAT?

What do you then do with that input of new knowledge? You purge it from memory because other than giving you a short intellectual boost the knowledge is worthless... (unless you are training to be a professional card counter ... in which case you will already know the power of these techniques).

You Can Use that Skill... in Your Italian Language Learning

Why not use that amazing skill (that any ordinary person can acquire with practise) to learn something useful? Like new words in a new language. Like Italian words, phrases and sentence building! At terrific speed, with sharp recall and with methods to remember genders, concepts and how to make sentences.

You can see how quickly you can learn so many more words than other 'traditional learning' courses. With our techniques adapted from the Memory Masters, and delivered in a powerful multimedia software learning system you can increase your learning rate to rates many times more than traditional rote learning methods.

We've Packaged it All into Interactive Easy-to-Use Software Programs ...

... and with these 200 words a day is very easily achievable, and what is more it is all tracked. Every minute spent on learning, testing, reviewing is recorded in your own database, as are all your Test Scores and the system then calculates your own learning rate in words-a-day.

There are more cartoons below, but STAY with me... - there is lots more about accelerated learning than just this, like ... the other super quick way to learn Italian words fast ...

Accelerated Italian Vocabulary Learning Tip #2Make 4,000+ words with a Tweak - Convert 40 Families of Words from English

Our accelerated Italian vocabulary learning does not stop when you finish the 200 Words a Day course, and move on to commence the Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder  Course.

Prepare to surprise yourself as you learn even more Italian vocab while learning sentence building, verbs and grammar!

Because Italian is a modern form of Latin, and English has its foundations in Latin, the two languages share many common words and root words. You can harness your knowledge of English to greatly expand your depth of knowledge of Italian vocabulary.

There are over forty of families of words that you can convert from English to Italian with a change of a few letters. You then have to say them with an Italian accent. Some need a little tweak or twist here and there. The official name for these is 'cognates'. We call them 'TurboBoosters' because that is what they do to your vocabulary learning.

In Lesson 3 of the Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder Course You will Learn to Make 300 Italian words in 60 seconds ...

Let's try one from the course: fantastic in Italian is fantastico.

We can add this same ending to over 300 English words ending -ic or -ical and convert them to Italian by making those endings -ico. So:

  • barbaric becomes barbarico
  • supersonic becomes supersonico
  • logical becomes logico
  • musical becomes musico

Oh ... that's it.. you just learned how to make 300 Italian words in less than 60 seconds. 

And of course you will find dozens more  of these kinds of tricks, shortcuts and confidence-boosters in our courses! And you will quickly use these in practical sentences , which combine with and reinforce all the other grammar concepts that you learn along the 140+ lessons.

So you will learn the 40+ families of TurboBoosters in the Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder course, with hundreds of examples, and you can learn the full lists of ALL the 4,000+ words in the Italian TurboBooster course.

Each of these 40 families comes with an interactive 'Concept Picture'  like the one below which will help remind you of how to convert a family of words from English to Italian.

Click on the four buttons  to hear a native Italian speaker pronounce the words for the each of the masculine, feminine, singular and plural cases.

Click on the buttons to hear a native Italian voice pronounce
the masculine singular and plural of fantastico,
and the feminine singular and plural.

Each of the 40+ families  of TurboBoosters has a concept pic to remind you of rule of conversion from English, and where appropriate the gender. You can listen to the pronunciation of each.

BUT! BE AWARE! You Have to Learn the EXCEPTIONS to the rules

But of course there are exceptions to the rules some words needing a little tweak and twist here and there, and others which we call FALSE FRIENDS. These 'false friends' often mean something completely different to what you would expect. We list these too,  so that you can learn them - because they are important to know. Some can lead to embarrassing slip-ups. Like:

... preservativo is not a preservative, but a condom....

So by learning the FALSE FRIENDS and the ones that 'don't fit the rules' you will be able to navigate yourself safely around the 'non-followers'.

TurboBoosters  will Definitely Broaden your Vocab, but they are not necessarily the Most Common Italian Words 

Now what you need to remember is that with these 40 families of Turboboosters you will rapidly broaden out your Italian vocabulary, BUT these are not necessarily the most common words (which are covered in the 200 Words a Day courses).

That is why I say that it is best to do the 200 Words a Day course first before blitzing into the Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder course and TurboBooster course.

You are better off initially learning how to say the 1,000 most common words and phrases like:

Good afternoon
"Good afternoon, good morning etc "
    - buon pomeriggio, buongiorno

( ... that is its Memory Trigger cartoon on the left ...)
Ordering in Italian
"I would like a cup of tea. (or breakfast, orange, apple, coffee etc)"
    - vorrei una tazza di tè
 ... of course after vorrei you can add hundreds of words ... e.g:
    - nuotare ... to swim; andare ... to go,
    - una mela ... an apple etc.
Ordering in Italian
"I can ..."
    - posso...
 ... of course after words like posso you can add hundreds of words ... e.g:
    - camminare ... to walk,
    - cantare ... to sing.
"Where is the ...?
    - dov'è...?
 ... of course after words like dov'è... you can add hundreds of words ... e.g:
    - la casa ... the house,
    - la scuola ... the school.

You can of course do a bit of each, doing them side by side, if that is your preference. You know - a bit of vocab, a bit of accelerated grammar. It is all over to what suits you. Play around with it a bit.

You'll be Making Sentences from Lesson 1 of the Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder

The accelerated learning does not stop in the Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder course. Within a couple of lessons you will learn hundreds of TurboBooster words and be putting them into sentences... like:

Il turista è fantastico e il bagaglio è buono.
   -  The tourist is fantastic and the baggage is good.

... and then moving on to make more and more sentences and phrases incorporating what you have learned in the 200 Words a Day! vocab course, and new groups of words in the Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder...


Un aeroplano supersonico è logico.
   -  A supersonic airplane is logical.

(There are 3,100+ graphic visuals in the Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder course, including this one on the left - which is a reduced version...)
/italian-for-passport Un passaporto diplomatico è critico.
   -  A diplomatic passport is critical.

(There are 6,200+ sound files in the Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder. Italian sentences like this are voiced by native Italians).

And each and every one of the Italian TurboBooster families has a concept picture - a Memory Trigger concept picture, like the fantastico picture above.

Of course, where appropriate, this will feature a gender trigger i.e. a masculine main character for masculine families of words and a feminine main character for feminine words.

So you just need to remember the concept pic and the gender of that main character to remember the gender of the words in that family. And to hear the pronunciation for masculine, feminine, singular and plurals click on the buttons on the picture.

You will quickly build more and more complex sentences as you move through the Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder ...BUT ... we are getting ahead of ourselves and need to look at some of the many SUPERLEARNING features built into the 200 Words a Day Italian Vocab course.

Accelerated Italian Vocabulary Learning Tip #3 : Learning Words that are the Same as English

            There are many words in Italian that are identical to the English. To remember these we add the colours of the Italian flag to the picture. Like il taxi.

The taxi is in the colours of the Italian flag  to remind you that the word is similar to the English. The male character, Danny deVito, who starred in the TV series 'Taxi', reminds you that the word is masculine - il taxi.

No more forgetting genders

Again there is even more in the picture than simply the word. There is the inbuilt method of overcoming one of the biggest problems that English-speaking learners of Italian face ... and that is remembering whether a word is masculine or feminine.

Well we make it easy. You saw that the main character, Danny deVito, in the cartoon is masculine. This is done to remind you that the word is masculine. A masculine main character is used for masculine words. And all incorporated into the picture.

Feminine words feature a female character... and where possible we use characters that are famous because ....

The Truth About Celebrities in Language Learning ...Famous People Make Remembering Easier...

...like actor Danny deVito, like people from history, celebrities, pop stars, actors, musicians, politicians, kings, queens, princess. Famous people in memory triggers make them more memorable, particularly if they are in some way related to the activity in the picture. So for example, Danny deVito acted in the TV series 'Taxi'.

Of course, you can dream up such visualisations yourself, but it takes time, energy and effort for the thousands of words and concepts involved in learning a language. Then of course you can draw, colour and animate the pictures. That will only take you a few hundred hours or more.

Your job to Learn Italian is made much Easier  and Faster. The hard work has been DONE for You!

We have done all the hard work for you!

  • We remove all that effort by giving you the visualisation in the form of a fun Memory Trigger cartoon.

  • Not only that it is packaged into a software programme that is easy to use and navigate and tracks dozens of variables on your learning rates and progress. We've made so that if you ever are in any doubt as to what to do, you just press the 'Enter' key and it will take you to the next screen.

  • You will see your Learning Rate which is automatically calculated in Words-a-Day based on how much time you spend learning, tests and your scores. You will amaze yourself at your progress.
All the common words and phrases.

We've done the Same with Several Languages and have Thousands of Satisfied Customers

We at 200 Words a Day! have used these techniques over recent years to build accelerated language learning software courses for French, Spanish, German, Welsh and now Italian.

We bring in native Italian speakers, teachers and language experts to write, edit and check the content, record the voiceovers, write sentences, and ensure that the pictures match the Italian material. We add the 'Memory Triggers' and such like to make the learning material 'rememberable ' for you.

Thousands of satisfied customers have used our products.

Here's some of the feedback from customers of our previous language courses. (Because Italian is new we are using testimonials from our other language courses).

...far more entertaining and much faster


I purchased your first installment of the 200 words-a-day software for French some time ago.

Firstly I would like to say that I think it is ingenious - I have learnt languages before but your method is far more entertaining and much faster. It's a brilliant idea.


... any other way is just no fun any more ...


I have both your Spanish courses and LOVE them.  But I was wondering if you plan to have a Spanish 3 (or even 4) with another 1000 words.

After your courses learning more words any other way is just no fun anymore. 

I'll order the minute you do!

Steven Franklin

Dream About the Italian Words and Phrases that You Learn...!


I have bought more than a dozen CDs and materials for French and Italian. I have never seen a language product so addicting, effective and creatively very well done!

I even dream of the cartoons in my sleep! 

I am John-John Cabibihan, a Ph.D. student in biomedical robotics. My place of origin is Manila, Philippines. I am currently based here in Pisa, Italy but I would be moving to Paris, France this November.

John-John Cabibihan, Pisa, Italy

This shows that the subconscious is 'processing' that learned information that was learned previously.

...retaining far more ...


My learning rate is excellent and I've been absorbing and retaining far more words than I ever could have imagined. My past impressions of language courses are with rote memory and/or thousands of audio cds ... but b/c I am so visually oriented, this course suits me perfectly.

And I would imagine down the road, as I have mastered a good vocabulary, I would then need to learn sentence structure and a more well-rounded course on how to be fluent. But this is a great base.

Corey W.
(Note: We have included the Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder with 3,100 learning screens, pictures and 6,200 voice recordings.)

... pictures kept flashing to my mind...


I registered for (various) French courses 3 times with a minimum of one year interval per course. I was almost ready to give up because I feel like a new learner each time I go back to the classroom. Every word seemed to be new and I had to memorize them by rote memory again. Until I found the 200words-a-day program.

I am 45 years old. I felt like a little child playing with the words in the 200words-a-day program. There was no pressure in learning "my words" most especially their genders. I say "my" words because I feel some ownership of them being so involved in the memory game.

I could even devise my own visuals to adapt them to my own culture. 200words-a-day became my anchor of confidence both in spelling and pronunciation. I will be honest to say that there were realities of not sticking to the daily schedule of learning my French ... until I have realized that I am almost losing it again. Unfortunately my computer crashed and lost my CD programs.

I tried to re-read my books but as I browse the pages, the pictures of the 200words-a-day program kept on flashing to my mind.

Truly, the brain never forgets pictures. How thoughtless I am to lose my CD programs. 200words-a-day was my best bet among my learning tools! I tried asking support from Kevin and Co. In a very, very short time, they were on a rescue. They sent me the links to the programs. I look forward to feeling like a little child again by enjoying the memory game.

Renee Manacsa

... learning at a much faster rate than I believed possible ...


Just thought I'd let you know that I am having great fun learning the French words with my 8 year old son. He is enjoying learning vocabulary!!....

Having studied for many years and accumulated some of the techniques you so carefully utilise I can honestly say this is the best language learning tool I have seen. I am learning at a much faster rate than I believed possible.

Thanks for a wonderful product.

Matt W.

... it's staying in my head...


Hi. I've been hammering away at the (Welsh) course every day since and I can't believe how much I'm learning. The amazing thing is, it's staying in my head, which is a first. Anyway thanks to everyone and I shall be recommend you to my class mates when we start " Dosbath Cymraeg" again in September. Again Many Thanks

(Mr) Bev Spiers

We constantly scour  the world for new, innovative and cutting-edge language learning techniques and research findings with the view of adding any new educational techniques to our programs.

Italian SuperLearning Features

In scouring the world and the educational research literature we come across numerous techniques, old and new, and if appropriate, try to incorporate them into our Learning Programs. We are bold enough to try stuff that is a bit too 'way out' for the mainstream. We include numerous items of such features:

  •  ✔   Alpha State - the Optimal Learning State

  •     Researchers tell us that we learn best when the brain is in a relaxed, open and receptive state called the alpha state. In this state your brainwaves resonate at the 'optimum learning' frequency of the alpha state... and is in its best state to receive and store new information. You can achieve this state by various methods which involve relaxation, and we have incorporated some tools to assist you to do this.
  •  ✔   Baroque Music - SuperLearning Music

  •     Some researchers like Dr Georgi Lozanov claim that certain beats of certain music movements assist you to get into the 'alpha learning state. These are the largo movements of certain baroque pieces. We have incorporated some of these recordings, that can be played as background music while you study.
  •  ✔   Rhythmic Breathing

  •     Some researchers show that rhythmic breathing can clear the mind, and help get into that optimal learning 'alpha state'. We have incorporated a tool to assist you to do this during lessons.
  •  ✔   In Depth, Detailed Statistics in Your Database
  •  ✔   Build Your Own Lessons

  •     Another feature in all our courses is the ability for you to build your own lessons. You can go into
  •  ✔   Italian Dictionary

  •     All the word, sentences, phrases are included in the course's inbuilt dictionary. Find the word, click on it, and be taken to its learning screen where you can view the pictures, flashcardz, see and hear the words- English and Italian, and see and hear the Memory Triggers.

Are you a Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic Learner ? You can Learn according to Your Own Learning Style

Everyone has their preferred learning style. Some people are visual learners, others more auditory and others kinesthetic (who learn by touching, acting and doing... 'hands on').

We all benefit from learning using all different styles. However to further boost your learning capabilities we have added numerous elements that cater for your various learning styles. We used a multimedia approach incorporating techniques and tools to suit the different types of learners that are out there.

You can learn Italian quicker and remember words over five or six times more effectively than traditional learning methods! All learning styles are incorporated including:


         ✔   each word is taught with a Memory Trigger cartoon picture  to help you remember it. You get a visual snapshot of the 'scenario' that helps you learn and remember a new word

         ✔   activate your e-Flashcardz mode and see a full colour photograph  for the same word, by clicking on the cartoon pic

         ✔   the text is written in English and Italian for you to see and read , while hearing the words spoken

         ✔   the Italian text is colour coded  - blue text for masculine nouns, red for feminine, green for verbs to help you identify genders  and types of words

         ✔   the visual snapshot of the main character in the cartoon will help you remember the gender of Italian nouns 


         ✔   you will hear native Italian speakers voiceover  every Italian word, sentence and phrase

         ✔   click it to hear it  - you can hear the word repeated again and again simply by clicking on it, as many times as you like

         ✔   the Memory Trigger is voiced as well, so that you can hear and read the trigger, putting another sense to work while learning

         ✔   you can turn the sound on and off at will  by clicking a button in the Settings Menu


         ✔   kinesthetic learners like to 'do ' something when learning - a powerful reinforcer of your learning is to type  while learning a new word

         ✔   you can turn this feature on or off with a button click

What else will help you with these learn Italian language courses that make them great for someone wanting to learn Italian?

TEST Your Italian and be Impressed by Your Results

To prove to yourself what you have learned you must be able to TEST  yourself. A comprehensive testing facility is built in to the program for you, which allows you to test yourself in several different ways. After each Italian lesson you can take a test, which you can repeat at any time, as often as you like.

Your results and learning rates in Words-a-Day are all tracked, timed and recorded automatically for you, and your other family members that use the course. Each has his or her own private database  of results.

In fact many of our students report learning rates in excess of 200 Words a Day.
This is what Lynna had to say about one of our courses.

...fun way to spend time together ... and learn something...


I wanted to let you know my daughter,L. and I are having a great time with the course.

I did not think I was a "visual learner" at all but it is amazing how much those little cartoons help.

We keep saying "think of the picture"! Really fun way to spend some time together (she's 16) and learn something. What a concept! Thanks so much, Great day to you,

Lynna, United States

...still recall all the words ...


Firstly I'd like to say that I ordered Spanish Course 1 a few months ago and it's brilliant. I work full time and have a young son so often I have to leave the course for a few days.

But when I return to it I can still recall all the words easily. It's the best language program I've used by far, and I have tried quite a few.

Darren, Newcastle, United Kingdom

...blasting through the vocabulary...


Dear Kevin

Thank you so much. Your product works as promised. 

I'm presently taking an intensive Spanish course that is three hours per day, four days a week. My goal is to have a working knowledge of Spanish in two months.

It's not easy and I don't seem to have an ear for languages. 

Nonetheless, as you pointed out it can be done and with your program I'm making much better progress; moreover, I enjoy the routine.

Your program allows me to focus more on grammar [during class], whereas before I was spending all my time on vocabulary.

I'm now blasting through vocabulary. 

As promised, your program focuses on the common words and for the most part corresponds to the vocabulary drills in our textbook.

There are four students in my intensive Spanish course. I'm the only one in the class that never studied another language. Each of my classmates already has a solid foundation in either Italian or French, and this of course makes me the weak link.

The point is that it's not a level playing field.

I found my classmates becoming impatient with me, which in turn made me flustered and exacerbated my poor performance.

Believe me that the stress is high with just four students and the instructor sitting at a small table doing drills in Spanish.

Thanks to your program I am now at ease in class and having fun. 

I'm keeping up and dare say that my vocabulary will soon surpass that of my classmates.

No way it can't unless they get the same program, and there's no way I'm going to tell them about it until the last day of class.

I wish I had studied your program before starting this class so I could have hit the ground running.

Thanks again,

James T. McGough, Malden, MA, USA

During testing, if you are stuck ... then think of the pic. Close your eyes and think of the pic. You will be surprised at how often some aspect of that visualisation starts to appear in your mind, giving you a piece of the puzzle that can lead you to the answer.

If you are still stuck you can get a clue by clicking on the 'Clue' button. This will cost you a point (out of a possible 3 points out of 3 for a correct answer).

Several Ways to TEST Your Italian Learning

Testing is very effective and there are several ways you can test yourself. You can test yourself:

  1. Test by English  - the English word is shown and spoken, and you have to type in the Italian
  2. Test by Pic  - you can elect to see the pic and try and work out the word
  3. Test by Foreign  - get given the foreign word and type in the English
  4. Test by Flashcard  - test yourself on the flashcard photo pics

    ✔    over one thousand Italian words, each with a picture, and each linked by a click to a sentence using that word.

    ✔    fun, bright, fun, easy, colorful. Just relax and bring your sense of humor!

    ✔    fully interactive  with lots of useful functions to select from for accelerated Italian language learning. Learn Italian fast!

    ✔    user-friendly, and suitable for old and young, all ages.

Up to Six Users in the Household can Learn Italian

Each member of your family can learn Italian at his or her own pace. Each user's progress is individually recorded in their own private log. Protected by their password. You can even have competitions with other family members, to see whose learning rate is the fastest.

Optimal Reviewing Program is Programmed

Optimal learning involves reviewing your work. Educational scientists tell us that, to reinforce what you have learned , you should review one's studied material after certain optimum learning intervals . These are identified as after:

  •  ✔   one day
  •  ✔   one week
  •  ✔   one month
  •  ✔   three months
  •  ✔   one year

You will be Reminded  of WHEN  to Review your Study

With most courses is easy to forget about reviewing and re-studying, but not with our system. You will be prompted by the program to review and re-test yourself a day after you complete any lesson.

Then again it reminds you to review that lesson after a week, then after a month, then three months, then after a year. When you log in to the program on start up it will automatically give you such a reminder, as part of its inbuilt Scheduler.

Inbuilt Scheduler Tells You what You Should Study Next 

The program's inbuilt Scheduler keeps a track of your progress, and will suggest to you, when you log in, what your next lesson should be. The Scheduler also tells you when it is time to review any lessons already completed (as described above). You are at liberty to follow what the Scheduler says, or follow your own wishes.

Easy Navigation - If You are ever in Doubt  - just press ENTER

There are lots of menus that are self-explanatory. If ever you are in doubt just press the 'ENTER' key and it will take you to the next logical screen.

Ongoing Scoring System and System to Review Your Progress

The program continuously keeps you updated on your progress, keeping a record of all your scores, tests and learning times. These are all stored in your own database. Every minute you spend on a lesson, on a test, on reviewing, on re-testing is logged into your own database.

This means that these figures are available to you on the 'REVIEW PROGRESS' page telling you your time spent learning, on testing, what your Test Scores were and dozens of other variables.

Your Learning Rate  is Automatically Calculated in Words-a-Day

The program then takes the information described above, looks at the time spent on Lessons and Tests and calculates your Learning Rate  in Words-a-Day. This means that you can see your Learning Rate in Words-a-Day at any time.

Easy On-Screen Help function

Any time you are unsure of how a feature works, just hover your mouse over that area on the screen, right click it and a pop-up HELP menu will appear. This means that help is usually just a mouse click away.

In addition there is a HELP Glossary, and also a a 70 page Tutorial document (in .pdf format)that accompanies that program, and which you can print out.

Nearly 100 Italian Vocab lessons! each is short

Our Italian vocab lessons usually comprise from 8 to 15 words. this means that they only take you a few minutes each. This means that they are easy to do, easy to review, and this makes it easy to see yourself making progress.

Italian lesson covering topics such as Food, Counting, Italian Greetings, the Months in Italian, seasons of the year, and days of the week, Family, Town, Travel, Italian Verbs, Common Italian Expressions and Home and lots more.

Italian Plane

Sections for Travellers, Travel Phrases, business and pleasure

There are loads of words and phrases useful for the traveller, in the 200 Words a Day vocabulary courses, as well as dozens and dozens more in the Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder, and in the Italian Sentences Course.

Italian Vocabulary Lessons are Quick - only 3 minutes to 8 minutes each!

Most lessons have about 9 to 12 words, making them quick and easy to complete, test and review. Each vocab lesson only takes a few minutes. About 3 to 8 minutes a lesson. This makes them so easy for you to complete them, review them, test yourself on them and retest yourself.

Blitz, Bludgeon and Conquer Your Worst Words  as you Learn Italian!

One of several special lessons that is compiled and created automatically, the programme targets those words with which you have the most difficulty!

The Italian lesson is called 'My Worst Words '.

This 35 word Italian lesson is one to constantly revisit as it allows you to focus on the your problem French words. The ones you get wrong the most often. And it is automatically updated at all times.

The programme is constantly assessing your scores for each and every time you take a test on any word. The best and worst are ranked accordingly with your performance as you learn Italian vocabulary and phrases.

Lots More Special Lessons

The 'My Worst Words' lesson is just one of several special lessons. Other Special Lessons are also incorporated to allow you to review or test yourself on different aspects of the language and course:

  • Words Similar in Italian and English

  •      ✔   This lesson lists those words that are similar in both languages, and feature cartoons which feature the colours of the Italian flag - red, white and green to remind you of these differences.

  • My Notes

  •      ✔   You can keep your own notes on any word, sentence, concept or item that is taught.

         ✔   On every learning page of all our courses you can make your own notes.

         ✔   So for example if a word reminds you of your Aunty Flo ... make a note of it by clicking on the 'Students Notes' icon on that learning screen, and typing in your note.

         ✔   All the screens for which you have written notes can be accessed in a Special Lesson #800 called 'My Notes'. This means you can refer back to ONLY those pages whenever you wish, making them accessible for you.

  • Random Words from Earlier Lessons
         ✔   This Lesson plucks out up to 35 words or items at random that you have already learned in previous lessons so that you can learn them, re-learn them, or test yourself on them, or re-test yourself on them.

  • Random Words Not in Your Vocabulary
         ✔    This lesson plucks out up to 35 words or items for which you have not yet scored a full 3 out of 3 points during a Test. You can use this lesson to learn, re-learn, test or re-test yourself.

  • Random Words in Vocabulary but not yet Mastered
         ✔   For you to be deemed to have learned a word you must score 3 out of 3 for it during a TEST.

         ✔   However the courses do not consider you to have MASTERED a word our course until you have scored 3 out of 3 on it, during three consecutive tests.

         ✔   To learn or to be tested on up to 35 random 'unmastered' words at a time, you can come to this lesson.

         ✔   This is a great lesson to come to, once you have completed the course, so that you can work on your 'Mastering' the word/item... and getting it right three times consecutively.

Select from Words that you Don't Know

With the click of a button you can select to learn, or be tested on only words/items that you do not know. The Lesson and Test Menus will show only those words/items.

With the click of another button, you can select from only the words/items that you have not yet Mastered. (A word 'mastered' is one that you have answered correctly three times in a row).The Lesson and Test Menus will show only those words/items.

Want a word? ... Think of the pic!

Don't HUG ... AAHHH LEO ... because he eats too much garlic!



 in Italian is aglio. Sounds like 'AAH LEO'. The male main character tells you that the word is masculine! Each and every word has a picture and is accompanied by a sound recording of a native Italian speaker so that you can learn from pitch perfect Italian pronunciation. © exceltra. Transcity Properties Ltd.

... another Memory Trigger ... a BEAR drinking a BEER ...

The word to drink in Italian is bere.

Imagine a BEAR drinksBEER! 

Try to forget that one! I bet you won't. © exceltra

See how easy this makes learning for you? I am sure that you can now see how you can learn so many words in a day. And just how will you know exactly how you are progressing? Well of course you can ...

e-Flashcardz add over 1,000 photos for each word as well as the cartoon

All 200 Words a Day! vocabulary courses have an option to add in photo flashcards for all the words. So you can learn with the Memory Trigger cartoons and/or the photo flashcards. You can test yourself on either as well.

italian-for-dog-il cane

Our courses have an e-Flashcardz option which ALSO adds a photo flashcard for each and every Italian word being learned (i.e. over 1,000 photos). This is in addition to the Memory Trigger cartoon. You can test yourself with just the flashcard, or just the Memory Trigger cartoon, or both! Suit yourself. © exceltra. Transcity Properties Ltd.

The above picture is an actual size example of one of the 1,000+ photo flashcards that accompanies each word with the e-Flashcardz module.

to call: chiamare
A photo-flashcard for each word (This photo is reduced in size. Actual size is that of the photo of the dog above).

What you will find very effective is to learn each word with its cartoon Memory Trigger, test yourself on it, then later test yourself with the e-flashcardz.

You can also elect to test yourself by just looking at the photo flashcard during testing, giving you many different ways to learn and test yourself.

The photo e-flashcardz add another dimension to your learning, and further consolidate what you have absorbed.

I recommend doing the e-Flashcardz course after doing the 200 Words a Day Italian Vocabulary course as you will already have a good base knowledge of the Memory Trigger cartoons.

You can use the e-flashcardz to get consolidate your knowledge of each word, repeat and reinforce the word, and take another visual snapshot of the word while listening to it spoken by a native Italian speaker.

You can see e-Flashcardz with All Memory Trigger Cartoons

italian-saltare italian-for-jump=saltare
to jump: saltare
You JUMP over SALT.
to jump: saltare
In the programme you can click between e-flashcardz and cartoon.

The two complement each other ...

italian-mettere italian-for-put-mettere
to put: mettere
PUT the METER on the table.
to put: mettere
One of 1,000+ e-flashcardz.

You can Test Yourself by Looking at the Pictures

italian-amore /italian-for-love-amore
love: amore
I AM MORE in LOVE with you!
love: amore

You have numerous ways that you can combine Tests. You can even just test yourself by looking at the pictures and typing in the correct answer.

... a great deal of fun ...


This is a really great learning tool. It is a highly effective, quick and memorable way of learning.

A very effective teaching method coupled with a regular testing regimen has really enabled me to expand and consolidate my language vocabulary.

Best of all, it's a great deal of fun.


...helped get me into my current graduate programme...


Hello Kevin

Regarding progress and successes with the programs, I have primarily focused on using German 200-words a day. I have actually completed the course two times in its entirety (including yearly quizzes).

The program undeniably provides a strong word-base for someone new to learning the language (as well as someone who wants to brush up). I continue to be impressed with my recall ability and the way the cartoons pop into my head when trying to locate a word.

I have gotten very practical results from the program - it helped get me into my current graduate program. I was able to place into an upper-level German language course upon arrival here last year and have already placed out of the written proficiency exams. I am on pace to finish my proficiency examinations in listening and speaking in May.

In short, having a strong base of 2,000+ words from 200 Words a Day! has been invaluable. 

If you were to ever create a German Course 3, I would be first in line to pick it up. I look forward to taking on French in the coming days.

Terry, Washington DC

Facts You Should Know about Learning the 1,000 Most Common Italian Words

Language experts tell us that:

  • Half of spoken Italian language is made up of the 1,000 most common Italian words, and that...
  • with 800 Italian words a person has the basics for basic, operational communication with an Italian language speaker. (Course 1 of Learn Italian 200 Words a Day! has all the 1,000 most common Italian words).
  • With the 2,000 most important Italian words one will have a high degree of operational Italian understanding. (Course 2 is a further 1,000 Italian words).
However words and phrases are not enough for you to converse beyond a basic level of communication. You need to be able to make sentences, then broaden out your vocabulary.

I first recommend that you just learn the first 1,000 words and basic phrases of Italian as covered in the Learn Italian 200 Words a Day! course before venturing into our course on sentence building, verb construction and grammar... but you can do it however you like.

Italian Sentence Making and Grammar

As said before you can start learning how to make sentences straight away using our Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder course. I recommend doing the 200 Words a Day! vocabulary course first and blitzing through your first 1,000 words of Italian vocabulary and common phrases. But you can do them in any sequence that you like.

3,100 illustrations accompany sentences, phrases, concepts.

The Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder incorporates much of the vocabulary learned in the 200 Words a Day! vocabulary course, using them in sentences and phrases, reinforcing many of the words that you have learned, while introducing new vocabulary and concepts.

The Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder has over 3,100 learning screens of information, 3,100 illustrations on those screens (photos, cartoons, animations, illustrations) and over 6,200 voice recordings.

You will rapidly learn to build sentences, and there are hundreds and hundreds of practical sentences and exercises putting in to use all the different grammar concepts that you learn.

During your grammar learning you will rapidly learn how to put together a myriad of sentences while being stepped through important things like forming plurals, using adjectives - or describing words so that you can embellish your Italian sentences.

How is Grammar made Easier for You?

By now you will have figured the answer to the above question. Of course, we make Grammar learning easier for you by incorporating cartoons and Memory Triggers. I know how painfully boring many grammar concepts can be. Grammar learning can deliver the killer blow to many a fledgling language student, and crush his/her enthusiasm quite quickly.

Yet, grammar can be a very important tool. It puts names onto rules, procedures and patterns giving the language teacher a handy label with which to describe a grammar concept. If the fledling student can grasp the meaning of the label, then s/he can more quickly grasp a concept or rule about that language.

Take for example the words 'I had eaten.' Nothing complicated there right?

But if I was to say that this is the first person past perfect tense of eat... then many students would shudder, and shut down.

How then do we teach some grammar without triggering 'grammar-induced student shutdown?' As we said, by using - where appropriate - cartoons, mnemonics, pictures and such Memory Triggers.

So for example to teach what a transitive verb is we use a TRANSIT VAN ... the verb van ... and a dog. This cartoon encompasses several grammar concepts which can help you with your Italian grammar... (and grammar for any other language).

The ITALIAN VERB VAN and DOG Cartoon Makes Several Grammar Concepts Simple


The ITALIAN VERB VAN and DOG cartoon is one of many that you will use to learn several grammar concepts in one hit . This simplifies concepts that sometimes indimidate language learners. By using a cartoon, such concepts can be made easy to understand, apply and REMEMBER. © exceltra - Transcity Properties Ltd.

It is used to explain and remember several concepts:

  1. direct objects
  2. transitive verbs
  3. which verbs use avere as an auxiliary verbs
  4. which verbs do not use avere as an auxiliary verb
  5. intransitive verbs
The D irect O bject G ets (DOG) the action. Like the cartoon Memory Trigger a photo can also help you remember the concept.

Now do not be frightened by these words and concepts if you do not understand them. The explanations with the cartoons will explain all... carefully frame by frame, and you will be able to test yourself on the concept taught on each page. It only takes a few minutes to repeat any lesson or test, making it easy for you to review and consolidate learned material.

I won't go into them all here because they take a bit of explaining, but suffice to say that they take the drudge out of grammar learning, making it easier to learn and understand.

...and why do we use a DOG ... well the D irect O bject G ets the action of a verb. D.O.G. = Direct Object Gets.  Little mnemonics like that, coupled with and incorporated in to cartoons make for easier learning. Even if you are a grown-up serious person that commands the respect of millions.

Discover Learning Verbs the Accelerated Way with:
(2) 'The VERB LEAP '

Accelerated Italian Verb Learning

In Lesson 7 of the Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder you will learn to conjugate over 300 Italian verbs in a Flash  by Converting Words from English 

You will learn Italian Verbs much more quickly than 'traditional' courses. Initially you will learn the basic rules of forming Italian verbs (called conjugation), and then in Lesson 7 you will impress yourself when we show you how to make and then conjugate over 300 verbs with a simple rule, which I'll explain briefly below:

  1. You simply take an English word ending in -ATION, e.g. informATION.

  2. You then change the -ATION to -ARE and you have made an Italian verb.

  3. So for example, information in English is thus made into the verb informare meaning 'to inform'. (A few need a tweak here and there but we cover that in the courses).

  4. With this technique you can work out 300 Italian verbs pretty quickly... e.g. illustration becomes illustrare, confiscation becomes confiscare ... you get the idea.

From this you can learn the words for I inform , you  inform, we  inform, they  inform ... etc

  • Change the ending -ATION or -ARE to -O and you can say I inform...which is informo. You can then build the verb for 300 Italian verbs for the pronoun "I".
       -  I illustrate: illustro
       -  I confiscate: confisco

  • Change the ending ATION or -ARE to -I and you have the word for you inform ... informi.
       -  you illustrate: illustri
       -  you confiscate: confisci

  • Change the ending -ATION or -ARE to -A and you can say he, she or it informs ... informa ...
       -  he, she, it illustrates: illustra
       -  he, she, it confiscates: confisca

    ... and you can do this for 300 verbs.
Then you will learn the endings for we, they and you (plural).

So, using English - which you already know - we can give you tools to learns loads of useful Italian words.

The course is packed with information and techniques like this, most of which are NOT found in the majority of mainstream Italian courses.

This is one technique, we'll tell you more about our other accelerated verb learning techniques later on this webpage.


Early on in the course we show you how to conjugate verbs for the present tense. 'Conjugating' is the fancy word for 'putting a verb with words like I, you, he, she, we, they (pronouns).'

In Italian the endings of the verb change for each of these pronouns - I, you, he, she, we and they. And the key to learning Italian verbs is that you have to learn the endings for each pronoun, and for each tense. This means that each verb has dozens and dozens of different endings. Far, far more than in English, and this is one of the trickier aspects to learning Italian.

But the key is to learn all the PATTERNS. Trouble is, this can be quite a job... so of course our job at 200 Words a Day HQ is to figure out ways to make this easier. We do this by looking at lots of different courses, texts and lessons and adapting the best bits of lots of different techniques and teachers.

Our method then combines:

  1. Two Tier Colour Coded Verb Tables
  2. Cartoon Memory Triggers
  3. Tense Characters
  4. Key Letters
Let me explain each of four parts.

Accelerated Verb Learning Tool #1 : Two Tier Colour Coded Italian Verb Tables

The Verb Tables that we use are unlike most others, but have been chosen as they are by far the most effective form of verb tables, and will more than double the speed at which you conquer Italian verbs. I would venture to say that the increase is greater than this, because in actual most students do not progress much past the first few basic tenses.

A few other courses and texts do use similar tables but most others use verb tables that just teach one tense at a time for each verb. We include these also, but the most powerful verb table for learning Italian verbs is a Two Tier Table with ALL the verb conjugations for every tense.

It probably does not sound like much, but the difference in the amount you can learn with the the Two-Tier table is significant. From my experience I would estimate that it can speed up your verb learning by  a factor of two or three times or more. I have no statistics on this but by the time the boffins ever get around to measuring it ... well ...

A standard verb table just teaches you the conjugations one tense at a time pronoun by pronoun. The Two-Tier Tables allow you to also  learn and practise your verbs pronoun by pronoun, something that almost no other teaching method does. I know of no other courses that do this, but if you do encounter one please let us know.

The Two-Tier Verb Table achieves this by being in a grid like the one below, and allows you to learn:

  1. horizontally across the rows, row by row - learning each tense pronoun by pronoun (which traditional 'one tense at a time' verb tables do)
  2. vertically down the columns, column by column. This is the POWERFUL bit that is not incorporated in 90% of verb teaching systems. Learning down the columns consolidates your learning, and allows you to quickly learn 'complicated' tenses which most courses leave until very late in your learning.

Italian Verb Table AVERE

A reduced picture of one of many verb tables. Notice that each tense (row) is colour-coded. Irregular verbs are in red.

Discover how COLOUR-CODING helps your Italian Verb Learning

Each of the tenses in our verb tables is also colour-coded ... as the backgrounds in the Italian Verb Lessons. So ... present tense verbs are backgrounded with green, future tense with yellow (the future is bright and sunny...), past tenses are grey etc etc.

Accelerated Verb Learning Tool #2 : Cartoon Memory Triggers

To help you learn the PATTERNS we include cartoons and Memory Triggers. Of course. Because they make it easier for you to absorb and remember concepts.

Accelerated Verb Learning Tool #3 : Tense Characters

A unique feature of the Cartoon Memory Triggers for our verb learning is our TENSE CHARACTER ©. For each Italian verb tense, we have invented a TENSE CHARACTER whose actions will help remind you of a verb family's endings.

So for example let's look at the future tense. In English the future tense is represented by the word 'will'. So we have a Tense Character called 'Will'. In fact he is Prince Will, who one day WILL be King.

We have TENSE CHARACTERS to help you remember the various families of Italian Verb Endings. For the future tense our TENSE CHARACTER is PRINCE WILL. His actions in various cartoons will help you remember the various Italian future tense verb endings. Don't bother looking elsewhere for these... no other course does this. ©exceltra - Transcity Properties Ltd.

To remind you of the endings of the various endings of verbs for the future tense in Italian WILL does various actions and has various tense partners. For example to remind you of the future tense endings for 'I' (io) WILL carries out an action.

This TENSE CHARACTER is our cartoon character of Tiger WOOD. Several cartoons help you remember the verb endings for the various verb constructions of the verb TENSE 'WOULD '... I would , you would , he would  have, we would  etc. Animations like this incorporate several concepts which you will learn during the 'VERB LEAP' lessons of our Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder. Note the 'orange' background? That is the colour used for Italian conditional tenses. ©exceltra - Transcity Properties Ltd.

Accelerated Verb Learning Tool #4 : Key Letters

You will learn that each group of verb conjugations has important 'key letters'. These form the ending of the verb group.

  1. One group of verbs sees beginnings  of the verb endings change, and
  2. the other group sees the end  of the verb endings change.
Locking these little rules into your mind will help you out when you are learning Italian and constructing Italian verbs. Of course there are cartoon pic to help you these.

Facts and Topics You Will Learn in the 143 Lesson Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder Course

There are loads of other important topics that you will cover in the Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder course. Here is a brief summary of them:

A mini picture of a screenshot of how Italian adverbs are formed from adjectives.

 ✔   Adjectives - masculines, feminines, singular, plural, agreement with nouns, irregulars, placement after the noun, and before.

 ✔   Adverbs - forming adverbs to spice up action words.

 ✔   Conjunctions - words linking

 ✔   Genders - singular and plural, il, la, lo, i, gli, le and a way to remember which nouns take lo and gli.

 ✔   Plurals - forming plurals, changing the endings with genders.

 ✔   Possession - mio, miei, mia, mie, tuo, tuoi, tua, tue, suo, suoi, vostro, vostri, vostra, vostre, nostro...loro... etc etc

 ✔   Pronouns - direct, indirect, subject, object, personal, possessive, mixing direct and indirect object pronouns, demonstratives - questo, quello, questi, quelli, quei, quegli etc; relative pronouns - cui, che, chi etc;

Loads of 'traditional' verb tables are also used for individual verb tenses. Note the green background for present tenses which matches the two-tier verb tables.

 ✔   Verbs - 48 lessons on verbs with hundreds of sentences, conjugations and examples including irregular verbs, past participles, present participles, compounds, simple tenses, moods, transitive and intransitive verbs. All the modern tenses and moods - simple and compound, present, past (imperfetto, passato prossimo, trapassato prossimo) future, conditional, subjunctives (congiuntivo), imperatives, future perfect; conditional perfect; regulars, irregulars, passive verbs, Verboboosters, auxiliaries, ARE - ERE - IRE verbs, essere, stare, sapere and conoscere, gerunds, reflexive verbs, modal verbs - dovere, potere, volere etc; verb tables.

 ✔   Comparatives bigger than, smaller than etc

 ✔   Superlatives - big, bigger, biggest, il più grande; the smallest la più piccola; i meno importanti etc

 ✔   40+ TurboBoosters

You will learn to tell the time in Italian, with many appropriate sentences, phrases and idioms.

 ✔   8 VERBOBOOSTERS - including a description of 450 English verbs that just add +ARE; 140 that add +ERE; 50 that add +IRE

 ✔   Colours

 ✔   Numbers - cardinals, ordinals, using numbers, sentences

 ✔   Time

 ✔   Negatives

 ✔   Questions - who, what, when, where, how, why and ... and lots more...

Italian Sentences

All Italian sentences come with an illustration, which helps you embed the meaning of the sentence with the visual into your subconscious.

Each of the 1,000 words in the 200 Words a Day Italian Vocab course is linked to a sentence within which the word is used. Each sentence is written out in full, is voiced by a native Italian speaker, and is testable... meaning that you can test yourself on the sentence in a test, have it marked automatically, and have all your results and statistics kept in your own database.

You can view either the Memory Trigger or the e-flashcardz while practising your Italian sentences.

I recommend doing these after doing the Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder course.

The Italian Sentences course is additional to the Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder course

Speaking Italian

Becoming Fluent in Italian

A computer-based or book-based course will give you a solid set of tools to learn a language and its structure. But to gain fluency you must put it into practise by speaking, speaking, speaking and practising the language.

So a 'live' teacher is still a great learning aid as well. A teacher, preferably one-to-one is a great way to consolidate your vocab. And once you have a knowledge of the fundamentals you are then well placed to undertake a period of 'total immersion' 

Support - We are there for You if you have ANY problems

We know what is like trying to get a new program going on your computer. Most downloads and installations go off seamlessly without a hitch, but if you do have any problems just contact us and we will do whatever we can to get you up and running again.

Our IT man Tom (genius computer man) is able to unravel virtually any problem thrown at him, and if he cannot he has a myriad of expert contacts whose knowledge he can draw upon. He can fix it!


... and if don't like it ... send it back for a 365 Day  Money Back Guarantee Look, even the best products in the world are not for everyone. A small number of people just do not click with our methods, or find something that just does not spin their wheels. We understand.

If for any reason you don't wish to continue using our 200 Words a Day! products, just send it back to us, we will have a little cry, wipe our tears and send you your refund of the full purchase price that you paid. You have one full year in which to do this. That is correct ... we have a  full 365 day money-back guarantee policy.

You do not have to give a reason, BUT we do find it useful to know where we have not met your requirements, because quite often we can add those missing features, or change what is not right for you. We have added many, many features to the course based on customer feedback, suggestions and requests. Tom (genius computer man) and the programming team just love writing code to add new features to the course.

So feedback - good and bad - is greatly appreciated, and where possible - acted upon.


        with the ability to REMEMBER better with Memory Triggers!

   YES , I want to learn Italian SENTENCE BUILDING and
        GRAMMAR, VERBS using your various cutting-edge techniques.

   YES , I want to expand my arsenal of Italian vocabulary by
        learning the 40+ families of TURBOBOOSTERS that convert
          from English - and to know the EXCEPTIONS  too!

Here is the Deal

All these courses have the following features and MORE ...
 ✔   Native Italians Voiceovers for Perfect Pronunciation 
 ✔   Comprehensive Testing  by various means.
 ✔   Your Learning Rate is Calculated Automatically.
 ✔   Extensive Database  of your Lesson Times & Scores
 ✔   Inbuilt Scheduler telling you when to Review
 ✔   Thousands of graphics with cartoons, photos, animations.
 ✔   SuperLearning Tools
 ✔   Talking Dictionary  of Words in the Course
 ✔   Complile Your Own Lessons
 ✔   Include your Own Notes on any Learning Page/Screen

 ✔   Available NOW  via DOWNLOAD  and/or CD 

Learn Italian 200 Words a Day! Vocabulary
                                           ..... usually $47/£27
  1,000+ of the Most Common Words of Italian
  Each with a Cartoon Memory Trigger (1,000+)
  Click to Link each word to Italian e-Flashcardz photos

Italian e-Flaschcardz ..... usually $37/£19.95
  1,000+ photos of the Most Common Italian Words
  Great for Consolidating Vocab Knowledge
  Great for Testing Vocab Knowledge
  Click to Link each word to the 200 Words a Day Memory Triggers

Italian Sentences             ..... usually $47/£27
  Each Common Word in a Practical Sentence
  From the Vocab course click on the pic for the sentence
  Voiced by Native Speakers

Italian Sentence Builder & Grammar Slammer
                                     ..... usually $87/£44.95
  3,100+ Learning Screens
  3,100+ Graphics, Photos & Illustrations
  Hundreds of Practical Sentences in All Verb Tenses
  All the TurboBooster Lessons for all 40+ Turbos
  Learn All the Verb Tenses
  Build Sentences
  Learn Grammar and Structure
  6,200 Voice Recordings
  Interactive Concept Pics for each TurboBooster Family
  All Major Grammar Topics Covered - nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns, possession, progressive tenses, negatives, plurals, subjunctives, irregulars, essere-stare; asking questions, reflexives, superlatives, comparatives, numbers, colours... and tons more.

Full TurboBooster Listings ... usually $47/£27
  Over 4,000 Turboboosters (too many for the Grammar Slammer)
  including all the Lessons from the Grammar Slammer
  Interactive Concept Pics for All

Italian Pronunciation Guide ... complimentary
  How to Pronounce Italian Spellings and Letter Combinations

US$265 / £145.90

Purchase ALL the courses above in our

$147.00 / UK£77.00

Purchase courses here


All with our unmatched and unbeatable


Our programmes are designed for PCs including the following operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000.

Suitable on any device supporting a Windows PC Operating System e.g. XP or Windows 8.

For Apple Macintosh users: The 200 Words a Day! Language Learning courses can run on your Apple Mac, but require the following previously installed:

1) A PC emulator, VMWare Fusion recommended. 
2) A PC System disc is also needed, either Windows 7, 8 (32 bit) or XP recommended.

CDs are required to install the programme on to a Mac.

Not suitable for ipads, iphones.     

P.S.: Remember - research shows that first learning a solid foundation of vocabulary will give you a better grasp of grammar learning. Learn the 1,000 most common Italian words first, give yourself a solid base, then move onto sentence building and grammar in the Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder.

P.P.S.: In the Italian Grammar Slammer and Sentence Builder you will learn all the TurboBooster concepts, and can significantly broaden your Italian vocab base with the Full TurboBooster Listings which can take your vocab to over 4,000+ words.

P.P.P.S. If for any reason you are not satisfied you have 365 days in which to send it back for a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE refund.


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