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200 Words a Day! Italian Course 1

Courses work most effectively when combined together in the special
Combo or Super Bundle Offers below.
learn-italian learn-italian-with-flashcards italian sentences
Vocab 1
Memory Triggers
& cartoons
for enhanced recall.
Effective & fun.
e-Flashcardz 1
photo visuals
ideal for
testing / revision
Sentences 1
learning extension.
See and hear
words in action.

Italian 1 Combo Offer
1000 Common Words

3-Courses-in-1 - ideal for beginners
Vocab 1 + e-Flashcardz 1 + Sentences 1
includes complimentary 200 Words a Day! Pronunciation Guide
US$67.00 / UK£34.95

(Total value = US$131.00 / UK£73.95)





200 Words a Day! Italian Grammar

Courses work most effectively when combined together in the special
Combo or Super Bundle Offers below.
learn-italian learn-italian-turboboosters
Grammar Slammer
+ Sentence Builder

144 lessons including
Grammar Concepts,
Verb Conjugations
loads of examples
Over 4000 words.
Broaden your vocab.
40 families of cognates
including False Friends.

Italian Grammar Slammer + Turbobooster
Special Offer

includes Sentence Builder
US$87.00 / UK£44.95

(Total value = US$134.00 / UK£74.00)





200 Words a Day! Italian Super Bundle

Select all the courses above for the most comprehensive
and cost-effective option.

  • Italian Course 1 (1000+ words)
  • Italian Flashcardz
  • Italian Sentences
  • Italian Grammar Slammer & Sentence Builder
  • Italian Turboboosters
  • Italian Pronunciation Guide

US$147.00 / UK£77.00

(Total value = US$255.00 / UK£147.95)





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