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200 Words a Day! Newzine19-July 11, 2005
July 11, 2005

200 Words a Day! Newzine #19: 11 July,2005

1 Festival of San Fermín in Spain
2 Notes from Paris and Algiers - French Rugby Words
3 French Course #2 Launched and Welsh #1 Launched
4 Spanish Tip: Heading for the Festival?
5 French Tip: French Rugby
6 German Tip: HER and HIN
7 Winner of the CD-Rom for this month

La Fiesta de San Fermín

Our 18 year niece Gabrielle has blown in from New Zealand, like a whirlwind. In no time flat she got herself a job bartending here in Milton Keynes, UK and now after a few weeks has some money saved. With some days off looming she decided to explore Europe with her newfound friends. "Where should I go?" she enquired.

"Well," said I recalling my trip in the late 1980's,"one of the best experiences for a youngster in Europe, at this time of year is the Festival of San Fermín!".

It is in Pamplona, Navarra, Northeastern Spain, and runs from 7 July to 14 July annually. It's an 8 day religious celebration that is one massive party, the highlight (or low-point depending on one's viewpoint) is the Running of the Bulls!

Click here for a bit more bull on the Festival of San Fermin.

Notes from Paris and Algiers

I have been in Paris and Algeria during the couple of weeks, so of course French has been the order of the day and I have compiled some useful phrases and words used and encountered on the trip.

In fact I stayed at one of Paris Hilton's dad's places but she wasn't on 'meet-and-greet' duties so we didn't meet.

No wonder she can afford that extravagant lifestyle! You should see the price of a coffee, and telephone calls at her dad's place!

As an ex-French colony Algeria is also a Francophone nation and one that has relaxed its rules considerably over the last 6 years, resulting in a large influx of foreign investment and people.

The city of Algiers is bustling with people, and has a skyline bristling with cranes as a surge in construction is under way. It is a typically North African city with dry, warm and sometimes dusty air. There is considerable wealth but its evenness of distribution is somewhat skewed.

While in Paris I watched on TV as the British Lions were soundly beaten by the New Zealand All Blacks.

I took some great quotes from the French TV commentators, words and phrases which you'll be able to use in everyday French, as well as when involved in, or talking about French sport…. or any sport for that matter.

Some like "Hop-hop-op-op-op-op-op-op!!" are just so French! They used this when someone fumbled an easy pass for example.


Click for more on French Sport - some Rugby Words and Phrases to use in everyday conversation.

French Course #2 Launched and Welsh #1 Launched

- French Course #2;Launched 16 June 2005
Check out the latest French Course.

- Welsh Course #1; available now. We're planning an official launch in Wales soon.

Check out the FROG in a Frock! Check out Welsh Course #1

The linguistic expertise for the Welsh Course, came from Popeth Cymraeg, the Welsh Language School in Denbigh, North Wales, who have taught thousands of language students.

Work Advanced

Work is advance on German Course #2 and this is due for a release in a couple of months.

Spanish Tip

If you decide to head to Spain for the La Fiesta de San Fermín you head para Madrid. Check out the pic of the PARROT flying to Madrid to remind you of this.

If you go by boat, you would go en barco. But if you send your freight by boat it goes por barco! For this we have a picture of a POR-ky pig in a boat. Your eyes take a snapshot of these images, and it becomes lodged into your brain for future reference.

You learn and remember quicker, easier, better with pictures, visual images. To visual snapshots

To see the pics and to better understand the differences between the use of the Spanish words por and para check out our course on Understanding POR and PARA.

French Tip

This month's Tips are based on French Rugby words used by recent TV commentators, giving live commentary on the recent international Test match between the British and Irish Lions teams and the New Zealand All Blacks. Sport gives us loads of strong words that can be used in everyday conversation.

French Words on Sport and Rugby

German Tip - HIN and HER

Most prefixes in German are separable: such as an, aus, ab, ein, herein, herunter, mit, as examples.

Some articles never separate. Some examples are: be-; er-; ver-;
e.g. beginnen, er beginnt; verstehen; erinnern;

Two common seperable prefixes are HIN- and HER-.

HIN- refers to 'that way', away from the speaker, and this you can remember by knowing the HINTERLAND is away from you.

HER- means 'this way' - towards the speaker. That is of course easy to rememer, because it is similar to the English word 'HERE'!

200 Words a Day CD-Rom to give away each month

This edition our winner is Mairaj Zindran from India, who can select a CD-Rom from our range:

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SPANISH Course #2 - 1000+ words and common phrases
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FRENCH Course #1 - 1000+ words and common phrases
FRENCH Course #2 - 1000+ words and common phrases
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Hasta la vista...À bientôt...Bis bald.

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