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I have had them compiled by Hispanophones trained in Spanish and have got more free Spanish lessons coming your way in nice little 7 lesson blocks. Please do note that the lessons are 'traditional' type lessons, and do not contain the 'Excelerated Learning' concepts that are incorporated in the 200 Words a Day! courses. (Our team are very busy concentrating on the next projects of which there are many.... Spanish Verbs, Spanish 2, French 2, German 2 and soon some other languages.)

The lessons are great to accompany your 200 Words a Day learning.

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Free Course: Prefixes

Free Spanish Lessons: Seven Steps to Spanish


Prefixes are the little bits of that come before a word. This simple 7 part series will teach you, or remind you of some common prefixes and how they affect a word, and what they mean. The prefix 'un' in English causes negation. Put 'un' in front of 'able' and you get unable. Check out the common Spanish prefixes with this 7 part series. You'll get a free Spanish lesson emailed every 3 days.

Spanish Grammar - Prefixes

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Free Course: Imperfect Tense

How to say 'I talked, I used to talk, you ate (as a habit)' in Spanish

The Spanish Past Tense called the Imperfect. Learn the difference between the preterite and the imperfect.

Grab this Spanish lesson free. It is a 7 part course emailed to you at 3 day intervals.

The Imperfect Tense is different to the Preterite in that is for words and actions in the past that were on-going, and did not necessarily complete and also for things that were habitual. Here are the lesson headings.

  1. Imperfect Tense for AR Verbs (I talked, I used to talk, I was talking).
  2. Imperfect Tense for ER and IR Verbs (I slept, I used to live, I was eating).
  3. Irregular Verbs in the Imperfect. There are only 3. Hooray!
  4. Lots of Examples of Verbs in the Imperfect.
  5. Useful Constructions using the Imperfect tense of ‘to go’ (I was going to talk).
  6. Two Simple Past Tenses. What is the Difference between the Preterite and the Imperfect?
  7. How some Meanings of words Change from Imperfect to Preterite.

IMPERFECT TENSE - an e-Course in 7 Lessons

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Free Spanish Lessons: Preterite

How to say I talked, I did, you ate in Spanish

The Spanish Past Tense called the Preterite.

Grab this Spanish lesson free. It is a 7 part course emailed to you at 3 day intervals. Be sure to also enrol for the Imperfect Course so that you understand the difference between imperfect and preterite tenses.

The preterite is equivalent to words like 'I talked, I did talk, you talked, you did talk,' and refers to actions that are completed and finished. Here are the lesson headings.

  1. The Spanish Preterite Tense - What is it?
  2. Spanish Preterite Tense (preterito) for AR verbs.
  3. Spanish Preterite Tense for ER and IR verbs.
  4. Irregular Verbs in the Spanish Preterite Tense.
  5. Irregular verbs in the Spanish preterite tense that change their STEM.
  6. More irregular preterite tense words – CAR-GAR-ZAR!
  7. Verbs with Two Unstressed Vowels: Irregular in the Preterite tense.

Spanish Past Tense (Preterite) Course

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Free Spanish Lesson: Spanish Pronouns

How to say 'I, you, this, that, who, which and what' and a few other Spanish pronouns.

In simple English, Spanish pronouns are the words for 'I, you, he, she, it, we, they' and others similar.

Learn the Spanish Pronouns with this 7 part free Spanish lesson. There are several different types of Spanish pronouns and they will be covered in 7 email lessons.

  1. Personal Pronouns - Subject pronouns
  2. Personal Pronouns - Direct object pronouns
  3. Personal Pronouns - Indirect object pronouns
  4. Reflexive pronouns - I brush my hair
  5. Possessive pronouns - mine, yours, ours, theirs
  6. Demonstrative pronouns - this and that
  7. Relative pronouns - which, that and 'who'

Spanish Pronouns - a Mini Course in 7 parts

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