Verb in French for put up: dresser

A Regular ER Verb (like over 5000 others) fully conjugated

            The verb in French for put up, erect, break in (animal) is the Regular er verb dresser.

To remember this imagine: PUTTING UP a building of DRESSING tables.

Improve your French vocabulary learning using picture memory triggers this will give you great recall of new French words and concepts!Learn other verbs with similar conjugations such as calculer, déboucher, dérober, enfermer, faucher and many others.

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french-verb-to-put up-is-dresser
to put up: dresser
Imagine putting up a building of DRESSING tables.
Simple Tenses dresser

put up
dresse dresses dresse dressons dressez dressent
Past Imperfect

put up
dressais dressais dressait dressions dressiez dressaient
Simple Past
Passé Simple

put up
dressai dressas dressa dressâmes dressâtes dressèrent

will put up
dresserai dresseras dressera dresserons dresserez dresseront

would put up
dresserais dresserais dresserait dresserions dresseriez dresseraient

may put up
dresse dresses dresse dressions dressiez dressent
Compound Tenses dresser
Present Perfect
Passé Composé

have put up
ai dressé as dressé a dressé avons dressé avez dressé ont dressé
Past Perfect

had put up
avais dressé avais dressé avait dressé avions dressé aviez dressé avaient dressé
Future Perfect
Futur Antérieur

will have put up
aurai dressé auras dressé aura dressé aurons dressé aurez dressé auront dressé
Conditional Perfect
Conditionnel Passé

would have put up
aurais dressé aurais dressé aurait dressé aurions dressé auriez dressé auraient dressé

put up!
dresse ! dressons ! dressez !

        MORE on the FRENCH VERB dresser      

French for put up =dresser dresser: to raise; to train: break in (ie horse).
dresser quelqu'un contre: to set somebody against.
se dresser to stand (up) (ie erect).
se dresser contre: to rebel against.
le dressage: training, breaking in, dressage
le dresseur:  / la dresseuse: trainer (ie of animals).


  • The French verb for put up dresser is a Regular ER verb conjugated using the same pattern of endings as 5,000+ other Regular ER verbs.
  • Learn to conjugate dresser and it will reinforce the pattern for ALL Regular ER verbs, these being the most common French verbs.
  • Do a series of ER verbs every day for a month and you will have a solid knowledge of the ER verbs' conjugation patterns. Keep doing them with a new one every day from the French Verbs List.
  • Repeating these tables aloud 10 times throughout the day will better embed the patterns into your subconscious, and your long term memory.
  • Reciting aloud is a great way for you to practice your pronunciation, and helps you to memorize the conjugations.

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