Daily Verb Lesson: French for rock is bercer

The French for rock is the regular ER verb bercer.
To remember this, imagine asking, "What should a BEAR SAY as she rocks her baby to sleep?"

bercer can also mean: to lull, to cradle; to nourish.
Related words include:
  - le berceau (nm) : cradle, crib; birthplace.
  - de berceau a la tombe : from the cradle to the grave.
  - la berceuse (nf) : lullaby; rocking chair, rocker.

About 143 ER verbs end in CER. Before the letter a or o, the c changes to ç so that the c remains soft (like the c in cedilla rather than c in cat).
Examples of this family of verb conjugations: bercer, effacer, enfoncer, foncer, menacer, pincer, remplacer.
Gently rock as you learn French with effective, innovative techniques like Cartoon Memory Triggers. To remember a word, just think of the pic! 
           to rock: bercer
Imagine asking, "What should a BEAR SAY
as she rocks her baby to sleep?"

Simple Tenses bercer    Present Participle: berçant

berce berces berce berçons bercez bercent
Past Imperfect
berçais berçais berçait bercions berciez berçaient
Simple Past
Passé Simple

berçai berças berça berçâmes berçâtes bercèrent

will rock
bercerai berceras bercera bercerons bercerez berceront

would rock
bercerais bercerais bercerait bercerions berceriez berceraient
Present Subjunctive

may rock
berce berces berce bercions berciez bercent
Compound Tenses bercer
Present Perfect
Passé Composé

have rocked
ai bercé as bercé a bercé avons bercé avez bercé ont bercé
Past Perfect

had rocked
avais bercé avais bercé avait bercé avions bercé aviez bercé avaient bercé
Future Perfect
Futur Antérieur

will have rocked
aurai bercé auras bercé aura bercé aurons bercé aurez bercé auront bercé
Conditional Perfect
Conditionnel Passé

would have rocked
aurais bercé aurais bercé aurait bercé aurions bercé auriez bercé auraient bercé

berce ! berçons ! bercez !
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