Learn Italian for garlic
but don't hug ... AaaHHH ... LEO!

(sounds like AaaHHH...LEO)

= garlic in Italian

Don't hug AaaHHH...LEO! - he loves garlic!"

aglio sounds like AaaHHH LEO ... so we've used the famous ... AaaHHH ... LEO di Caprio in this Memory Trigger, incorporating him as a link between the Italian word and the English sound.

Visualise the picture and imagine the next time you pick up some garlic that LEO (di Caprio) loves garlic, so don't HUG LEO!

The male main character, Leo, will also remind you that this is a masculine noun.

The Definite Article the in Italian

The Italian language distinguishes nouns according to two categories - masculine and feminine.

With feminine nouns, the definite article the = la.

With masculine nouns, two definite articles for the are used:

1) il - plural i - used before nouns beginning with a consonant.

2) lo - plural gli - used before words beginning with a vowel / s + another consonant / and z.

Before nouns of either gender beginning with a vowel, la and lo are abbreviated to l'. This can cause confusion for learners of Italian. The abbreviated definite article gives no indication as to whether this is a masculine or feminine noun.

The 200 Words a Day! programme makes it easier for you by adding (m) or (f) after these words, to remind you of the gender of those nouns beginning with a vowel.

The masculine gender of Italian for garlic - l'aglio - is reinforced by the male main character LEO and two other gender triggers - male voice recordings for every masculine word and blue colour-coding of the word and trigger.

Simply by visualising the picture with Memory and Gender Triggers© like this makes remembering and recalling words so much easier and learning more enjoyable than traditional methods of rote learning.

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