Daily Verb Lesson: French for feel is sentir

The French for feel is the irregular IR verb sentir.
To remember this, imagine you FEEL bad about being SENT 'ERE... and worse being down to your last CENT 'ERE.
Sentir can also mean: to sense, to smell, to taste; to be conscious of.
Related words include:
  - se sentir (vr) : to feel; to get above oneself; to be felt.
  - le sentiment (nm) : feeling, sentiment.
  - Sentiments affectueux. (exp) : Best wishes.
  - sentimental/e (adj m/f) : sentimental; romantic, emotional, lovey-dovey.

Verbs ending in -tir conjugated in this way include: sentir, consentir, mentir, partir, repartir, sortir and their compounds.

Feeling emotions will help you remember French words more easily, use innovative techniques such as Cartoon Memory Triggers. To remember a word, think of the pic! 
           to feel : sentir
Imagine you feel bad about being SENT 'ERE... and worse being down to your last CENT 'ERE!
Simple Tenses sentir    Present Participle: sentant

sens sens sent sentons sentez sentent
Past Imperfect
sentais sentais sentait sentions sentiez sentaient
Simple Past
Passé Simple

sentis sentis sentit sentîmes sentîtes sentirent

will feel
sentirai sentiras sentira sentirons sentirez sentiront

would feel
sentirais sentirais sentirait sentirions sentiriez sentiraient
Present Subjunctive

may feel
sente sentes sente sentions sentiez sentent
Compound Tenses sentir     Past Participle: senti
Present Perfect
Passé Composé

have felt
ai senti as senti a senti avons senti avez senti ont senti
Past Perfect

had felt
avais senti avais senti avait senti avions senti aviez senti avaient senti
Future Perfect
Futur Antérieur

will have felt
aurai senti auras senti aura senti aurons senti aurez senti auront senti
Conditional Perfect
Conditionnel Passé

would have felt
aurais senti aurais senti aurait senti aurions senti auriez senti auraient senti

sens ! sentons ! sentez !
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