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Be Silly for Better Learning. Newzine23; Nov 10 2005
November 10, 2005



200 Words a Day! Newzine #23 November 10, 2005


1. 251 words-a-day+. Language Show, London

2. Spanish Tip: DEMI MOORE is late. DELAYED!

3. French Tip: Suitcases in the VALLEYS!

4. German Tip: Don’t FLOG the pilot while in flight!

5. Winner of the CD-Rom/eBook for this month

6. Entering the Monthly Draw for the CD-Rom/e-Book

7. 7-part Mini Courses by e-Mail

8. Frequently Asked Questions and Tutorials

9. Contact Us


Someone criticized me recently for some of our cartoons being a childish.

Hey, guess what … he is right! Looking at SILLY PICS, and visualizing SILLY SCENES speeds up learning, increases the depth of the image in memory, and makes recall a whole bunch easier.

This person comes from the school of thought that says learning must endure effort, there must be pain. No wonder so many kids hate school!!

Learning is so much easier if it is not serious…

1. 251 words-a-day the lowest score at the Language Show, London

Another successful Language Show in London has come and gone last week. As usual the kids quickly and unquestioningly dive into the demostration course on the computers, with some terrific learning rates recorded.

Most adults are curious, and when shown the method are enthusiastic, but invariably there are the ones who put up mental obstacles.

There is a large group of people out there, mainly - dare I say it - teachers and academics, who have been taught, and who believe, that you can only learn between 15 and 30 new words a day.

Some of them rigidly cling to this notion, because that is the mainstream belief. And, using their techniques they are right!

But using the 200 Words a Day techniques, it certainly is possible to learn 200, 300, 400 words or more.

with a high retention rate

We let visitors try a demonstation version of the software, and recorded the learning rates, in Words-a-Day.

This is a school version which allows the teacher to see the scores of all the students, (as well as being able to track the words which give students the most bother).

Many scored rates of over 500 words-a-day. However, the trial was not scientific, and most had a knowledge of the language they were ‘trial-testing’, which made it easier for them, and the demo included a number of easier words to learn, some with their genders.

Nevertheless, of the people who actually COMPLETED the trial lesson and test, the lowest score was 251 words-a-day, and the highest was 609 words-a-day.

These were conducted in a noisy, bustling ‘not-conducive-to-study’ environment, and the time taken on lessons is longer than that for someone who has learned how the course works.

The software calculates (1) the time spent on lessons (2) the time spent on tests, and (3) compares these to the number of words you got fully correct (4) and calculates your learning rate in words-a-day, based on an 8-hour day learning for about 15-20 minutes per hour.

I shall do some more scientific trials as soon as I can.

2. Spanish Tip: DEMI MOORE can help you remember about DELAYS

Check out how the actress DEMI MOORE getting DEMORA-lized can help you remember the word for ‘delay’ in Spanish.

So without delay click for delay in Spanish - Don’t delay

3. French Tip: A girl in the VALLEYS with her suitcase

If you can imagine a girl with her suitcase walking through the VALLEYS, you will remember the French word for suitcase… Click for suitcases in the valleys

4. German Tip: Would you FLOG a pilot in flight?

It really is not safe to FLOG a pilot. Particularly if he is a character from the movie ‘AIRPORT’…. Click to FLOG a pilot in flight

5. Did YOU win? Results are here.
200 Words a Day CD-Rom or e-Book to give away each month


The winner of the monthly draw (named below) can select a CD-Rom or e-Book from our range:

200 Words a Day! LEARN SPANISH Course #1 CD-Rom - 1000+ words and common phrases
200 Words a Day! LEARN Spanish Course #1 e-Book
- - to accompany the Learn Spanish 200 Words a Day Course #1 CD-Rom or be used on its own. Over 150 pages of color, and with all the color pictures in the Spanish 200 Words a Day! Course #1 CD-Rom. Read it on the bus, train, plane or in the park on your lunchbreak. Use it as a learning consolidator or the sole source!
200 Words a Day! LEARN SPANISH Course #2 - 1000+ words and common phrases
200 Words a Day! LEARN SPANISH Grammar Course UNDERSTANDING POR and PARA
- - 600+ words and common phrases using POR and PARA. Hundreds of sample sentences, using all the main tenses. All voiced by native Spanish speakers (of course).
LEARN 101 SPANISH PROVERBS Course #1 - 101 Proverbs
All relate to the 200 Words a Day! courses, using the Memory Triggers for the main words, and allow you to put some of the vocab you have learned, into action. The pics in the 101 Spanish Proverbs Course all come from Course #1 or Course #2 Spanish, and if you click on them, they will take you to the ‘Memory Trigger’. A great tool for consolidation of your Spanish learning.
200 Words a Day! LEARN FRENCH Course #1 - 1000+ words and common phrases
200 Words a Day! LEARN FRENCH Course #2 - 1000+ words and common phrases
200 Words a Day! LEARN GERMAN Course #1 - 1000+ words and common phrases
200 Words a Day! LEARN WELSH Course #1 - 1000+ words and common phrases

This month's winner is Nikolay of gmail, in a country in e-Space and Pushpa of of India. Take your pick of the Excelerated Learning Products above, folks.

6. Entering the Monthly CD-Rom or e-Book Draw

To enter the monthly draw for a CD-Rom, or e-Book of your choice, click on the link Enter the Draw.
You'll need to answer some easy questions (we'll even give you the answers...!).

You can enter every month if you so wish!

7. Plus some mini courses by email

Don't forget to also enrol in our 7-part mini-courses. At present we have these available as mini-Spanish lessons, but we will have French 7-part mini-lessons also soon.
Spanish 7-part e-Courses

8. Frequently Asked Questions and Tutorials

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions online. It is on the website marked FAQ on the Navbar (Navigation Bar) on the left side of the page.

If you have queries about anything, whether it be about the course or about postage you may find the answers on this page.

Common questions relate to the typing of the different foreign characters, e.g. upside-down question-marks, accents, apostrophes!

Sometimes users are not typing in a little accent or letter here or there, resulting in them dropping points in their tests.

Frequently Asked Questions about 200 Words a Day Accelerated Language Learning

There is also a great deal of help on the Tutorial Pages, which is of particular benefit to course users. If you have ordered the course and are awaiting its arrival in the post you can cover the Tutorials while you wait.

200 Words a Day! Excelerated Language Learning Tutorials - How to Use the Spanish, French, German and Welsh Language Courses

Don't forget there is also a Tutorial on the CD-Rom, which you really should do before starting the course!!

9. Contact Us

Contact us at any time.

You might find the answers quicker on the FAQ or Tutorial pages as described above, but do feel free to hit us with any questions.

Contact Us

That it's for this newzine.

Don't forget if there is someone you know learning a language, this ezine might be of interest to them. Pass it on!
Adiós - au revoir - auf wiedersehen - hwyl fawr.

Kevin Crocombe and the 200 Words a Day Team

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