The French for Suitcase is valise....Snapshot learning makes vocab learning easy...sounds like VALLEYS...

Mentally Snapshot this picture for long-term French vocabulary recall...

Using the world's best digital movie camera - your own eyes and the multi-Zigabyte hard-disk between your ears - your brain - you can help yourself learn FRENCH words and phrases more rapidly than ever, by using the easy techniques of the 200 Words a Day! system.

The French word for 'suitcase' is la valise...

So imagine a girl carrying her SUITCASES through the VALLEYS.


Suitcase in French is la valise. To remember the word la valise, this 'word-picture association' makes it a breeze. You can learn more than 200 Words a Day! using these methods.... and it is so easy.

Look at the pic, and let it blend into your subconscious mind...

...which is the secret to all learning... that is getting the material into your subconscious...and having a means of getting it back out...

Your brain never forgets a picture. That is what we are told by the scientists.

Look carefully at the pic. There's much more to it than just a Memory Trigger for a French word.

The word is feminine.... so there is a feminine character. Study her carefully so that the brain remembers her.

On the 200 Words a Day software, the voices that speak the word have been carefully chosen to further reinforce recall.

Females voice the text for feminine words while...

Males voice masculine words.

How easy and basic is that? And yet sooooooo effective!

Each and every word has a Gender Trigger like this, to remind you of the word's gender. Most European languages trip up the language learner whose first language is English, because there are so many genders to learn.

With our program you will learn the word and the gender with a Memory Trigger and Gender Trigger wrapped up in a zany cartoon.

Building up your vocabulary base has never been easier with these cutting-edge methods, all wrapped in to a computer program that you'll find straightforward to use.

A note for adults - if you have any trouble at all just ask the nearest ten year old for some computer advice...

Find out more about rapidly building your French vocabulary and language skills, using the 200 Words a Day! Learn French system.

The Memory Masters of the world tell us that the easiest way to remember anything is to visualize it in a silly scene.

To save you all the hours of dreaming up silly, loopy scenes we give you one with each and every word of foreign vocabulary in our courses.

Learning words like la valise, the French word for 'suitcase' has just become so super-simple.

Exceltra specializes in teaching Excelerated Spanish Language learning through visual, auditory, kinesthetic multi-modal stimulation, and there is so much more superlearning material loaded on to our courses, than can be explained here.

To learn more about turbo-blasting your French language learning click here.

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