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Learning Spanish proverbs not only allows us an insight in to the minds and way of thinking of a different culture it is an excellent way to consolidate the learning of vocabulary, as each proverb is a sentence with nouns, verbs, and sometimes adjectives and adverbs.

Lots of verb tenses are used too, so that is great practise for the student of Spanish.

It is interesting to see how different cultures impart their wisdom. Some proverbs are just straight translations, but others take a completely different slant on things.

Often when I read a Spanish proverb I have a little chortle, at being enlightened as to the different angle from which you can view something.

Another beauty of learning proverbs is that they are little quips used in everyday life and in everyday conversation.

A native speaker often just has to say the first part of a proverb, and the other participants in the conversation will know the rest.

In this case only a nod, a laugh, or some other often non-verbal acknowledgment is all that is needed to let the speaker know that you know what s/he meant.

For example, a native English speaker need only say, "When the cat's away….." and the listener, if a native English speaker will know instinctively know the rest of the proverb.

It need not even be said, and indeed is often left unsaid.

Likewise, if a group was talking about little Johnny who has fallen in to bad company, one need only say, "…Birds of a feather…" and the rest of the group will know the proverb's ending.

There is no need to say, "…flock together." There are numerous message encased in that proverb.

Why you should learn Spanish proverbs

….and so it is with Spanish proverbs.

A Spanish speaker will often drop little proverbs and idioms into conversation, so an intermediate learner of Spanish language must start learning Spanish proverbs and idioms.

Not only will you learn the proverbs, and consolidate your learning but you'll be ready for them in conversation and when listening, plus you will be ready for when someone just says the first part of the proverb!!

So it is imperative that you learn Spanish proverbs, because every day speech is littered with proverbs and idioms.

How the 101 Spanish Proverbs Courses work with the 200 Words a Day! Learn Spanish courses

The 101 Spanish Proverbs Course can be used as a stand-alone program.

Each proverb leads with the English equivalent, which you will see on screen in text, and which is voiced by an English speaker.

The Spanish equivalent follows. Again both in text and with a native Spanish speaker voicing it.

At the same time as all this is going on, a picture appears on the screen. This picture is the Memory Trigger picture of one of the main words in the proverb.

So if you have done our 200 Words a Day! Learn Spanish Course #1 or Learn Spanish Course #2, you will recognize the word and the picture.

To remind yourself of this word, and see it print simply click anywhere on the picture. So in this sense the Spanish Proverbs course works slightly different.

The proverbs are therefore perfect for reinforcing the vocab learned in the 200 Words a Day! Spanish Courses #1 and #2, and putting that vocab into the context of real language.

The 101 Spanish Proverbs Course features:

  • 101 commonly used Spanish Proverbs.
  • If you have the 200 Words a Day! Spanish Courses 1 or 2, this course just blends in, and allows you to reinforce your learning.
  • Also perfect as a stand-alone product to learn your Spanish proverbs
  • Compatible with Windows PC's - Windows 95 onwards, Windows 98, 2000, XP, Windows NT etc

• six users
each family-member learn Spanish Proverbs at their own pace. Each individual's progress is recorded in their very own private database. You can even have family competitions with one another, to see who learns fastest!

• comprehensive self-testing and an optimum revision program
Optimal learning involves a smart re-study schedule. The CD-Rom includes these and prompts you to revise and re-test yourself a day after you complete any lesson, then again at the scientifically researched Optimum Revision Times.

• ongoing scoring system
the inbuilt scoring system keeps you constantly updated on your progress with learning.

• Help function a click away
just right click your mouse on the screen at any time you need assistance. It is easy and convenient.

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Build up your Spanish vocabulary first, then check out the 101 Spanish Proverbs.


Turboblast your Spanish Proverb Learning with
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YES, Kevin, I want to rapidly learn 101 Spanish Proverbs, each having:
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  • Cartoon pictures for every single proverb, is used to reinforce the learning of Spanish vocab.
  • Test your knowledge of the Spanish Proverbs at any time.
  • Blitz and obliterate your Worst Proverbs! They are constantly assessed. The ones you get wrong the most are put in a separate lesson for your easy reference at any time.
  • Native Spanish speakers give you perfect Spanish pronunciation as your learn, and practise, your Spanish proverbs.
  • Bookmark any proverb, to put into your own special lesson.
  • Easy and fun for six users – each has their own private notes and passwords. Fun for the whole household.
  • All Learning Styles for Multi-Modal Spanish learning. Kinesthetic learning styles, Audio learning styles, and Visual learning.
  • Superlearning Music gets your brainwaves effortlessly to the optimum learning state or 'alpha state'.
  • Build your own hand-picked proverb lessons too!
  • Easy help on-screen with a right-click of the mouse.
  • plus much more too.

101 Spanish Proverbs free with
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