Start with Michel Thomas to gain confidence speaking!

by Gerri
(Gold Coast, Australia)

Yes I probably speak with a Polish-German accent, but now I am confident to have a go at speaking out loud in class because I have more confidence with the structure and grammar than my fellow students and I know how to pronounce any word, and I know how to stress words the way the French do.

Next, I will use other methods that involve native French speakers and hopefully my accent (new that it is) will change for the better - either way, a Polish-French accent is still better than an Australian-French accent!

One Tip: The MT method works best if you give it your total concentration. I don't believe it is a method of teaching that would work well if you try to learn it while driving (as do the rapid learning techniques which involve music, eg: Berlitz Earworms CDs).

Jezza11 in Oz

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