Daily French Lesson and Verb of the Day

Your new daily French lesson appears here every day. You can even add this lesson to your own website (see below). To really consolidate your French verb learning download this table, print it and fill in the blanks.

The verbs are presented in the most practical verb table yet devised. Most tables only teach each group tense by tense.... e.g. present tense, past, future etc. So you don't learn them by pronoun. These verb table teach you the verb lesson BOTH ways - and are quick.

It takes just over a minute to recite all the tenses either horizontally - row by row,
... or vertically - column by column - in the table.

That is about 2.5 minutes to practise your French verb drills both by BOTH:
  • PRONOUN (vertically) - that is I, you, we, he, she, they etc, through the tenses, AND ALSO by
  • TENSE (horizontally) through the pronouns.
Do them all at least once, and as every day passes each new verb that you learn will consolidate the last! Enjoy!

Do these for 30 days and you'll be impressed with your knowledge of all the verb tenses and their constructions...

Recite a verb a day - in full, both along the rows and down the columns to solidify your knowledge of French verbs in all the different tenses.

Today's Verb is your Daily French Lesson and French Word of the Day, fully conjugated in Verb Tables

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Download your Free French Verb Conjugation Weapon

♦ Do these verbs daily and in less than 30 days you will have the tenses nailed for the verb family under study.

♦ Read the verbs aloud by ROW and by COLUMN.

♦ Repeat them 5 times a day – just whenever you get 3 minutes of quiet time.

♦ Do this daily and surprise yourself at how quickly you grasp ALL the tenses in the verb families.

♦ Each month we do a different family of verbs, so that over a year you'll cover all the main French verb families.

If you REALLY want to EFFICIENTLY consolidate your Verb Learning do with this ...our free Fill in the Blanks Verb Table

To further consolidate your French verb learning:

♦ Click the link to download the free French Verb Conjugation Fill-in-the-Blanks Table.

♦ Save it to your computer.

♦ It is a pdf file, which you can open in the free program Adobe Acrobat.

♦ Print the French Verb Conjugation Fill-in-the-Blanks Table.

♦ Fill in the Blanks.