What sore puss comments

by Ian Staples
(Los Lagos, Chile)

This was obviously written by a teacher who thinks they are the only people who can teach. We have lived in Chile for 15 years and despite working quite hard at it, and we speak Spanish all the time, we never have mastered the basic structure. That means we can communicate on a day to day basis but not in a really intellectual nor educated way.

Working through Michel Thomas's lessons is like breath of fresh air. He is one, of only a very limited number of teachers, who have the intelligence and ability to break something down into its components in a form that goes into the brain and stimulate the student 100 % at the same time.

Now that we are getting to grips in real way with Spanish we are starting on his french course prior to a months cycle holiday through France

It's sad when one teacher cannot realise how brilliant another teacher is and how much pleasure to the process of learning they give.

Ian Staples

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