Language Learning Tips and Tricks - An overview of the features of the course.

Use these Tips and Tricks to get the best from the 200 Words a Day! Language Courses

Congratulations on being one of the thousands to use a 200 Words a Day! Excelerated Language Learning course.

The main features of the 200 Words a Day! course are highlighted in the free Tips and Tricks email installments.

They will be sent to you every three days and include topics such as:

Where to find Help and Information
How to Remember Genders
Writing foreign Characters and Accents
Autorun / Background Music
Learning Modes - Excelearning / Kinesthetic Learning
Learning Schedule
Testing Options
Review your Progress
Build your own Lesson
Special Lessons
Write your own Notes

Tips and Tricks

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A Little More Info on What to Expect in the Tips and Tricks emails:

Where to find help and Information.

There are numerous ways for you to get help with the 200 Words a Day! courses, both within the courses themselves and online. Here you will receive a list of options.

How to Remember Genders

We explain the Gender Triggers that are built in to the pictures for each noun.

All nouns in European languages have a gender, or sex. The gender is important because the adjectives also reflect the gender.

Long a tricky part of language learning we have bridged the gap and give you 4 easy Gender Triggers with each noun.

Autorun / Background Music / Writing Foreign Characters and Accents

On Autorun the lesson can self-run. Great for previewing you are going to learn and for reviewing material you have learned.

The Background Music function allows you to select the right 'Superlearning' music to play while you learn.

We also show you the short-cuts to write all the foreign characters required in our courses. You will need to write the foreign words exactly to gain optimum points in your tests.

Learning Modes - Excelearning / Kinesthetic

Explains about our different learning styles. We incorporate all learning styles in our courses.

Schedule / Testing Options / Review your Progress

The programme keeps a track of all your learning, and learning times.

On start-up, after the Log-in page, if you just push the 'Enter' key the programme will automatically take you to the 'Schedule' page which tells you what lesson you should be doing next, and also what Lesson you should be reviewing.

All lessons learned should be reviewed. And the programme keeps a note of your progress and tells you when you should be reviewing your material. (All at the Optimum times for Review).

So it will tell you that you are due to review.

You can also check your progress - lessons / tests attempted, learning rates, etc - and track your learning.

Dictionary / Build your own Lesson / Special Lessons / Build your own Lessons

Tips and tricks on how to use the Dictionary (just click on a word and it takes you there to the pic and sounds.)

Build your own Lesson: Allows you to choose words from the Dictionary to build your own Custom built lessons.

Special Lessons: There are several Special Lessons. The most important is 'My Worst Words.'

This is the list of words you get wrong most often, so it is a lesson you should constantly revisit, because it is constantly updating itself.

You can also write your own personal notes for each word - they are then stored in your own database.

Enjoy our courses more with these Tips and Tricks!

Check out the language learning frequently asked questions - FAQs - for more little tips and tricks

Online Language Tutorials -covering our Spanish, French, German and Welsh Learning CD-Roms

There is also an online Tutorial with easy-to-follow lessons on this website.

200 Words a Day Language Tutorial page #1
Loading your CD-Rom | Main Menu | Lesson Menu | Lesson Pages | Genders | Gender Triggers | Using Famous People to help you remember words and genders.

200 Words a Day Language Tutorial page #2
Words Similar in English and French | Writing your own Notes | Kinesthetic Learning - Reinforcement as you Learn | Making Mistakes during Kinesthetic Learning | Summary Page | How to Test Yourself | What Happens if you are Stuck during a Test?

200 Words a Day Language Tutorial page #3
How to Review your Progress | Lesson Summary and Words Learned | In-built Schedule | How to get Help

200 Words a Day Language Tutorial page #4
Settings - Lesson/Test Sequences | Settings - Excelearning Breathing | Settings - Rapid Mode | Settings - Background Music | Settings - Auto Run | Settings - Summary | Your Worst Words | Rapid Mode and AutoRun Modes

If you have any further queries about the course, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and happy language learning.


Kevin Crocombe
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P.S. The Tips and Tricks e-mail series is separate to the regular e-mail magazine which comes about twice a month. It will be followed up with more language learning tips and information.

So, don't forget also to enrol in the free 200 Words a Day e-Zine that keeps you up-to-date with developments here as we build new courses to speed up language learning. Each ezine also has little tips and tricks to help you with your language learning.

200 Words a Day! Tips and Tricks

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