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The eZine gives regular hints on accelerated foreign language learning, and talks about new developments in language tuition.
Note: the eZine is CALLED '200 Words a Day!' like the website and the excelerated language learning products we make, but I will not be sending 200 words and cartoons a day in it. Just hints, tips, tricks, updates and discussion on accelerated learning about our product and 200 Words a Day! system .

There is more to come...

Even though our techniques will help you easily learn and remember 200 words a day ( ...or more) of a new foreign language we are not stopping where we are.

The boffins, artists and programmers are busy slaving over their hot computers as we push forward with new improvements on our ground breaking, award winning courses.

The 200 Words a Day! language learning ezine will alert you to these developments to enhance your language learning experience.

Your learning will improve further, and speedier with the new products that we have under development, that all combine and blend together to blast your vocab learning (.... and your vocab RECALL) ahead.

Already we have a number of new techniques under development and analysis, but of course ROMAN wasn't built in a day.

The 200 Words a Day! language learning ezine will keep you updated with these developments.

As more and more people try our ground breaking courses we are able to more finely focus on specific areas where people might slip up in their recall. . .

In addition . . .

We are planning flash cards, books, e-Books, cassette tapes, videos and DVDs and many other products that use the wonderful cartoons and word definitions to allow you to work on your vocab when away from the PC....

...so while not at the computer, you should, in future, be able to...

- browse through your book of 200 Words a Day!,

- test yourself with your flash cards

- listen to your 200 Words a Day! cassettes, CD's and mp3's in the car, or on your iPod....

.... etc etc....

... this language learning ezine will let you know!

There are many plans for the future, and we'd like to involve our course users in as much of the future development work as possible, so any feedback, suggestions and ideas from you are welcomed, and gratefully received.

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Spanish Verbs Excelerated


French Verbs Excelerated will be available,

Other languages to follow

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Our 200 Words a Day! language learning ezine is issued periodically, as new developments arise. . . but is usually once or twice a month.

P.S ... and remember with a bit of effort you can learn way more than 200 Words a Day of a foreign language using our techniques and software.


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