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The Course Freezes on the First Word.

If your 200 Words a Day! language learning course freezes on the first word you try to play, there is most likely a fault in your sound card.

Usually when this happens you will see the English text for the first word, then the program stops. Frozen.

To get out of this situation, end the task using Windows Task Manager.To do this, you must:

  1. Push the three keys CTL-ALT-DELETE together.
  2. The Windows Task Manager Window will appear.
  3. On the appropriate Exceltra program click on End Task.
This should close the 200 Words a Day! program.

Now you are out of the program, and you can investigate your sound card.

Checking out your Sound Card

  1. Go to your Windows Start Menu.
  2. Click on Control Panel.
  3. Click on System.
    (We'll check the system first, then the sound later).
  4. Click on the Hardware Tab.
  5. Click on Device Manager.
  6. A window titled Device Manager should appear.
  7. Find the icon titled Sound, video and game controllers.
  8. Click the plus sign (+) beside the Sound, video and game controllers titled icon.
  9. Problem areas will have a yellow question mark beside them.
  10. If no yellow question marks appear, then there is no system problem, so we need to now check the sound card.
  11. Still in the same Device Manager window, find the tab titled Sounds.
  12. Click on the Sounds tab, to open that window.
  13. In the Program Events window click on the Exit Windows icon.
  14. Now at the bottom of the window is a little arrow like you would see on a CD player.
  15. Click on the arrow to play the sound.
  16. You should hear the music that you normally hear when you shut down your computer (the Windows Exit jingle).
  17. If you hear nothing, and your speakers are functioning, you have a faulty sound card.
If you have a faulty sound card, you will need to have it repaired, or have a new one installed.

Help within the Course itself...

Remember help is available within your course by right-clicking your mouse on the screen. If there is a block of text or an icon whose function you wish to know about, hover the mouse over the area and right-click. Also there is an icon in the shape of a question-mark that leads to an extensive help menu.

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