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Microsoft Runtime Error

When I run my 200 Words a Day software, I get a runtime error

Runtime errors are caused by the operating system. It can happen with any operating system, both XP & Windows 7 (32 bit) are stable and seldom encounter the problem, but Vista users are far more prone to this error. Windows 7 (64 bit) users may have a few problems too.

Four possible solutions:

The instructions below are for French but they also apply to our Spanish, German and Welsh courses. (For Italian, see final paragraph)

1) Try this first: - is there a file in the folder MDB?

  1. Click Start/My Computer ...(or simply Computer in some operating systems)
  2. In the right-hand pane of the Computer Explorer Window, double-click OS(C:)
    Then navigate to the yellow folder C:\Program Files\Exceltra\French\MDB
    If you're running Windows 7 (64 Bit), the path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Exceltra\French\MDB
    The folder should be empty: if it contains a single file viz. Exceltra French.mdb (the mdb suffix may be hidden), then delete it.
  3. This may be enough to rectify the error - try running the software.

2) Copying and pasting two files (to My Documents)

... deleting them from their original location, then copying them back from My Documents may correct the error.

Navigate one level higher: to C:\Program Files\Exceltra\French\

  1. Windows Vista/Windows 7 users: Right-click the mouse on file French.exe, click Properties then click the Compatibility Tab. If it is set to run as XP compatible then it's ok to continue. If not, see FAQ: I forgot to make my software XP compatible and I'm now experiencing Runtime Errors.

    Right-click the mouse on file French.exe and select Copy ... the exe suffix may be hidden (the icon is a red & white rosette with black letter a in the centre)
  2. Now right-click the mouse in My Documents and select Paste.
  3. Right-click the mouse on file French.exe again in the Computer Explorer Window and select Delete.
  4. In the same Computer Explorer Window, right-click the mouse on file Exceltra French.mdb and select Copy.. the mdb suffix may be hidden.
  5. Right-click the mouse in My Documents and select Paste.
  6. Right-click the mouse on file Exceltra French.mdb in the Computer Explorer Window again and select Delete.
  7. Right-click the mouse on the French.exe file you saved to My Documents and select Copy.
  8. Pasting the file back to the original location in the Computer Explorer Window is a little trickier.
    Drag the slider on the right of this Window to the foot of the screen.
    Right-click white space, far right of one of the files and select Paste. (don't right-click to the right of a yellow folder, it pastes it inside the folder)
  9. Similarly: copy and paste Exceltra French.mdb from My Documents back to its original folder C:\Program Files\Exceltra\French\
Leave the Computer Explorer Window open.

Now run the 200 Words a Day Software .. to see if it's fixed.

There are three ways to run the software, to check to see if any are working:
  1. Try running the program from the Desktop shortcut to 200 Words a French
  2. If that fails, try running the program by selecting Start/All Programs/ Exceltra French/200 Words a Day French
  3. Last attempt: double-click the French.exe file you copied to the Computer Explorer Window. (Again keep this window open).
    If this DOES work, delete the faulty desktop icon (right-click it & delete).
    To create a new desktop icon, right-mouse-drag the French.exe file to a blank area of the desktop: when you release the mouse button, chose Create a Shortcut. (you can right-click this shortcut & select rename it e.g. to 200 Words a Day French)

3) If still not working, try uninstalling then reinstalling the software

You should have already copied the database to My Documents (see 2 above) so you can retrieve your progress later.
  1. Uninstall the software
    i) If Installed from a CD, click Start/All Programs/ Exceltra French/Uninstall
    ii)If Installed from a Download, click Start/Control Panel/Programs...(for XP users Start/Control Panel/ Add Remove Programs)
    iii) If more than one course is installed, e.g. Course 1, Course 2, FSI... uninstall only Course 1.
  2. Now re-install Course 1 from the CD or from the file downloaded when you bought the software
    (If lost, we can supply replacements. We make a small order processing charge for replacing installations more than 12 months old).

    Windows Vista/Windows 7 users:You now need to make the French.exe file XP compatible ... to do so:-
    Right-click the file French.exe, select properties and then click the compatibility tab - select Run in compatibility mode for XP (any version offered) and also select Run this program as an Administrator (the Run as Administrator change may not be accepted)

  3. Run the 200 Words a Day software ... hopefully you should get a blank login screen.
  4. If it is working again, exit the program, find the back-up you made of your database and copy and paste it back to the original folder e.g. C:\Program Files\Exceltra\French\ - Select Replace when told that the database already exists.

4) Rebuild the Registry (the final resort if all else fails)

One Vista customer was having Runtime errors with one of her programs and rebuilt the registry (there are various Registry cleaners on the Internet). It fixed the error for that program but other programs (including ours) started reporting the same error: so finding a reliable registry cleaner can be tricky. We've had good feedback on this one: http://www.registry-cleaners.net/speedy-pc-review

For further assistance

Fill in the Technical Help form or call us in the UK +44(0)1908 676 773.

Note:- for our 200 Words a Day! Italian course

Paragraph 1 (Try this first) applies to Italian too.
However, in subsequent references to the Italian database: it is NOT located at C:\Program Files\Exceltra\Italian\Exceltra Italian.mdb
but at C:\ProgramData\Exceltra\Exceltra Italian.mdb

Program Data is a hidden system folder in Vista & Windows 7 ... to gain access:-

  1. Click Start/Computer then double click the OS (C:) drive (top item in the right hand Window)
  2. Can you see a Yellow Directory named ProgramData. It's probably hidden ... to unhide it:
  3. Can you see File Edit View Tools Help ...Top Left of your Screen (above Organise)
    If not, click Organise/Layout and turn the Menu Bar on.
  4. Click Tools/Folder Options/View ... select Show hidden files, folders and drives , then click OK
    You should now be able to navigate to the fileC:/Program Data/Exceltra/Exceltra Italian.mdb (the file suffix mdb may be hidden)

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