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If you are using our 200 Words a Day! software and are experiencing technical problems, the answer may be on these pages.

Often problems are not those of the software, but may be on your own machine. We make every effort to solve any technical problems that you may have!

Contact us, using the form at the bottom of this page with your queries should the answers not be found here. The more information you can provide us, the easier it is for the computer boffins to solve. There is usually a logical answer to queries!

Frequently Asked Technical Questions

Check out some of these frequently asked questions and click on their links for answers.

Windows Vista/7 and 200 Words a Day! Language learning software

Does 200 Words a Day! software run on Windows Vista or Windows 7?
Yes, there are a couple of steps to ensure it runs smoothly.

If you get the error message "Runtime-Error"
The error can occur with XP but it's extremely rare, it happens all the time with Vista.

Installation Problems

On installation of the programme from the CD I get an error message.

Installation from a Download Link

Instructions on installing 200 Words a Day! software from a Download link

Downloading Problems

ZIP Damaged Download Error Message

Problems in Using the 200 Words a Day! courses

My pictures are going past automatically, and I cannot stop them.
This is because it is in AUTORUN or RAPID mode. click the link to learn how to stop this.

My Student Notes Icon in missing, and I cannot write my own Notes.

My CPU (computer processor unit) activity is approaching 100%. Is it OK?

How do I use the course if I have an AZERTY keyboard?

Text is disappearing from the right hand side of the screen.

My programme freezes when displaying the first word.

I cannot access the lessons...

I do the things it prompts me, and then nothing changes ...
There is a Write Error, preventing you from writing/updating your database


Laptop Problems

I am using a laptop and the fan keeps activating. How can I prevent this?


Apple Macintosh users

I have an Apple Mac. How can I run your programme?


To save or transfer your 200 Words a Day! database

How to save and/or transfer an existing 200 Words a Day! database to a new computer.

How to Change the Screen Resolution

Is there a way to enlarge the print on the screen? I have poor eyesight and would prefer to expand the whole 200 Words a Day! screen ...


Use your 200 Words a Day! software on Home Computer and Laptop

Run the 200 Words a Day! course on two computers
Use a central database on a device available to both computers e.g. a USB memory stick, a flashcard drive or an external hard drive.

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