Accent Engages The Minds of Idealists Only

by Mohamad Imanian
(Iran )

I am using some of the MT series. Russian, French, Spanish, Italian are among the ones I tried. They are excellent. Accent is the least important thing for me as a polyglot. I am a native Persian Speaker. The only correct accent of mine is Persian. Even though I have a phd in English, I do not consider my English accent purely American. I simply do not want it. I want communication only and my heavy accent in some of the languages I know never hindered my communication with native speakers.

Another important thing is the human brain is very clever. Even though you learn, lets say french, with a foreign accent, when listening to an authentic audio source, your brain modifies the input and although difficult at the beginning, it will ultimately grasps the meaning.

Learn French with MT and then watch TV5 Monde, you will have no problem understanding a lot.

I am not perfectionist. Perfectionism in Language learning hinders you a lot. Finally, learn the language with any tool you can, audio, video, books and grammar books.

All the methods work only if you are damn eager to learn any language. In how many languages can you be a native accent show-offer? Get rid of these worries and just learn the languages.

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