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  • This software is designed for PCs. For Apple Macintosh users, please ensure you have Windows Emulator software pre-installed on your Mac, see below.

200 Words a Day!
Learn Spanish

Spanish Sentences


Ser & Estar

Por & Para

101 Spanish Proverbs

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Learn SPANISHSpanish for love is amar
amar = to love

200 Words a Day! Learn German



101 German Proverbs

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German Courses
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Learn GERMANGerman for sick is krank
krank = ill, sick

200 Words a Day! Learn French

French Sentences


101 French Proverbs

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French Courses
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Learn FRENCHFrench for to snow is neiger
neiger = to snow

200 Words a Day! Welsh


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Welsh Course
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Welsh for good evening is noswaith dda

Noswaith dda! = Good evening!

200 Words a Day! Learn Italian


Italian Grammar Slammer

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Italian Courses
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Learn ITALIANItailan for head is testa
la testa = head

Turbo-blast your language learning with our innovative CD-Rom courses - fun, effective, easy!

Over 1,000 words, in each with:

  • Individual Memory Triggers © help you learn Spanish, French, German & Italian Welsh words & phrases fast.
  • Cartoon pictures for each & every word! including animations.
  • Recommended with Sentences and e-Flashcardz options
  • Test & retest your vocab as you learn Spanish, French, German, Italian & Welsh.
  • Learning Rate calculated on a words-a-day basis after every test.
  • Blitz your Worst Words!
  • 3 Gender Triggers © for each word. Never forget a gender when you learn Spanish, French, German & Welsh.
  • Native speakers for perfect pronunciation help you learn Spanish, French, German,Italian & Welsh.
  • Easy & fun for 6 users - all with own databases and passwords. Great for all the family.
  • Write-your-own-Notes for each word.
  • 100 most common words used in 50% of Spanish conversation, French conversation, learn German, learn Italian and Welsh conversation.
  • Lots of common phrases.
  • Over 40 lessons Food, Counting, Family, Town, Travel, Verbs, Common Expressions, Home & lots more.
  • All learning styles for Multi-Modal learning. Kinesthetic, Audio, Visual.
  • Superlearning Music gets brainwaves to optimum learning state.
  • Grammar notes.
  • Build your own lessons too!
  • Easy on-screen help.
  • School and institutional Site Licences available, including Managed Learning Environment version.
  • & much, much more.

The 200 Words a Day! 365 Day No Risk Personal Guarantee ...

If you, like me, hate to make a mistake, I make your purchase 100% risk free.
Let me carry all the risk for you.

If you are genuinely not satisfied for any reason, let us know, return the CD and we will refund the purchase price. This guarantee applies for 365 days, a full year. That is a personal promise. We do this because we believe in our product and because we trust our customers' integrity. We can usually help sort out any queries, and appreciate feedback.

Thank you.
Kevin Crocombe, Director

Which computers will our software run on?

Our programmes are designed for PCs including the following operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000.

Suitable on any device supporting a Windows PC Operating System e.g. XP, Windows 8 or 10.

For Apple Macintosh users: The 200 Words a Day! Language Learning courses can run on your Apple Mac, but require the following previously installed:

1) A PC emulator, VMWare Fusion recommended.
2) A PC System disc is also needed, either Windows 7, 8 (32 bit) or XP recommended.

CDs are required to install the programme on to a Mac.

Not suitable for ipads, iphones.

Course Downloads

The Combo/Bundle courses are available to download so you can begin building up your 200 Words a Day! vocabulary without delay.

For Download Orders, the links with instructions are sent as soon as possible by email after you have completed your order. There may be a delay of up to 24 hours. If the email doesn't appear, please also check your spam filter.

If you order CDs we can also send you the download link at no extra charge - please contact us.

Tutorial / Tips and Tricks

We recommend you begin by running through our Tutorial (Lesson 0). It takes you through all the features of the programme.

You can also subscribe to the free 200 Words a Day! Tips and Tricks emails. Sent every few days, they provide useful reference material, so you can make the most of your course. You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of each email.


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