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Get your free French lessons here, including the entire Foreign Service Institute French courses - over 1,000 pages of indepth, thorough and highly regarded French lessons. These are the same lessons used to train thousands of US State Department diplomats over many decades. Elsewhere on the internet these courses sell for over $200 per course.

We normally sell them for $47 (presented in the 200 Words a Day! player), but now you can receive them FREE.

About the FREE FRENCH LESSONS by Email

The Foreign Service Institute courses come in 24 LESSON UNITS in 2 VOLUMES.

Free French Lessons FSI Course Volume 1 has two parts.

  1. Introduction, Units 1 - 7
  2. Units 8 - 12, and vocabulary list
When you've finished Units 1- 7, take some time to digest and review the material. Do the lessons more than twice to consolidate your learning.

These FSI courses are the perfect complement to the 200 Words a Day! French courses.

Free French Lessons Volume 2 FSI also has two parts.

  1. Units 13 - 20, plus Introduction
  2. Units 21- 24, and vocabulary list
Each French lesson is about 30 to 50 pages in pdf format and is accompanied by the associated sound files. The lessons are packed with all the basics of learning French.

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Details of Lessons:

Lesson Unit 1 - Introduction and Classroom Phrases
In the Street; Definite Articles - le, la; Subject Pronouns; Inversion questions; the verb 'to be' - être.

Lesson Unit 2 - In a Hotel
Indefinite Articles - un, une; Cardinal numbers; Making negatives using 'ne pas'; the common verb 'to have' - avoir.

Lesson Unit 3 - At the Train Station:
French Demonstrative Adjectives - ce, cet; Prepositions like á, au, á la; How to ask Questions in French; Verbs ending in the letters -ER.

Lesson Unit 4 - Doing the Shopping
Possessive adjectives - mon, son; Indefinite article - du, de la,, Numbers - counting from 1 to 100; Prepositions - chez, á, the verb 'to go' - aller.

Lesson Unit 5 - Climate and Weather
French Indefinite adjectives - quelques, plusieurs; Negative sentences; Big numbers; Impersonal verbs (e.g. it is raining); the verb 'to do, to make' - faire.

Lesson Unit 6 - Review of Lesson Units 1 to 5

Lesson Unit 7 - Meetings
Working with Adjectives, French Object pronouns, the subject pronoun ce; More of forming questions in French; the verbs 'to be able to, can' - pouvoir, to want - vouloir, to know - savoir.
Lesson Unit 8 - At the Hairdressers
More about adjectives; Object pronouns - lui, leur, y, en; Commands; verbs like 'to finish' - finir.

Lesson Unit 9 - At the Restaurant
Comparatives and superlatives - as big as etc, big, bigger, biggest; Compound past tense using the verb avoir; More about Object pronouns; de + adjective plus noun plurals; verbs ending in 'ire'.

Lesson Unit 10 - At the Office
Grammar lessons on irregular superlatives, and irregular comparatives; Compound past using être; Quantities; verbs like 'to leave' - partir.

Lesson Unit 11 - Renting a House
Infinitive verb phrases; Object pronouns in these phrases;; the French verb 'to come' and others like venir.

Lesson Unit 12 - Review of Lessons to Lesson 11


Lesson Unit 13 - At the Employment Bureau
The Imperfect Past tense; More about Pronouns; ne - que; More on French Adverbs; verbs like 'to sell' - vendre.

Lesson Unit 14 - Going through Customs
The Compound Past and the Past imperfect tenses; Possessive pronouns; the words for 'all'; Other French adverbs; French verbs like 'to write' - écrire.

Lesson Unit 15 - At School
Verbs such as 'to put' - mettre; the Future tense in French; Relative pronouns - qui, que, ce qui, ce que; Relative pronouns - qui, que after a preposition; Prepositions following Interrogative pronouns - quoi, qui.

Lesson Unit 16 - Speaking about the Theatre:
French verbs like 'to receive' - recevoir; French conditional tense; More on French Interrogative pronouns; Relative pronouns - dont; Pronouns like lequel, laquelle.

Lesson Unit 17 - At the Airport
French verbs like 'to take' - prendre; Pronominal Verbs; Nothing and nobody, no-one; rien, personne; Demonstrative pronouns; French Subjunctive Mood.

Lesson Unit 18 - Review of Lessons up to Unit 18

Lesson Unit 19 - The Doctor's Visit
Verbs like 'to fear' - craindre; More on the Subjunctive; The Pluperfect or the Past Perfect Subjunctive; the French Past participle.
Lesson Unit 20 - Travelling
Verbs like 'to open' - ouvrir; the Subjunctive; More Negative Adverbs.

Lesson Unit 21 - It's a Question of Money
Not one - aucun, aucune; More on the Subjunctive; the difference between c'est and il est.

Lesson Unit 22 - A Car Accident
Review of French Verbs; Review of the Subjunctive.

Lesson Unit 23 - Paris by Night
Verb plus Preposition plus Name; Verb plus Preposition plus Infinitive of a verb.

Lesson Unit 24 - Review of Exercises and Lessons

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