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I really love your program. I've been living in Austria for some time and never had the motivation to pick up any German language courses, because they're often so boring. With your program I learned 500 words in just 3 days!
Daniel W.
I am practising on a daily basis and can do it without any feeling of drudgery. It also covers a lot of simple basics that I don’t encounter in the O.U. courses.
I downloaded 200 Words a Day! from the initial link and started using it right away! I’m taking Spanish in school and I can tell my retention has already increased.
Joy Dalton

200 Words a Day! has given me confidence that I might actually learn this language.

Not only do the mnemonic devices help with memorization, but for me the homophones (ie. law school for lorsque) are a huge help for me because I have a bit of a hearing problem and often have trouble distinguishing sounds.

The homophones give me a way to "cheat."

Thanks again!
David Brown

Dear Kevin,

I've made it through the 200 Words a Day! in French and found it to be a great program - fun!

I do the program with my Mac so use the Parallel's program. Parallel's program is okay - having problems with it right now, but it worked well enough.

Now I'm about to tackle German and am really looking forward to it!


The idea of sitting down with a dictionary and building up a vocabulary through repetition didn't appeal to me, so I started doing some research ... and found the 200 words a day site. I read through the material there, looked at the example and decided that this is what I wanted.

I knew the method was effective because many years ago, in another life, I had to learn medical terminology and went to a presentation based course (no handouts) that used this same methodology. So I bought your program.

I have absolutely NO regrets.

It works. It provides images which allow me to remember words, and resolves the "der, die, das" conundrum, which greatly simplifies the gender issue. Fluency is built around vocabulary and you definitely provide that. I have not yet gotten to use the FSI component, but will let you know as soon as I try it. But your vocabulary modules are excellent. They fill a need and they are effective. Your program is definitely worth the money.

It may sound a bit strange, but thanks for preparing and selling a great product and backing it up with great service (as proved by your quick re-send of the download links). Nowadays, it's rare (unfortunately) when one can congratulate a company on the quality of both its product and its service (and this observation comes from a quality and service consultant with over 25 years of experience in the service process and quality field).

You have proved to me that you are one of the rare companies that deserve the compliment.


I am going great with the French course. I seem to get quicker and better at the lessons and tests every day!

The only thing that could make this course better is speech recognition for pronounciation.

Can't wait to do the advanced English vocab course. Can you give me a rough estimate when it will be released?

Brian Litman
(N.B. Hopefully 3-6 months).

I hope you'll make more courses or add more words to previous ones - your method is the best one out there when it comes to vocabulary - no doubt.

So far I have completed your German course (1 & 2). Today, when I keep expanding my German vocabulary, I tend to forget less used new words, so this needs lots of effort, but when it comes to the words that I have learned with your method (2000 of them) - they are solid as rock, they don't fade away, and it didn't require that effort, which the usual way does.

Your webpage is one of the rare cases on the internet where those rave-comments don't lie.

Augustinas Semelis

Your program is by far the best thing I have seen in learning new words. You guys should be the size of Rosetta Stone as far as I'm concerned.

Scott Rucker

Dear Sir/Madam

I purchased your first installment of the 200 words-a-day software for French some time ago.

Firstly I would like to say that I think it is ingenious - I have learnt languages before but your method is far more entertaining and much faster. It's a brilliant idea, and I fully intend to buy the second installment.

I also write to you with a slight problem. I have just bought a new netbook for university, and would like to put the software on it. At present it is on a very old desktop computer, and I have not put it on any other computers aside from that one. Would it be at all possible? I would be very grateful.



N.B. Please visit : How to save or transfer an existing database for instructions.

I have both your Spanish courses and LOVE them.

But I was wondering if you plan to have a Spanish 3 (or even 4) with another 1000 words.

After your courses learning more words any other way is just no fun anymore.

I'll order the minute you do!

Steven Franklin

Thank you for this.

I downloaded it (200 Words a Day! Spanish 1 Combo) a few days ago and I think the course is excellent, really enjoyable and it actually works.

I already know a bit of Spanish and it is bringing back a lot of stuff I had forgotten.

What is the next course that you offer upon completion of this one?


Scott F.

Dear all,

I decided to give my opinion once I have finished the 200 Words a Day! French 1 course. Today after two months, I did it. Now I can say: EXCELLENT COURSE AND I RECOMMEND IT.

With your course I was so enthusiastic about it that I remember some days arriving at home late at night and doing it!

I had many doubts because of the web selling presentation style, similar to those products we only use for a couple of weeks. My intuition said yes, I am glad about it.

I used the Flash cards - excellent option.

The trigger tips were very good, though I only used them very few times for several reasons: English is my second language and sometimes it confused me with the spelling. So I made my own with the Student Notes in Spanish.

The possibility of listening to the word, it improves the pronunciation.

The tests and reviews are very important.

Clicking enter when we do not know what to do next was great.

Feminine / masculine approach good.

Regarding the settings, I find them useful, the only ones I did not use were rapid mode, and random lesson and test. Lenient Marking I will only use it when I get into the Sentence course.

I revised the sentences only a few times for some words, but I think it is a good extension of the course that helps to improve knowledge of the words.

My approach to the course was the following:

Regarding the lessons, first I went through Auto-run, then I did oral and verbal learning.

Next day, I did the writing learning and the oral learning of the next lesson.

I have a French friend and he was impressed by my pronunciation that I would have never had just with a dictionary and a list of words in paper.


The first thing we should do is to learn how the word sounds and how we could pronounce it, only then we should know how to write it. I missed a lot the possibility of doing an oral test, of course with no grades.

Of course, I am now willing to get the second French course!

José Luis G.

Thank you very much José Luis for your very constructive comments. A good level of English is desirable to understand or 'get' some of the triggers, but you have proven our courses are adaptable and effective even if English is not your first language.

You are obviously a very aural learner, and yes, you can listen to the foreign word as many times as you wish, just by clicking on it. We will investigate the option of adding oral testing for you, and maybe speech recognition in the future.

Merci beaucoup!

Just a quick message. Love your products. Spent the last 7 months learning French with your program and I feel very confident. What a great design and product. We are going to Italy next year and wanted to learn Italian but since it is not available, I ordered Spanish instead. My goal is to learn every language you have.

Thanks. Very satisfied customer.

This is a really great learning tool. It is a highly effective, quick and memorable way of learning.

A very effective teaching method coupled with a regular testing regimen has really enabled me to expand and consolidate my language vocabulary.

Best of all, it's a great deal of fun.



I purchased 200-Words-A-Day from you about a year ago but just got into it recently. I wanted to tell you that I am very impressed with your product. It is by far the MOST effective language learning software I have ever used.

But I have run into a slight problem. In my moving from one house to another I have lost/misplaced my CD. Is there any way you can send me that link you mentioned so I can download and continue to use your software?

Cassie D.

You may recollect that I have previously bought your 200 Words a Day! German and very successful it has been. The Course was a great help and in particular the cartoons for someone with a poor memory. Do you have a further course using words only?

Darroll Harrison

The truth is you would only learn 200 words in a day if you spent eight hours a day on it, which no one will do. So it is really at the rate of 200/8 hours. This program is good for your ego when it tells you that you are learning 200+ words per day but actually that is more like 25 per day depending on how long you spend at it.

But it is a good program except for the fact that the program hogs system resources when running and badly needs to be updated in order to compete on the market.

The website badly needs to be redesigned as well, it is very unprofessional.

On a positive note they shipped quickly and have good customer service.

In reply to this person's comments:

1) 200 Words a Day is achievable, 800 words per day not uncommon, couple of hours study. Just like with anything, you need to put in the effort to learn a language. When we speak of an 8-hour day, it's an easy 8 hours, maybe two leisurely lessons per hour, including tea breaks ... We say, just get on with it!

2) Good program but hogs resources? True (to some extent) on a laptop. CPU activity 100% viewing Swfs (cartoons) BUT start up another application & it releases CPU. No way are Adobe going to change this bug reported previously to Macromedia.

3) Badly needs to be updated? We are always open to suggestions.

4) Website criticism? Probably true.

5) Positive comments on customer service.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the new link. I was able to install without any issue! The software is awesome and better than I expected. The words are sticking to my sons brain very quickly and I expect his grade to go up in his Spanish class.

Thank you.

Hello Kevin

Regarding progress and successes with the programs, I have primarily focused on using German 200-words a day. I have actually completed the course two times in its entirety (including yearly quizzes).

The program undeniably provides a strong word-base for someone new to learning the language (as well as someone who wants to brush up). I continue to be impressed with my recall ability and the way the cartoons pop into my head when trying to locate a word.

I have gotten very practical results from the program - it helped get me into my current graduate program. I was able to place into an upper-level German language course upon arrival here last year and have already placed out of the written proficiency exams. I am on pace to finish my proficiency examinations in listening and speaking in May.

In short, having a strong base of 2,000+ words from 200 Words a Day! has been invaluable.

If you were to ever create a German Course 3, I would be first in line to pick it up.

I look forward to taking on French in the coming days.

Terry, Washington DC

Hello Kevin

This is the very best programme I've seen!!

I intend to purchase further programmes once I get Course 1 and 2 accomplished.

I'm not telling my Spanish-speaking friends in order to amaze them!

Rev. Suzanne Jones

Hello Kevin

I registered for (various) French courses 3 times with a minimum of one year interval per course. I was almost ready to give up because I feel like a new learner each time I go back to the classroom. Every word seemed to be new and I had to memorize them by rote memory again. Until I found the 200words-a-day program.

I am 45 years old. I felt like a little child playing with the words in the 200words-a-day program. There was no pressure in learning "my words" most especially their genders. I say "my" words because I feel some ownership of them being so involved in the memory game. I could even devise my own visuals to adapt them to my own culture. 200words-a-day became my anchor of confidence both in spelling and pronunciation.

I will be honest to say that there were realities of not sticking to the daily schedule of learning my French ... until I have realized that I am almost losing it again. Unfortunately my computer crashed and lost my CD programs. Going back to my lessons is my personal project for 2009. I tried to re-read my books but as I browse the pages, the pictures of the 200words-a-day program kept on flashing to my mind. Truly, the brain never forgets pictures. How thoughtless I am to lose my CD programs. 200words-a-day was my best bet among my learning tools!

I tried asking support from Kevin and Co. In a very, very short time, they were on a rescue. They sent me the links to the programs. I look forward to feeling like a little child again by enjoying the memory game.

Thank you for the support. It's not all money to your company. Your customer's satisfaction is a priority to you.

Happy New Year!
Renee Manacsa

I'm from Brisbane, Australia and just recently purchased the French CD (I've learnt 260 words so far).

I'm just writing to thank you for such an excellent resource. It's as if the program was tailored specifically for my needs and learning style.

I'll be recommending you to anyone I know that wants to learn another language. Merci!

J. Cash

P.S. If I can make a suggestion - it would be great to have a button on the page you can press anytime which repeats the word in French. This would help a lot with pronunciation.

Note: Just click on the French word to hear it repeated at often as you wish.

My learning rate is excellent and I've been absorbing and retaining far more words than I ever could have imagined. My past impressions of language courses are with rote memory and/or thousands of audio CDs ... but because I am so visually oriented, this course suits me perfectly. And I would imagine down the road, as I have mastered a good vocabulary, I would then need to learn sentence structure and a more well-rounded course on how to be fluent. But this is a great base.

Corey W.

Hi Kevin

Just thought I'd let you know that I am having great fun learning the French words with my 8 year old son. He is enjoying learning vocabulary!!....

Having studied for many years and accumulated some of the techniques you so carefully utilise I can honestly say this is the best language learning tool I have seen. I am learning at a much faster rate than I believed possible.

Thanks for a wonderful product.

Matt W.

Hi. I ordered my Welsh 200 words a day on the 10th July and it arrived next day. Fantastic service.

I've been hammering away at the course every day since and I can't believe how much I'm learning. The amazing thing is, it's staying in my head, which is a first.

Anyway thanks to everyone and I shall be recommend you to my class mates when we start " Dosbath Cymraeg" again in September

Again Many Thanks
(Mr) Bev Spiers

Dear Kevin,

I LOVE all the additions you've made to the program!

The Flashcards are surprisingly effective! - imprinting a picture of the actual object combined with the memory trigger...anyone who can't learn the vocabulary with this combination had better find a different hobby!

Sometimes I have to work out how a flashcard picture relates to the vocabulary word, but that keeps the brain working and can sometimes imprintbetter than the exact picture of an object. (finding a picture to describe the amorphic must be a challenge!)

The example sentences are great for seeing how a word fits into sentence structure and for both learning new and reviewing old vocabulary. Incorporating vocabulary from the lesson in the sentences is great reinforcement.

Lenient Marking - I appreciate this feature! Although I try to type everything exactly as it is in the lesson, it is frustrating to miss a test question just because of a missing exclamation point. (Especially if it's a long phrase I've been working hard to learn!)

Pause Before Correct Answer - great way to think through problem areas!

I love running lessons with the whole set of options! Being able to use the memory triggers along with the flashcards and the example sentences really works a word to death! Fantastic!

Are these new updates available for the Welsh and German pograms?

Thank you, again, for all your work on these programs!

JulieAnn H.

I have purchased and am very pleased with your First 200 words (German). I am amazed at how my vocab has improved and am able to impress my son (living in Munich) and the German pupils at my school!!

I spent all of last year using another course but nothing stayed in my head so I was not greatly advantaged during my German holiday. With the listening and repeating your course overcomes this problem. I have also now become addicted to Random Words-earlier tests which really extends me and shows me what I've retained and do this at the start of every session.

I have just been checking your website for what to purchase next. Obviously now I know I like and use the system I want the most cost effective option. Please advise.

Alison Ellis

Dear Kevin

As far as feedback is concerned, I can honestly say that German I has exceeded my expectations.

I was expecting the humorous, creative pictures, but not the useful quizzes, audio recordings, and the other customizable options (like requiring that you type in the word to move on to the next one- very useful for spelling help!).

Using the program can be fun, but more importantly, it works!

I just got back from two weeks in Germany and found that I was able to easily remember words in conversation thanks to the program.

Thanks for the hard work in producing this program!

Terry, from New Haven, CT, USA

I have French course 1 and I think the system is absolutely superb.

It's the first time I've attempted to learn French since school, about 25 years ago.

On the initial test after each lesson, I typically achieve between 75 and 80%. It's quite scary how quickly you learn.

Mark Lloyd, UK.

I have bought more than a dozen CDs and materials for French and Italian. I have never seen a language product so addicting, effective and creatively very well done!

I even dream of the cartoons in my sleep!

I am John-John Cabibihan, a Ph.D. student in biomedical robotics. My place of origin is Manila, Philippines. I am currently based here in Pisa, Italy but I would be moving to Paris, France this November.

John-John Cabibihan, Pisa, Italy

Dear Kevin

Thank you so much. Your product works as promised.

I'm presently taking an intensive Spanish course that is three hours per day, four days a week. My goal is to have a working knowledge of Spanish in two months.

It's not easy and I don't seem to have an ear for languages.

Nonetheless, as you pointed out it can be done and with your program I'm making much better progress; moreover, I enjoy the routine.

Your program allows me to focus more on grammar [during class], whereas before I was spending all my time on vocabulary.

I'm now blasting through vocabulary.

As promised, your program focuses on the common words and for the most part corresponds to the vocabulary drills in our textbook.

There are four students in my intensive Spanish course.

I'm the only one in the class that never studied another language.

Each of my classmates already has a solid foundation in either Italian or French, and this of course makes me the weak link.

The point is that it's not a level playing field.

I found my classmates becoming impatient with me, which in turn made me flustered and exacerbated my poor performance.

Believe me that the stress is high with just four students and the instructor sitting at a small table doing drills in Spanish.

Thanks to your program I am now at ease in class and having fun.

I'm keeping up and dare say that my vocabulary will soon surpass that of my classmates.

No way it can't unless they get the same program, and there's no way I'm going to tell them about it until the last day of class.

I wish I had studied your program before starting this class so I could have hit the ground running.

Thanks again,

James T. McGough
Malden, MA, USA

Dear Kevin and Exceltra,

Your 200 words a day German course is excellent. I would rate it the best vocabulary product that I have.

It is so much fun and the retention levels are absolutely fabulous even after a month of using.

I have set my personal pace at a lesson a day and I am almost through with the course since I got it, but I have no doubt that a die hard learner when sitting a full day in front of the program could easily finish the course in a week.

Hats off for an excellent product.

Your grammar hints and word usuge, which verb is used with which preposition etc are very helpful.

I am definitely looking forward to the second course of German vocabulary when it comes ...and the third. (please hurry up!).

Raman Singh Bedi, The Hague, Netherlands

Firstly I'd like to say that I ordered Spanish Course 1 a few months ago and it's brilliant. I work full time and have a young son so often I have to leave the course for a few days.

But when I return to it I can still recall all the words easily. It's the best language program I've used by far, and I have tried quite a few.

Darren, Newcastle, United Kingdom

I wanted to let you know my daughter,L. and I are having a great time with the course.

I did not think I was a "visual learner" at all but it is amazing how much those little cartoons help.

We keep saying "think of the picture" ! Really fun way to spend some time together (she's 16) and learn something. What a concept! Thanks so much, Great day to you ,

Lynna, United States

Dear Sir/Madam

My family purchased the 200 Words a Day! edition of yours.

My wife, two children and myself have truly found it a great help, and it has worked for us much more so than the many other products we have tried.

Most enjoyable were the cartoon system and word associations.

Everything was quite clear, unlike several other products we had tried, but had failed for us.

It was amazing to see how much and how quickly our children actually remembered the words taught! It never occurred to them that they were learning.

And, of course we know learning is easier for young brains, however both my wife and myself found the system remarkably funny and hence, not a chore to-do.

The children really enjoyed the tests at the end of the sections. They often did these together and requested to 'play' it instead of their usual computer games. What a plus!

I must admit I used the test solo for my private viewing only. I can only reiterate once again, many thanks!


Paul Arshad, Lourquen, France.
Paul and his young family moved from the UK to France to live in 2003.

I wanted to thank you for getting the CD off to me so promptly.

Now that I've used the program for a few days, I also want to say it's a positively brilliant product. Based on what I read, I expected it to be good but I didn't realize how good. My only complaint: I wish you had a course for another 1000 German words!

H.B. Switzerland

The "101 French Proverbs" course is a great way to learn. It lets you step away from the usual tedious conversations about what-did-you-eat-for-breakfast-today, and really ponder some interesting human dillemmas. I look forward to even more!

G.B. Deephaven, MN

More extracts from Testimonials Received from Users of 200 Words a Day!

1: Doug, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
2: Gemma, Teacher trainee, Auckland, New Zealand
3: C.P., Lancashire, U.K.
4. Mark Shelley, Richmond, England.

How does the 200 Words a Day! method compare to any of those you've previously used?

I love the 200 Words a Day! method because I remember the words, the recall is incredible! I also like the idea that you learn how to spell the words as well, no other program gives me that. I like the other courses because they cover conversation, not just vocabulary building.

I have every intention to master this language and my enthusiasm is the result of the excellent presentation and format in which you have packaged the learning. It is obvious a great deal of thought, effort and understanding has been applied.

4. I chose 200 Words a Day Spanish because 'a picture paints a thousand words and this makes it easy to visualize the word and it certainly aids recollection. The use of male and female voices when saying the word definitely helps in remembering its gender.

Have you completed the course - if so, how long did it take and how many words did you learn?

Completed 41 lessons with a total vocabulary of 1,048 palabras in less than two months.!

I definitely didn't think I would be achieving 200 words a day. It seems far too many to remember , especially as a beginner to the language, but I am easily scoring 257 words a day on the Spanish.

When you started did you have any scepticism about achieving 200 words a day?

Some, but your method really works! Very impressed how easy it is to recall vocabulary. I also like the reviews (day after, week after, month after, etc.) That seems to really reinforce my memory recall.

When I prepared myself for starting to learn another language, I couldn't help but expect it to be difficult, not to mention boring. 200 Words A Day is surprisingly fun to use, and makes learning so much quicker.

Which pictures do you like best / worst?

They all seem to work well. And those that don't I make up my own, using the same guidelines that you use to create yours.

What features of the programme do you like or don't like?

I only use the kinesthetic option. I tried it with out having to type it in and it did not stick as well. I like the ability to change those options.

I found going over words I got wrong to be very helpful, and it was far easier to remember the difference between male and female words when there was a corresponding voice for each reading the word.

Are you keeping up-to-date with your revision/testing schedule?

Yes. My power was out for about three days and I got behind. It's fairly easy to keep up, even catch up.

Do you think the course is value for money?

Without question.

Conduct your own 200 Words a Day! language learning software review! Try the courses for a year...

Review the software for yourself. There is a 365 day returns policy.

If it does not meet your language learning expectations, tell us about it. We'll try to help. If still not happy, send it back for a refund of the purchase price.

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