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The word in Spanish for prawn is

la gamba


To remember this imagine

a girl with a prawn in her Wellington GUMBoot!

See - Listen - Learn - Remember

Vocabulary is the building-block of any language. Language learning is fun, quick and recall is more effective with the innovative, multi-faceted 200 Words a Day! language-learning systems.

Learn languages with 200 Words a Day!
Build up your vocab quickly and effectively. Unique Memory Triggers and cartoons help you learn and remember each and every word like the one above. Built-in Gender triggers help remind you of the gender of nouns. Save time by learning these at the same time as the word.

Over 1,000 common words per course in presented in our innovative, interactive software.

Designed for PCs (Works on Macs with pre-installed PC Emulator software).

Customise the programme to suit your learning preferences.

Learning schedule organises and tracks your progress.

Sentences: every word is linked to a practical sentence, written and recorded by native speakers. Click on the picture to view the sentence before moving on to next word. Great for extension practice. The sentences also feature as an independent course with learning schedule and testing features.

Select this option for variety or as a learning alternative. Based on traditional flashcard methodology, only interactive. Great photographic visuals. Ideal for testing and great to consolidate your learning.

Learn Italian Sentence Builder & Grammar Slammer
Our first Grammar course incorporating lots of accelerated learning techniques, cartoons and memory triggers to make grammar learning so much easier. All aspects of Basic and Intermediate Italian grammar covered.

Every word is presented with an imaginative, often quirky Memory Trigger and cartoon. Creating a link between the English word and the Foreign word, these mind pictures help you to remember words easier and recall them more effectively.

  • Over 1000+ words per course.
  • View each foreign word with its own memory trigger and cartoon, including animations like the one above.
  • Hear each word pronounced by native speakers.
  • Customize your learning to suit your style.
  • Learn at your own pace with personalised learning and revision schedules.
  • Databases for up to 6 students.
  • Available on CD or by download.
Combined with:
  • e-Flashcardz - alternative Flashcards learning and testing option for every word with great photographic visuals.
  • Sentences Course - see, hear and learn a sentence for every word, perfect for extension learning and practice.

Remember the picture ... recall the word. Enjoy your language learning. It's that simple.

Fun and easy to use with a host of unique features for language learning the way you want to learn languages.

You can easily learn 200 words a day (or more!) easily, it is achievable with minimal effort. Follow your language learning progress and achievements with comprehensive Progress records.

Accelerate your language learning now.

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This software is designed for PCs. For Apple Macintosh users, please ensure you have Windows Emulator software pre-installed on your Mac. We recommend VM Fusion.

Learn languages the easy way. Learn 200 words a day! Free secrets! Guaranteed.
Learn languages by rapidly building your vocab! Learn 200 words a day of a foreign language - Spanish, French, German using rapid, fun and easy techniques. Guaranteed. It works
Memory Masters teach us how to remember - great for Language learning
Learn foreign vocabulary super easily when you take lessons of Memory Masters, combine with powerful multi-media technology and latest educational techniques.
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Keeps you updated with changes to the 200 Words a Day website, on excelerated language learning. Check out the Memory Masters' techniques. Lots of tips and tricks on accelerated language learning.
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Learn Spanish eBook - get the code to Download the ebook
Spanish Memory Trigger cartoons make for deeper memorization - and easier recall
200 Words a Day! Spanish Memory Trigger cartoons make Spanish vocab learning much more effective. Upload your OWN & check out others' contributions. Deep memory embedding leads to ace memory recall.
Spanish Verbs - Learn the patterns
Spanish verbs are tricky. I have something you want! Spanish Verbs patterns made easy. Concepts stick. Patterns imbed in your mind.
Ten Most Important Spanish Verbs
All Spanish learners must know the ten most important Spanish verbs. Link to their verb tables and learn all the conjugations in all the tenses. 3 minutes a day for a month brings astounding results!
Spanish Verb List - Conquer the Verb Families
This SPANISH VERB LIST groups the verbs according their family of endings. Conquer various families of verb endings + conjugations + powerful verb tables
Spanish Lesson List - Verb Families congugated in tenses and pronouns
This SPANISH LESSON LIST groups verbs by their family of endings. Spanish verb conjugations - conquer them!
Learn Spanish BLOG
Learn Spanish blog - Check out our latest learn Spanish blog entries, and send us your own too.
Learn French with 200 Words a Day - the easy way.
Learn French with 200 Words a Day! Memory techniques now with e-flashcardz. Interactive, innovative, easy, effective.
French Tips and Tricks - learning with 200 Words a Day!
Subscribe to 200 Words a Day! French Tips and Tricks emails, find out how to learn and remember French words quickly and effectively, and all about the many customisiable features of the course.
French Pronunciation Guide - free Download
Your French Pronunciation Guide - free download to try - hear the sounds of vowels and consonants and their various combinations.
French Flashcard option in 200 Words a Day! language learning software
French flashcard option presented in comprehensive 200 Words a Day! software program in combination with Memory Triggers and Sentences.
Learn French BLOG
Learn French blog - titbits like: a French decade is much shorter than an English one! Find out how this can be so. Check out the daily French verb
Learn German 200 Words a Day. Yes, YOU can.
Want to learn German? Learning a language is a bit like eating an elephant & must be done one mouthful at a time. Digest it quicker with the Excelerated Learning techniques of the Memory Masters. Easy
Learn German BLOG
You call me Goethe - I'll call you Schiller - a saying. German snippets from 200 Words a Day! Learn German Blog. Interesting little bits and pieces of German language, culture, customs.
Learn Italian Fast - Three Main Techniques & Memory Masters Secrets
Learn Italian fast with breakthrough techniques like Mnemonics - word association Memory Triggers, Cognates, and unlock over 4,000 words you already know!
Daily Italian Lesson and Verb of the Day
New!! Your Daily Italian Lesson. A new fully conjugated Italian verb every day with a cartoon memory trigger. 3 minutes Verb of the Day from its colour-coded verb table. Learn ALL the tenses. Fast..
Learn Italian super effectively with 200 Words a Day software
Learn Italian the 200 Words a Day way with modern Memory techniques - excelerated language software makes learning more effective than ever
Italian Flashcard Software with Photos, Voice and Testing
Italian flashcards presented in the 200 Words a Day! software program for speedy language learning.
Learn Welsh
Learn Welsh the easy way. World's Memory Masters make language learning faster & more effective than ever. Memory triggers make it easy to remember words & concepts, using loads of cartoons!
Typing Welsh Characters
There are only 2 characters that cause a bit of trouble for someone typing Welsh characters and Welsh accents on a Windows PC. The w and y with a caret over the top, are not standard ASCII characters.
Order Page for 200 Words a Day!
Order Page for 200 Words a Day! Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian and Welsh courses. Download or CD for PCs.
200 Words a Day! Language Learning Sitemap
200 Words a Day! language learning products will teach you vocabulary rapidly, and efficiently. What's more - you'll have the tools to help you remember what you have learned. Verbs, nouns, genders.
Frequently Asked Language Learning Questions
Many Frequently Asked Language Learning Questions are answered here, with particular regards to the 200 Words a Day! vocabulary building programmes - Contact us with your questions.
Testimonials and Reviews of 200 Words a Day language learning software
Testimonials and reviews of 200 Words a Day! language learning software - Spanish, French, German, Italian, Welsh. Read what customers have to say.
Language Tutorial on How to Use your 200 Words a Day! courses.
Language Tutorial -200 Words a Day accelerated language learning courses. Effortlessly snaplock words to memory. Spanish, French, German, Italian, Welsh
Contact Us
Contact Us at 200 Words a Day.
Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy of 200 Words a Day!
Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy of 200 Words a Day! and exceltra
200 Words a Day Technical Help
200 Words a Day Technical help for your 200 Words a Day! language learning software. Accelerated learning of languages! Learn French, Spanish, German, Welsh, Italian and more.
Technical Help: My pictures are going by too fast, and I cannot stop them...
Technical Help: My pictures are going by too fast, and I cannot stop them! This is most likely because yor SETTINGS are set to AUTORUN or RAPID mode. Here's how to change it so it goes by on click...
Make Sentences in a foreign language ... here's one way to improve
It's a struggle to make sentences and understand conversation when learning a language. Here are some things to do
Language Learning Flashcard - 200 Words a Day! Spanish French German
Language learning flashcard is an effective way of learning foreign language vocabulary. Available with 200 Words a Day! Spanish French German Welsh
Total immersion Language Learning - for Consolidation and Fluency
Total immersion in language learning is where the learner spends time in an environment operating solely in the target language, and is fully immersed.
Simulated Immersion in Language Learning - FAKE it til you MAKE IT!
Few achieve foreign language fluency without a solid period/s of TOTAL IMMERSION. Try SIMULATED IMMERSION as a powerful alternative to Total Immersion.
Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in Schools with Accelerated Learning Software
Free software trial for schools. A difficulty of teaching Modern Foreign Languages in Schools is the teaching of vocabulary in such a way as to gets students to remember the words, and their genders.
French in Action. Free French Course of 52 Videos - Product Review
French in Action is a free French course. 52 Videos on Demand use immersion techniques (no translation). A perfect complement to 200 Words a Day French courses
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Going away on vacation? Need some Spanish holiday phrases,or French, German, Italian, Welsh holiday phrases. Check out 200 Words a Day courses now - all have sections on useful vacation phrases.
Learn Spanish like Crazy
Do you want to learn Spanish like crazy? Try out the crazy, zany, ridiculous methods of the 200 Words a Day! team whose Spanish learning techniques are the most effective and speedy on the market.
Accelerated Learning, Superlearning, Excelearning.
Accelerated Learning. It is all about having fun, using all the senses, and lots of learning styles. Getting totally involved. Tons of information.
Link to Us for your Word of the Week, Language Learning Tips
Link to Us for your Word of the Week, Language Learning Tips. Your tips for learning Spanish, learning French, learning German. Get free material for your website.
Word of the Day
Check out the Spanish word of the day with a pic. Also French and German
French word of the day
Our French Word of the Day brings a new Memory Trigger cartoons daily - accelerated learning with 200 Words a Day! Add it to your own website.
Your Daily French Lesson and Verb of the Day - fully conjugated.
Every day a new French lesson appears on this Daily French Lesson page. Word of the Day, verbs fun facts on French language, culture, people, important days in France. Add it free to your website.
French Proverb of the Day
French proverb of the day
Travel word of the day in French
Discover our Free word of the day in French to add to your website!
Free French Lessons by Email - 1,000 pages and 20 hours of free audio (FSI)
Free French lessons emailed to you. Get the full Foreign Service Institute French course - 1,000 pages, 20 hours of mp3 free. Indepth grammar, sentence building, vocab. Elsewhere $200 but FREE here
Subscribe to our FREE 200Words a Day language learning ezine!
Keep up to date with our free 200 Words a Day language learning ezine.
Free Spanish Lesson
Select a free Spanish lesson from the man here. Emailed direct regularly, byte-size courses to learn Spanish. As many as you wish, free.
Spanish Travel Word of the day
Discover our Free Spanish Travel Word of the day !
German Proverb of the Day - (you can add it to your website)
See the German proverb of the day. You can add this to your own website by copying the free code on this page. A new proverb will appear every day of the month.
German travel word of the day
German travel word of the day
Learn some French Rugby Words and Phrases
Improve your French with these French Rugby terms and phrases. These are quotes from French TV commentary of various French International matches.
Rapid conjugation of Spanish verbs. Learn to follow the pattern.
Rapid conjugation of Spanish verbs. Great tip for Spanish learners - you access over 200 nouns, 200 verbs and 1,200 conjugations in a minutes. Easy patterns.
Spanish Vocab Turbobooster Learning - Learn 2000 Spanish words fast from English
Spanish Vocab Turbobooster software teaches 30+ families of words. Just change a few letters from English. Remember genders. Incorporates Memory Masters techniques from the 200 Words a Day! team.
Estar - the most important verb in Spanish. Fully Conjugated in All Tenses here
Estar, meaning 'to be' is the most important verb in Spanish. Its counterpart is SER, and the two have some idiosyncracies that need to be learned. Here it is fully conjugated in every Spanish tense.
The Spanish for stop is detener. 200 Words a Day! Snapshot Learning-never forget
Learning the Spanish for stop is easy when you use a Memory Trigger. the 200 Words a Day! system makes it easy remembering vast numbers of words quickly and efficiently.
Spanish for carrot
The Spanish word for carrot is ....
sleep in Spanish
Learn to conjugated the verb for to sleep in Spanish, including sample sentences.
French Memory Trigger learning is the fastest way to learn and remenber words...
200 Words a Day! French Memory Trigger cartoons make learning French vocabulary so much more effective. Upload your OWN see those of other visitors. Deep embedding in your memory means stronger memory
Learn French Blog Archive August 2007
The 'Learn French Blog Archive' contains previously featured blogs for French learners, taken from the 200 Words a Day! accelerated language learning website. Blogs to August 2007.
French Newsletter - Free Lessons, Verb Tables, Fun Facts
Get your free weekly French Newsletter emailed to you. Lessons, verb tables, sentences, fun facts, handy things to know about French language.
French for advise, notify, inform is the verb 'aviser' - conjugated
French for advise is the verb aviser. Imagine that you are ADVISED to rent AVIS cars. I advise, I advised, you will advise etc, learn all the tenses.
Daily French Lesson Code - this will add a free lesson to your website
Copy and paste this daily French lesson code to your website and a new lesson will appear on your own website every day of the year. 365 days a year. These are lessons and verbs fully conjugated.
FSI French Course Instructions
Here are the instructions for your FREE FSI FRENCH COURSE by email. 1,000 pages of lessons, 20 hours of audio recordings (mp3) that you can listen to in your car, iPod, PC. 24 Units come in 2 volumes.
200 Words a Day! Learn German releases....
200 Words a Day! Learn German Course 2 now here for Windows PC. Mac users need Virtual PC. Another CD course with 1,000 words, phrases, cartoons, word association memory triggers for super recall.
Foreign Service Institute FSI German Course - all the information you need. Free
Foreign Service Institute FSI German Course has been used to train thousands of US diplomats to speak German. Combine this with the accelerated learning of the 200 Words a Day system-a winning formula
FSI German Course
Follow these instructions for using your FREE FSI GERMAN COURSE before you begin. Over 330 pages of lessons, along with hours of audio recordings (mp3) that you can listen to in your car, iPod, PC. 12
Understanding the German Masculine Gender of Nouns.
The masculine gender is one of three genders of nouns in German - masculine, feminine and neuter.
Chinese Memory Triggers. Excelerated language learning tricks - check them out!
Chinese Memory Triggers are the key to excelerated Chinese language learning. Check out these ones for remembering Chinese. Take is dai chu - so take this DIE and CHEW it! Simple. 200 Words a Day!
Welsh Memory Trigger learning - for rapid vocabulary acquisition
200 Words a Day! Welsh Memory Trigger cartoons make learning Welsh vocabulary fun and easy. Upload your OWN! Embed in your memory for stronger memory recall.
German Flashcard Software with Photographic visuals, Learn and Test
German flashcard option presented in 200 Words a Day! software program for speedy language learning. Learn and test alongside Memory Triggers.
Italian for noisy
Learn and remember the word in Italian for noisy, improve recall, visual and kinesthetic, fun and easy,
Learn Spanish in Caceres
Learn Spanish in Caceres - there are lots of good reasons. Most importantly it is pure Spanish in a 'pure' part of Spain, less touristy, not inundated with sun-reddened lager louts. Just pure Spanish!
Spanish for snow
Spanish for snow - Learn and remember the word with Memory Triggers - fun, effective from 200 Words a Day!
French Verb ETRE: to be - a Top Ten Verb. Fastest way to learn it.
French verb ETRE means 'to be'. The fastest way to learn ALL the tenses is with our colour-coded VERB TABLE - past, present and future
French Verb ALLER - to go. Learn ALL the Tenses Fast
French verb ALLER is a top ten French verb. Learn ALL the tenses here in ONE SHOT using the colour-coded verb tables. Aller can be used as an easy way to express the future tense.
French Verb AVOIR - to have. Learn its Tenses BEFORE ANY other verb
French verb AVOIR (to have) - Learn ALL the tenses BEFORE ANY other verb. Use AVOIR to make the compound tenses for MOST other verbs.
French Verb FAIRE - to make or to do - Learn ALL the conjugations fast
The word for make or do in French is the French verb FAIRE. The best way to learn ALL the conjugations is with out colour-coded verb table. This way you can even learn the so-called 'hard' tenses too.
French Verb POUVOIR - Learn ALL the tenses and conjugations fast
French verb POUVOIR means to be able to. 7 important things you need to know about POUVOIR. This is a MODAL verb. To be able to, can in french
French Verb VOULOIR - want in French. Learn all the tenses fast
Learn the French verb VOULOIR, which means to want. Learn all the conjugations for all tenses fast using the colour-coded verb tables with our video being narrated by a native French speaker.
French Verb DEVOIR - must, to have to in French
French verb DEVOIR is one of the top ten French verbs. Learn all the tenses and conjugations with our video and our colour-coded verb tables.
Email Confirmation for 200 Words a Day! Tips and Tricks
Thank you for confirming you would like to receive the 200 Words a Day! Tips and Tricks email series. Learn to customise your learning using all the features within the programme.
Language Learning Survey
Help us with our 200 Words a Day! language learning survey and we'll send you a free language learning video, and reports.
Spanish for mother - sounds like MAD RAY!
Spanish for mother and a MAD RAY from MADRID? These MEMORY TRIGGERS and word associations make it easy to remember. Effective, interactive software.
Second Language Benefits include delaying Alzheimers - new research shows!
Apart from the obvious second language benefits like communicating with others in a foreign tongue, a new benefit has been confirmed in a study showing that bilingualism delays the onset of Alzheimers











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Lots of vocab gives you lots of pieces to the language learning jigsaw. The more words you know, the more easily the other pieces fit the jigsaw.

I'll give you the tools to:

Learn the words

Memorize the words

Never forget a Gender

Learn lots of phrases

Blitz your worst words

as you Learn

Copy perfect pronunciation

Learn Spanish fast!
Learn French fast!
Learn German fast!
Learn Italian fast!
Learn Welsh fast!
Perfect for the
serious student

Take No risk
Fun for the whole family
Truly Multi-Modal Learning
Visual Learning
Auditory Learning
Kinesthetic Learning
All words in most USA and UK High School and College syllabi
Superlearning techniques
of Dr Lozanov

Excelearning methods induce alpha brainwaves for
Optimal learning

Breathing correctly increases learning concentration
Reminds you when to

Tracks and Records

Language Learning Rate and tells you in
Words per Day!

Accelerated Language Learning is a reality with 200 Words a Day! Courses


Quick trip?

Need to learn Spanish fast?

No time Toulouse? Perfect for Business and Pleasure travel.

200 Words a Day courses are perfect for the traveller who needs
to learn a language fast,
who needs enough to get by with.

Basic key phrases, questions, greetings and words.
Perfect also for the serious student wanting a solid language learning foundation fast.