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Lots of modern learning systems like to claim that they are accelerated learning systems. Or superlearning systems.

Not so!

Most are not. Most are just traditional learning techniques put on to a computer.

Superlearning involves using techniques to:

  • involve as many senses as possible in the learning system - a multi-sensory approach - sound, sight, music, touch - kinesthetic senses etc
  • involves learning in an alpha state, a state where the learner's brainwaves are in an optimal state for learning, a relaxed state of heightened awareness.
  • can involve certain types of music
  • can involve breathing techniques
  • combined with the power of modern computer technology to give instant feedback while learning

Here at exceltra, we call our accelerated learning systems - 'excelerated learning which is a fusion of the words excel, and accelerate. (...there's no need for an email saying that I have spelt it wrong).

Word association is the basis of accelerated vocab learning, but the second generation courses like the 200 Words a Day system go much further.

Alpha brainwaves are the optimum for learning, and are consistent with a relaxed, but aware state. There are many ways of getting into the correct brainwave state. Meditation, baroque music, rhythmic breathing, yoga, autogenics, biofeedback, floatation, transcendental meditation, Silva Method and many others.

are a valuable yet simple tool for efficient and accelerated learning. There are:

  • 4 important facts you should know, on how best to use them, and
  • a further 8 critical things you need to know. You can make your own or buy them.

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Accelerated Learning

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