Brilliant method with one small catch...

by Dan

Michel Thomas method should not be underestimated! It is a VERY GOOD system that will get you talking in the language effortlessly.

As someone who has learnt Spanish using it as a key aide, then gone to the country and lived there for three years, the only problem you are likely to have is that you will sound immediately like you are fluent.

Native speakers will then talk to you fluently, and you will not understand them. Not immediately. That is because although your grammar will be very good, comparable to theirs, you will not have a broad vocabulary, you will not be used to their grammatical nuances (local errors), or colloquial language. And when you add all that up, you'll find your confidence knocked somewhat, because you thought you were fluent.

Having said that, it is a brilliant foundation, and to be highly recommended. You dont need a good accent when you first go - your accent can be rubbish, it will soon improve if you go to the country, and it will ONLY improve if you are able to communicate with the locals, which is what this will give you.

Overall, it is a very good method that is to be recommended.

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