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Learn Conjugation Spanish Verbs - an area that is more difficult than in English

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Why Verb Conjugations in Spanish are Much Harder than English
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The conjugation of verbs in Spanish is a tricky area, and is the most difficult area for new students of the Spanish language.

Each Spanish verb has over 100 conjugations!

Just what is Spanish verb conjugation?

To conjugate a verb is to break it down into its little parts for the pronouns I, you , we, he, she, it, we, they.

Let's take the verb 'to talk'.

    I talk is a conjugation of 'to talk'.
    You talked is also a conjugation of 'to talk'. We were talking is another conjugation of the verb 'to talk'.
In Spanish the verb 'to talk' is hablar.
Some conjugations are:
I talk is yo hablo.
You talk is tú hablas
We were talking is nosotros estabamos hablando.

Spanish verb conjugation is much trickier than that of English verb conjugation because endings change for virtually each pronoun for each tense.

So for example in English we'd say - I talk, you talk, we talk, they talk' - they ending of talk does not change.

It does change for the third person case - he talks.

But in Spanish they do this for each and every conjugation.

Why is Conjugation of Spanish Verb so much harder than

Conjugation Spanish Verbs Fact # 1:

Once you throw in the numerous tenses you will see there are over 100 Spanish verb conjugations for each Spanish verb.

The infinitive of a verb is its 'formal' state.

In English the infinitive of a verb has the word 'to' before it. So here are some infinitives:
to talk, to do, to say, to jump, to run.

What is Spanish verb conjugation?

In Spanish the verb infinitives have a stem to which is added one of three endings. The endings are -ar, er, ir.

So 'to talk' is hablar

'to do' is hacer.

'to say' is decir.

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