Dangling carrots with the
e-Flashcardz photo visuals
so you can choose your
learning and testing options 

In addition to the unique 200 Words a Day! learning methods with memory techniques we have added these great photographic visuals with our new e-Flashcardz option, as an alternative way for you to learn and review foreign vocabulary.

Displayed in the 200 Words a Day! software format, the e-Flashcard Mode offers you many of the same interactive features including:

  • Native speaker pronunciations
  • Multi-modal - visual, kinesthetic, audio.
  • Automatic testing and revision schedule with various pre-testing options.
  • Dictionary - Foreign word/English or English/Foreign Word
  • Build-your-own-Lessons
  • Databases for up to six users.
  • My Worst Words Lesson - updates automatically

Customise your foreign vocab learning to suit your style.

The only difference is there is a photograph of the word. The subject is depicted as accurately as possible, in lieu of the usual 200 Words a Day! memory association techniques. All the features remain the same.

Yet the Memory Trigger with cartoon can be accessed - you can effortlessly switch between the two modes, as you please.

Work through the words in the lesson. Hear the word spoken by a native speaker as often as you wish. Practice its spelling and follow the testing schedule provided after completing each lesson.

Some learners prefer this way. For others who have completed our original courses with Memory Techniques, it's ideal for revision.

So now you have total flexibility.

Both options are included in the Combo courses, so you can switch effortlessly between the Memory Triggers and e-Flashcardz instantly!  

Maybe it suits you to learn vocab with the Memory Triggers and then Test in e-Flashcardz mode. Or vice versa.

To switch between the two just click on the icon to the right of the photograph to drill down to the original 200 Words a Day! Course. 

la zanahoria = carrot in Spanish

Then, just press Enter to return to your e-Flashcards lesson.

Click on the photo to view the Sentence Page

Click on the photo to view and hear the word in context.

"La ensalada con zanahoria es deliciosa."
The salad with carrot is delicious.

An e-Flashcardz Summary Page
(Spanish Lesson 16 - Food - Fruit and Vegetables

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