Foreign Service Institute FSI French Course

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Foreign Service Institute FSI French course is one of the best language courses written in terms of thoroughness and depth.

The Foreign Service Institute, FSI, has been responsible for the language teaching of US State Department diplomats and other personnel for decades. When it comes to 'traditional learning', they are arguably without peer, and their material is extremely thorough and detailed.


If it is good enough for diplomats, you will also reap the same benefits!

However now you can get these same courses, that have taught language skills and language fluency to tens of thousands of State Department Foreign Service diplomats and government workers over many decades, for a fraction of their cost elsewhere on the internet.

For years these courses were only available through the FSI, and more recently at high prices through various language book sellers. You can pay $250 to $300 or more for FSI courses that we sell for $47...

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Foreign Service Institute FSI French Course (Revised)

If you want to learn French and are willing to put in the study, the FSI French Course 1 (Revised) is a very comprehensive and thorough course that has been designed to help students of French reach a level of proficiency which will enable them to participate effectively in most formal and informal French conversations.

So the emphasis is on learning spoken French for use in day to day conversation.

The dialogues, drills, situations and narrations have been tape-recorded unless otherwise indicated in the text. (We have the FSI French lesson recordings as mp3 audio files that you can play on computer, iPod, Sony Walkman, CD player etc).

FSI French comprises 24 Units over 6 months...

For beginning students, the twenty-four (24) units are designed as a six-month intensive training program of six hours of French language class per day, plus outside pre-class preparation for these lessons.

About two hours of daily pre-preparation is expected from FSI French language students, in an FSI language training environment.

FSI lessons start with dialogue and five French grammar points

Each FSI unit presents a situational topic introduced in a dialogue, and usually will include five learning points of French grammar.

Each grammar point is preceded by grammar notes which generally are expressed in non-technical terms, undestandable to the average student.

Other units in the FSI French Course 1 (Revised) include language learning materials, exercises and drills of the following kinds.

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1. A dialogue is given to provide a body of natural French conversation as a source for subsequent drills and exercises. (At FSI these French dialogues are commonly committed to memory).

2. Useful words to supplement the French vocabulary with a limited number of additional words, usually related to the topic of the dialogue.

3. Vocabulary awareness to enable the French student to better identify the elements of the utterances learned as a whole, and to regroup, reinforce and review the learned French vocabulary.

4. French Language Drills of six different types, each one designed for a specific language learning purpose.

a. Lexical drills to manipulate already acquired vocabulary and improve French language fluency, and confidence.

b. Learning drills to introduce new French grammar points (with reference to the corresponding French grammar notes).

c. Practice drills to give the student an opportunity to illustrate, and use in sentences, the French grammar point just learned in the lesson.

d. French Question Drills and ...

e. Answer Drills to prepare the student for normal day to day conversation.

f. Review drills Drills preceded by an (*) have been included for optional use by faster moving students.

5. Situations to improve comprehension and serve as a basis for questions and elementary conversation.

6. Narrations to provide reading material and introduce a very limited number of vocabulary items.

7. Written exercises to offer to the student the opportunity to relate the spoken language to the writing system.

What you will get with your FSI French course...

  • One of the best 'traditional learning' French language courses devised
  • A course designed by top French language professionals to train tens of thousands of FSI personnel, diplomats, FBI agents, DEA agents, government personnel,over many decades
  • Very thorough, detailed lesson
  • Extensive FSI French Course Basic (Revised) Volume 1 MANUAL is in pdf format that you can print out. 455 pages!
  • All lessons come with audio recordings of French native speakers. In mp3 audio format so that you can listen on your computer, laptop, Sony Walkman, iPod, CD player etc.
  • Listen while in the car or at home.

BLAST your FSI FRENCH COURSE LEARNING AHEAD, by combining it with SUPER-FAST vocabulary learning - 200 Words a Day! French Foreign Service Institute FSI French Basic Course (Revised) Volume 1


FSI French Basic Course 1- Units 1

Dialogue: Dans la rue
Grammar 1: Noun-Marker - Definite article le, la, etc..
Grammar 2: Subject pronouns
Grammar 3: Inversion Questions
Grammar 4: Verb: être

FSI French Basic Course 1 - Unit 2

Dialogue: Dans un petit hôtel
Grammar 1: Noun-Marker - Indefinite article - un, une, etc..
Grammar 2: Noun-Marker - Cardinal numbers
Grammar 3: Negative adverb: ne...pas
Grammar 4: Verb: avoir

FSI French Basic Course - Unit 3

Dialogue: A la gare
Grammar 1: Noun-Marker - Demonstrative adjectives: ce,cet
Grammar 2: à la, au, etc.
Grammar 3: Yes/No questions
Grammar 4: Verbs with infinitive ending in - ER

FSI French Basic Course - Unit 4

Dialogue: Faisons des courses
Grammar 1: Noun-Marker - Possessive adjective: mon, son,
Grammar 2: Noun-Marker - Indefinite article: du, de la, etc..
Grammar 3: Numbers to 100
Grammar 4: Prepositions: chez/à
Grammar 5: Verb: aller

FSI French Basic Course - Unit 5

Dialogue: Le climat
Grammar 1: Noun-marker - Indefinite adjectives: plusieurs, quelques, etc...
Grammar 2: Noun-Markers in negative constructions
Grammar 3: Large numbers
Grammar 4: Impersonal verbs
Grammar 5: Verb: faire

Foreign Service Institute FSI French Basic Course - Unit 6

Review drills of FSI French Units 1 to 5

FSI French Basic Course - Unit 7

Dialogue: Prenons rendez-vous
Grammar 1: Adjectives - Part one: Forms
Grammar 2: Object pronouns
Grammar 3: Subject pronoun ce
Grammar 4: Question-words
Grammar 5: Verbs: pouvoir, vouloir, savoir

FSI French Basic Course - Unit 8

Dialogue: Chez le coiffeur
Grammar 1: Adjectives - Part two: Position
Grammar 2: Object pronouns: lui, leur
Grammar 3: Object pronouns: en
Grammar 4: Imperatives
Grammar 5: Verbs like finir

FSI French Basic Course - Unit 9

Dialogue: Au restaurant
Grammar 1: Comparatives and Superlatives (same as, bigger than etc)
Grammar 2: Passe composé (avoir)
Grammar 3: Order of object pronouns
Grammar 4: de + Adj. + Noun Plural
Grammar 5: Verbs ending in 'ire'

FSI French Language Basic Course - Unit 10

Dialogue: Au bureau
Grammar 1: Irregular French comparatives and superlatives
Grammar 2: Passe composé (être)
Grammar 3: Expressions of quantity
Grammar 4: Expressions of quantity with en
Grammar 5: Verbs like partir

Foreign Service Institute FSI French Basic Course - Unit 11

Dialogue: Maison à louer
Grammar 1: Infinitive verb phrases
Grammar 2: Object pronouns in infinitive verb phrases
Grammar 3: Essential object pronouns
Grammar 4: Expanded noun phrases
Grammar 5: Verbs like venir

FSI French Basic Course - Unit 12: Vocabulary

French Vocabulary used in FSI Course #1

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