200 Words a Day! French
with French Flashcards option

The 200 Words a Day! software with proven Memory Techniques also has the
added option of Flashcards
- a photographic visual for every French word

l'amour (m) = love in French

Some learners prefer this way of building up their vocab. For others who have completed our original courses with Memory Techniques, it's ideal for revision. Now, combinable with the original Memory Triggers and Sentences, so it's ...

your choice! ... enjoy total learning flexibility for maximum effectiveness.

Purchase both options and switch effortlessly between the Memory Triggers and e-Flashcardz instantly!

  •   Learn the word - see it written
  •   Hear it spoken by a native French speaker
  •   See a photographic visual for each word.
  •   Then Test yourself!
  •   Check your Progress.
  • For super results use it with our 200 Words a Day! courses.
  • Existing users can upgrade with the photo e-Flashcardz seamlessly, to add a new dimension to their vocab learning.
  • Both options work with the 200 Words a Day! Sentences modules (click on the picture to see and hear a sentence with the word.
  • To see the word with Memory Trigger, click on the icon to the right of the photograph to drill down to the original 200 Words a Day! Course. 

.. imagine a knight (m) in shining ARMOUR is in love.

  • Then, just press Enter to return to your e-Flashcards lesson

An e-Flashcardz Summary Page
French Lesson 19: People - Friends

French Sentence Course Modules

Extend your learning further with the Sentences 1 & 2 modules.

These can be run as independent courses but for most effective learning use in conjunction with the 200 Words a Day! French 1 & 2 Memory Trigger courses - drill-down to a sentence showing the word in context.

See it, hear it, spell it, test it - a great way to involve yourself in everyday French using the words you've learnt. All written and recorded by native French speakers.

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Bonus: 200 Words a Day! 101 French Proverbs

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Bonus: 200 Words a Day! 101 French Proverbs

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