Verb in French for fight, scuffle: bagarrer

            The French verb for fight, scuffle, wrangle, is the regular ER verb bagarrer.

To remember this imagine: men fight over the BAG A RAY - the bag of sting rays.

Enjoy the French cartoon memory trigger to help you recall this French word.

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french-verb-to-fight, scuffle-is-bagarrer

to fight, scuffle: bagarrer
Imagine men fight, scuffle over the BAG A RAY - the bag of sting rays.

Simple Tenses bagarrer

fight, scuffle
bagarre bagarres bagarre bagarrons bagarrez bagarrent
Past Imperfect
fight, scuffled
bagarrais bagarrais bagarrait bagarrions bagarriez bagarraient
Simple Past
Passé Simple

fight, scuffled
bagarrai bagarras bagarra bagarrâmes bagarrâtes bagarrèrent

will fight, scuffle
bagarrerai bagarreras bagarrera bagarrerons bagarrerez bagarreront

would fight, scuffle
bagarrerais bagarrerais bagarrerait bagarrerions bagarreriez bagarreraient

may fight, scuffle
bagarre bagarres bagarre bagarrions bagarriez bagarrent
Compound Tenses bagarrer
Present Perfect
Passé Composé

have fought, scuffled
ai bagarré as bagarré a bagarré avons bagarré avez bagarré ont bagarré
Past Perfect

had fought, scuffled
avais bagarré avais bagarré avait bagarré avions bagarré aviez bagarré avaient bagarré
Future Perfect
Futur Antérieur

will have fought, scuffled
aurai bagarré auras bagarré aura bagarré aurons bagarré aurez bagarré auront bagarré
Conditional Perfect
Conditionnel Passé

would have fought, scuffled
aurais bagarré aurais bagarré aurait bagarré aurions bagarré auriez bagarré auraient bagarré

fight, scuffle!
bagarre bagarrons bagarrez

        MORE on the FRENCH VERB bagarrer      

French for fight = bagarrer bagarreur: (adj) aggressive, belligerent
il est bagarreur: he likes to pick fights, he is a provocative person; he is scrappy.

French for fight = bagarrer la bagarre: (noun) fight, punch-up, brawl, scrap, broil, set-to.
Notice that the noun is feminine... so to remind you of this imagine ... ladies (f) fighting with their handbags.


  • The French verb for fight, scuffle bagarrer is another regular ER verb conjugated using the same pattern of endings as 5,000+ other regular ER verbs.
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  • Repeating these tables aloud 10 times throughout the day will better embed the patterns into your subconscious, and your long term memory.
  • Reciting aloud is a great way for you to practice your pronunciation, and helps you to memorize the conjugations.

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