Grab a visual snap of this picture for long-term French vocabulary recall...

The French word for 'to swim' is nager... which sounds a bit like NUDGE AYE.

So a person learning to swim is given a NUDGE AYE.


'To swim' in French is nager. To remember the word our 'word-picture association' makes it a whole lot easier. You can learn more over 200 Words a Day! using these techniques ... and it is just so much more easy than traditional learning.

Look at the word-association picture, and let it soak into your subconscious mind...

...which is, of course the secret to all learning... that is getting the target material into your subconscious... and having a means of retrieving it...

According to scientists, your brain does not forget a picture.

We say to look carefully at the picture, and this will assist recall.

There is even more detail included if the words are nouns.

If the word is a feminine noun.... there is a feminine main character in the picture. Study her carefully so that the brain remembers her.

On the 200 Words a Day! software, the voices that narrate the word have been carefully chosen to further reinforce recall.

Females voice the text for feminine words while...

Males voice masculine words.

I am sure you will agree that is easy-peasy. And yet super effective!

Each and every French word has a Gender Trigger like this, to remind you of the word's gender.

Most European languages have a tendency trip up the intrepid language learner whose first language is English, because of these genders, and there is often not much logic to them.

With our program you will learn the word and the gender with a Memory Trigger and Gender Trigger wrapped up together in a zany cartoon.

Building up your French vocabulary base has never been easier with these cutting-edge methods, all wrapped in to a computer program that you will find straightforward, and easy to use.

The Memory Masters of the world teach us that the easiest way to remember something is to visualize it in a kooky, silly scene.

Learning words like nager, the French word for the verb 'to swim' is made so much easier and more effective.

To learn more about putting your foot down on the language-learning accelerator and speeding up your French language learning click here.

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