Learn the French for water

l'eau is the noun and arroser is the verb

The French for water is l'eau, and the French word for the verb 'to water' is arroser. To remember foreign words it is best to have a Word Association Memory Trigger like the one below for arroser...

... imagine ROSIE O'Donnell waters the A ROSE with A ROSÉ wine.

French for water

The verb in French for water is arroser. Copyright exceltra 200 Words a Day!

You can create such a visualisation in your mind, this being a very powerful tool, and one that the world's memory experts teach. Adding a cartoon like we have above makes it so, so much easier to

  1. LEARN the word,
  2. get it into your deeper MEMORY,
  3. and RECALL it when you need it.
AND ... the cartoons make it so much easier and more fun to BLITZ through the learning of hundreds of foreign language words quicker than any other technique.

What is more you will REMEMBER them more effectively and for a much longer time with enhanced recall. Our Word Association Memory Trigger cartoons will help you learn a massive amount of French vocabulary and common phrases in a very short time.

What is French for water and what's its gender? You CAN remember genders!

Many students of French struggle to remember the genders of nouns.

Our system of word association Memory Trigger cartoons overcomes this because it incorporates a highly effective method of remembering the gender of French words into each noun's Memory Trigger.

Masculine and feminine. Most language learning systems do NOT have ANY system for remembering genders. And believe me this makes it very, very difficult. 200 Words a Day! does ... and it is the most effective system that there is.

Within each Memory Trigger for a noun, there is either a male or female main character, often a famous person. The male or female main character reminds the learner of the word's gender. A female character for feminine words and male characters for masculine words. There is no better way to remember French genders.

We often use famous people in our Memory Triggers and Gender Triggers. Famous people, like TV star Rosie O'Donnell, are easier to remember, especially if there is some memory link to the foreign word or phrase being learned.

So if we were using the above Rosie O'Donnell picture to teach the noun in French for water, which is:

eau (water) - which sounds like OWE ( as in I OWE, I OWE so off to work we go ... and which you know from the word 'eau de cologne', [water of Cologne - the City in Germany]), or ...

l'eau (THE water) - which sounds like LOW ...

...the feminine character of Rosie would remind us of the gender for eau or l'eau being feminine.

You can imagine her saying, "I'll OWE A ROSE A drink of WATER, as they are LOW on water ..."

That's how easy it is to learn and remember words like French for water. And each of our French vocabulary courses has over 1,000 common French words.

So ... remember to water the roses!

Learn French Sentences using French for water

French Sentences are a great acompaniment to the vocab courses, incorporating the words in a typical, everyday sentence.

Hear each sentence written and read by a native French speaker. You can use as a course in its own right - familiarise yourself with it - get the spelling right, listen to the intonation - just as you can each of the words in the vocabulary course.

Or, you can click on the picture to quickly view the Sentence while learning the word.

Je vais arroser les fleurs avec de l'eau.
I’m going to water the flowers with water.

e-Flashcardz - photographic visuals

You may prefer the traditional Flashcard method of learning. Incorporated in our interactive software is an e-Flashcardz option. Choose these photographic visuals as a learning and/or great testing alternative.

Switch between the Memory Trigger and e-Flashcardz modes at any stage you wish, but we suggest you try the lessons and initial testings first in Memory Trigger mode, then try the e-Flashcardz for revision.

Experiment for yourself.

Below is the verb in French for water e-Flashcard photographic visual below ... arroser.

Verb in French for water

A picture paints a 1000 words and with the innovative learning features in the 200 Words a Day! programme you can easily boost your vocab at this rate. Give it a try.

  • Over 1000+ words per course.
  • A memory trigger & unique picture for every word.
  • Gender triggers teach genders at the same time.
  • Native speakers for perfect pronunciation and intonation.
  • Multi-modal – suits all learning styles.
  • Visual, aural, kinaesthetic learning modes.
  • Suitable for CSE / US school syllabi
  • All ages– children/adults - learning difficulties.
  • School Site Licences available - contact us.
  • Multi-user - individual databases for up to 6 students
  • 40+ lessons per course
  • Fun, user-friendly.
  • Learning/revision/testing schedule at optimal times.
  • Learning rates - scores auto-calculated.
  • Dictionary English-Foreign / Foreign-English.
  • Build-your-own-Lessons
  • Upgradable with future courses.
  • Easy on-screen help functions with a right click.
  • Blitz your Worst words. Auto-updates.
  • Superlearning Music for optimal learning state.
  • Educators - got a course, but need an innovative player to present your subject in? Ask us.

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200 Words a Day! Verb in French for Water

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Verb in French for water.

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