Remember the French Menu and the German Menu with Wonderwoman

The word for a French menu and a German menu are almost identical.

The gender is the same... feminine.

The best, fastest and most efficient way to learn foreign language vocab is through the use of word association pictures carefully crafted as Memory Triggers.

To remember this we can use a cartoon pic of TV character Wonderwoman who was played by Linda CARTER.

A French Menu is . . . la carte

A German Menu is . . . die Karte

French & German word for menu

Linda CARTER, being feminine, acts for you, not only as a MEMORY TRIGGER, because her name CARTER sounds like the French carte or the German Karte but also as a GENDER TRIGGER, reminding us the word is feminine in both German and in French.

All 200 Words a Day! courses are packed with word-association pictures that implant in to your subconscious mind for easy recall.

No more stumbling to remember words!

And no more stumbling to learn about GENDERS!

A properly crafted GENDER TRIGGER will give you the tools to quickly learn to beat the constant Gender dilemma that one faces when learning to speak a new language like French, German, Spanish, Welsh or Italian.

Getting Celebrities and Famous People from History to help you with Language Learning

Because we remember celebrities and famous people the 200 Words a Day! courses are filled with cartoons of them to help us remind us of words, phrases and genders....

You may encounter any of hundreds of famous people from world leaders, famous scientists like Albert Einstein, 'save-the-world' personalities like Wonderwoman, actors, rock stars, singers....

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200 Words a Day! Excelerated Learning Systems: Remember the word for French Menu and German Menu with Wonderwoman

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