Download your Free French Verb Conjugation Table - Fill-in-the-Blanks

Your Verb Learning Secret Weapon

This French Verb Conjugation Table will solidly consolidate your French verb learning when used in conjunction with a series of verb tables of verbs of the same families.

How do you achieve this accelerated French verb learning?

Easy....! Read on . . .

  1. Follow our daily French verb lessons which feature a new verb every day.
  2. Each month we follow a particular family of verbs.
  3. So one month we will cover only verbs from say the French regular -ER verbs.
  4. The next month we might cover French regular -IR verbs.
  5. Following that might be French regular -RE verbs.
  6. Following that we might look at a month of French reflexive verbs.
  7. Each verb table comes with a cartoon Memory Trigger to help you better remember the verb.

♦ By doing these French verb tables daily . . . then, in less than 30 days you will have ALL the tenses' endings conquered for the particular family of verbs under study for that period.

♦ Read the verbs aloud by ROW and by COLUMN. (Very few verb tables allow you to do the verbs by column (by pronoun- tense by tense).

♦ Repeat them five times a day (or more) – just whenever you get two or three minutes of quiet time.

♦ If you can only manage the table once a day, that is fine, it is better than nothing. do more when you get the urge. The more you do, the more your knowledge will consolidate.

♦ Do this activity daily and you will pleasantly surprise yourself at how quickly you grasp ALL the tenses and their patterns of endings for each of the most important verb families.

♦ Each verb compounds and consolidates on the previous day's verb for that family of verbs.

♦ Each month we do a different family of verbs, so that over a year you'll cover all the main French verb families.

For you to REALLY SOLIDLY and EFFICIENTLY further consolidate your French Verb Learning and take it to another level – use our free Fill in the Blanks Verb Table

This simple, yet highly efficient tool will really boost your French verb learning. It is simply a FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS verb table which is based on our colour coded French verb conjugation charts.

♦ Click the link to download the free French Verb Conjugation Fill-in-the-Blanks Table.

♦ Save it to your computer.

♦ It is a pdf file, which you can open in the free program Adobe Acrobat.

♦ Print the French Verb Conjugation Fill-in-the-Blanks Table. Print 50 or more, so that you have a pile of them ready to write out every day.

♦ Fill in the Blanks.

Improving your French Verbs will become a great easier . . .

Reading and reciting the daily French verbs, combined with writing them in to the Fill-in-the-Blanks Verb Tables will significantly boost your knowledge of French verbs and provide you with a stimulating daily mental exercise. They will become easier and easier, and eventually - quicker than you think, learning your French verbs will be fun! Both teachers of French and students of French language will find this a most useful tool.

Download your free French Verb Conjugation Table here and fill in the blanks

French Verb Conjugation Fill-in-the-Blanks Table.

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200 Words a Day! Sue the French Verb Conjugation Table in conjunction with Free Daily French verb Lesson Online to really boost and deepen your knowledge of French verbs.

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French verb learning can be Fun and Fast with your free French Verb conjugation tables.

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