The German for BAGGAGE is Gepäck

Learn faster with kooky visual snapshots to make long term recall a snap...

Zany images are even more effective than serious ones and help you learn... so...

What have smoking dogs got to do with German baggage?

The German for baggage is das Gepäck.

So imagine smoking dogs whose baggage is a PACK.... like a back-pack.

But why smoking dogs? First check out the picture and read on!


The word for baggage in German is das Gepäck. To remember this word, our word-picture association makes it easy as pie. You can superlearn more than 200 Words a Day using these techniques.

Just look at the pic, and let it blend into your subconscious brain...

Well, the smoking dogs are a tool called a Gender Trigger ©

So there is far more to it than just a word-association Memory Trigger for a word.

If the word is masculine.... there is a masculine main character in the word-association picture.

If the word is feminine ... there is a female main character in the word-association picture.

And German nouns have a third gender - neuter.

For neuter words we have a very powerful and unique tool to help gender recall. We use smoking animals. So if you remember the smoking dogs with the PACKS as baggage, you will never forget that the word is neuter.


On the 200 Words a Day software, the voices that speak the word have been carefully chosen to further reinforce your long term memory and recall.

Males voice masculine words. The German is voiced by native male speakers.

Females voice feminine words. Female native speakers voice-over the German.

How simple is that? Rarely featured in other language courses, and yet so effective.

And we have not forgotten to make the voice for neuter words more memorable... we add a metallic echo to the recordings.

Each and every noun has a Gender Trigger like this, that is part of the silly picture.

The basis of all learning is getting stuff into your subconscious. You have all the tools to do this already.

Using the world's most super-dooper movie-camera - your own eyes and your own brain - you accelerate learning German vocabulary more rapidly than ever before, by using the easy techniques of the 200 Words a Day! language learning system.

Your brain never forgets a picture. That is what the brain researchers and scientists advise us.

Building your German vocabulary base has never been as easy as it is now, with these cutting-edge techniques, all wrapped in to a computer programme that you'll find very easy to use. (If you're ever unsure as to what to do, you just press the 'Enter' key).

Find out more about rapidly building your German vocabulary and language skills, using the 200 Words a Day! Learn German excelerated language learning system.

The world's Memory Masters tell us that the easiest way to remember something is to visualise it in a goofy, silly, zany scene.

To save you all the hours of dreaming up loads of loopy scenes we provide you one with each and every word of German vocab in the course.

Learning words like das Gepäck, the German word for 'baggage' has become much more super-dooper fun, and easier than traditional learning techniques.

Your learning will be quicker and more effective using Exceltra's Excelerated German Language vocab 200 Words a Day system,and you will enjoy learning through visual, kinesthetic, auditory, multi-modal stimulation.

For more information on rapidly learning and remembering German vocabulary, words and phrases click here...

Be silly. Learn quicker. It would be silly not to....

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