German for Moment!

To BEST learn words like the German for moment, use a Memory Trigger cartoon:

der Augenblick (m) = moment

... imagine that in a moment you will see the OGRE BLINK!

Moment in German literally means: 'in the look (blink) of any eye'. The best way to remember new words and phrases is with a Memory Hook or Trigger, and one of the most powerful is a visual hook like the above. But there is more to the picture than meets the eye...

Note the ogre in the picture is male to help remind you that this word is masculine. Also, the trigger is color-coded blue, and in the programme, you will hear a male voice.

Remember the picture ... remember the German word plus remember the gender - all that the same time!

Some useful expressions for moment in German:

das Auge (n) = eye

der Blick (m) = look, glance; view, vista; insight, eye for something

Einen Augenblick bitte! = One moment, please!

Augenblick mal! = Just a moment!

in diesem / im selben Augenblick = at this/that moment

im ersten Augenblick = for a moment

im (aller)letzten Augenblick = at the (very) last moment

im richtigen Augenblick = at the right moment

im nächsten Augenblick = at the (very) next moment

jeden Augenblick = any moment/minute

alle Augenblicke = constantly

augenblicklich (adj.)= immediate, present (at this time), temporary, momentary

augenblicklich (adv.) = immediately, at the moment

Learning words like this is extremely fast and effective and you can learn words like the German for moment, in the 200 Words a Day Learn German Courses 1 and 2, which are packed with 1,000 words each, and every word has a cartoon picture Memory Trigger to accompany it.

So, if you have always wanted to know how to say, "Just a moment," in German, well, you can, and what's more, you'll remember it ...

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