Is it typical for Germans to
TYPE EACH report?

- German for typical -
...which sounds a bit like TYPE EACH!


... so imagine that a typical German likes to
TYPE EACH report, rather than handwrite anything!


Check out some RELATED GERMAN EXPRESSIONS for typisch - German for typical...

Das ist so typisch! = That's so typical!

Er ist ein typischer Mann! = He’s a typical male!

Typisch Frau! = typical female!

Sauerkraut - ein typisches deutsches Essen = Sauerkraut - a typical German meal

Das ist so typisch in dieser Gegend. = That is so typical in/of this area.

Das sind typisch deutschen Produkte. = These are typical German products.

Stoke Goldington ist ein typisches englisches Dorf. = Stoke Goldington is a typical English village.


typisch für = typical of

Das ist typisch für ihn. = That is typical of him.


Can also be used as an adverb:

typisch = typically (adv)

Das ist nicht typisch deutsch. = That’s not typically German.


The word in German for typical is typisch.
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In German typical is typisch
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 The word in German for typical is typisch.

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