The word in German for weather ...

The word in German for weather is


which sounds a bit like WETTER, as in the wet weather is making things WETTER and WETTER!

german-for-weather-das WETTER

So imagine smoking ducks in the WET WEATHER and their cigarettes are getting WETTER and WETTER. Remember this silly image and you will have a terrific tool to remember and recall the word, and just as importantly, its gender. Why smoking ducks?? Read on!

The word in German for weather is das WETTER. It is neuter noun.

For German neuter words a smoking animal in the picture will remind you that the word is neuter. For a masculine word a male main character is used, and for a feminine word, a female. Remembering words with Memory Triggers© like this makes learning, remembering and recalling words so much easier. ©exceltra

The German word for weather is das WETTER.

This picture and Memory Trigger is taken from one of our Learn German - 200 Words a Day! software programmes available on Windows CD.

Remembering that the GENDER of the German word for weather is das WETTER

Notice the main characters of the MEMORY TRIGGER© picture are smoking ducks?

With all our lessons we teach you to remember the gender with the word, because this is very important in German language. In German nouns are either masculine, feminine, or neuter... and there is often no reason as to why a particular noun is of one gender or another!

  • Masculine nouns feature a male main character, and the voice recordings on these courses on their CD's is read by a male native German speaker.
  • Feminine nouns feature a female main character and the voice recordings on these courses on their CD's is read by a female native German speaker.
  • Neuter nouns feature our unique Gender Trigger© - a smoking animal, unique to that Memory Trigger. This way you will never forget a gender. In this case we have the smoking ducks whose cigarettes are getting WETTER and WETTER.
Whenever you are trying to recall whether a German word is masculine or feminine or neuter, the answer lies in the Memory Trigger picture cartoon. To learn more about learning and remembering the gender of German nouns click on this link.

Remember also that scientists tell us that your brain never forgets a picture... and that every visual image you have seen in your life, is stored in it! The world's greatest computer hard disk is between your ears!

And when you have learned the Memory Trigger© picture, it is there, ever ready to 'pop' into your head, when you need it! Or until you have used the word in conversation enough such that it is now indelibly stamped in your mind, and available at the tip of your tongue.

Where the German word is similar to the English word...

We incorporate into the picture the German colours, that is the colours of the German flag - red, yellow and black. this helps remind you that the words are similar.

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So what's the Weather like in Germany?

Check out some RELATED GERMAN WORDS - once you know one - like das WETTER, the German for weather you can build others

Once you know one word, this makes it easier to learn, or recognize, other German words... they build like building blocks!

air -- das Wetter (Bergbau)
airshaft -- der Wetterschacht
airway -- die Wetterstrecke
barometer -- das Wetterglas
beastly weather -- das Hundewetter (literally, weather for dogs)
beastly weather -- das miserable Wetter
change in the weather -- der Wetterwechsel
change of weather -- der Wetterumschlag
crappy weather -- das Mistwetter
deterioration in the weather -- die Wetterverschlechterung
dull weather -- das trübe Wetter
the elements -- die Wetterverhältnisse
fair weather -- das Schönwetter
fickle -- wetterwendisch
fine -- das schöne Wetter
frosty weather -- das Frostwetter
hailstorm -- das Hagelwetter
heat lightning -- das Wetterleuchten
It's foul weather today. -- Heute ist schlechtes Wetter
to keep one's weather eye open -- auf Wind und Wetter achten
a long spell of fine weather -- eine lange Zeit schönen Wetters
long-range weather forecast -- die langfristige Wettervorhersage
lousy weather -- das Sauwetter
messy weather -- das Schmuddelwetter
meteorological observatory -- die Wetterwarte
meteorological office -- die Wetterstation
meteorological office -- die Wetterwarte
meteorology -- die Wetterkunde
nasty weather -- das abscheuliches Wetter
fair weather (free from frost) -- das frostfreies Wetter
penthouse -- das Wetterdach
in rain or shine -- bei Regen oder schönem Wetter
rainy weather -- das Regenwetter

Above examples from the Dresden New German-English Dictionary.

Note also that a betting man (one who likes to bet) is der Wetter.

Remembering that the word for weather in German is das WETTER

Learn properly and effectively so that you never forget that das WETTER is German for weather. Learning German vocabulary is made very easier with the superlearning systems of the 200 Words a Day! Learn German system.
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In German weather is das WETTER
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 The word in German for weather is das WETTER.

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