I Live in France and...

by John F.


My Wife and I have lived in France for a good portion of each year (around half) for the last 10 years. Prior to that, I had studied a year of French way back in college and my wife and done an immersion course many years before. I also tried a basic course with the Alliance Fran├žaise. All felt useful while doing it, but none of it really stuck. In practical terms, we came here speaking no French.

We tried working with a private teacher, which helped to some extent. But she got stuck on a very repetitive teaching schedule of endlessly reading Jules Verne stories aloud. So we quit that too.

But then a friend gave us the Michel Thomas CDs and that changed everything. I don't know how useful it is at the advanced level, but the foundation level was excellent. It gave us the real common works of conversation (instead of just tourist phrases) and a phrase structure that was easy to remember and adapt to new situations.

I think that was, above all, the big difference. Other language courses teach you words and phrases for a specific context. Thomas' courses give you tools you can use universally while trying out the language.

We were soon lucky enough to make friends with a large group of French speakers (via one bilingual contact between us and the group), and the Michel Thomas lessons gave us a base upon which to build the relationship.

We've recommended it highly to many friends since then.

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